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VLOG: 5 Steps To Improve Separator Process

VLOG: 5 Steps To Improve Separator Process
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    Hi, I'm Quentin Lind – Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Separators, Inc. Today,
    I'm here to talk about the five steps to improve separator process.
    First, you need to calculate your flow rate. Your flow rate is the design capacity that the
    centrifuge can run. There's a misconception out there that the flow
    rate is dependent just to the centrifuge. It's not just towards the centrifuge;
    it's to the entire system. If you have a system that's rated at 80,000 pounds per
    hour but your centrifuge is rated at 40,000 pounds per hour, you'll never get
    the efficiency out of that machine. On our website we have the flow conversion
    tool. I encourage you to hop on there and use that tool to see exactly what you're
    running at your current time. Step two: understand your process. Understanding
    your process is key to the optimization of your centrifuge. If you understand
    your process and communicate your process to us, we're going to have a better
    chance of success for you at the end. Step three: make centrifuge maintenance a
    priority. Maintenance is the key to what keeps your centrifuge running optimally
    once we've locked in the other two steps. Keeping up on that, keeping up on that
    maintenance is going to be key for you moving in the future.
    Step four: review automation technology. The automation side of it is changing so
    fast that there are so many different ways
    that we can optimize somebody's system. The old systems used to be manual. A lot of
    these new systems – yes, you're still going to have an operator there to make sure
    that things are running well but at the end of the day, you could run it off of a
    high-level computer in the lab. Step five: educate your centrifuge operators.
    Knowledge is power. We have a service through the Technical Service Group
    where they will come in and educate and train your operators, your maintenance
    staff, and anybody else in your facility that needs to learn about their
    centrifuge. If you're experiencing issues with capacity efficiency for production
    I think we can help. Thanks for watching and we look forward to working with you.
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