Today in Obama Scandal History: The Selfie Stick | The Daily Show

Today in Obama Scandal History: The Selfie Stick | The Daily Show
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    - And the latest presidential video project,
    well it's getting a lot of attention,
    but perhaps not in the way the White House intended.
    - [Narrator] The President,
    joking around with a selfie stick.
    Selfie stick, selfie stick.
    - [Woman] President Obama appeared with a selfie stick.
    Critics called it undignified.
    - [Man] A lot of conservatives especially said
    this is not presidential, this is beneath the presidency,
    why is he doing this, he's demeaning the office.
    - [Man] Quote, a fool proof way to make yourself
    look like a self absorbed ass clown.
    (dramatic music)
    - You know, it's said that Ronald Reagan wouldn't even
    take his jacket off in the Oval Office,
    but now we have a Commander in Chief
    that's doing jump shots and actually, what is a stick,
    selfie I mean, it's ridiculous.
    - Tonight's question of the day, what do you think
    of that selfie?
    - Yeah, that's your president.
    He's got a selfie stick.
    - [Woman] One conservative tweeted quote,
    remember when the office of the president had dignity?
    And another wrote quote, this definitely is
    a new low for our juvenile president.
    - Here's the leader of the free world,
    the guy we trust with the button for the nukes,
    acting like a 12 year old.
    - It is ridiculous, it is beneath
    the President of the United States,
    but I think he thinks he can do no wrong.
    - It is not only not befitting,
    but imagine what Reagan would have done in this situation.
    - [Man] He'd point a selfie stick in the White House.
    That's befitting the office?
    - I just don't have words for that clip.
    - Are we seeing a changing of the guard?
    Is the office not gonna be as dignified as it used to be?
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