WHAT IS AFFILIATE MARKETING? || 5 Steps to Start With Affiliate Marketing in 2019! 💸

WHAT IS AFFILIATE MARKETING? || 5 Steps to Start With Affiliate Marketing in 2019! 💸
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    What's up guy's, Udit here and welcome to the brand new video on the channel and
    in today's video, we will talk about affiliate marketing and how you can
    generate a passive income through affiliate marketing and it doesn't
    matter If you are a School going student, Collage going student, or a professional
    worker using affiliate marketing you can generate a great amount of money using
    internet and affiliate marketing is one of the best way to make money through it
    so that if you want to know more let's jump right into
    So Guy's, Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which you help Seller to sell their
    Product, you are the middleman between seller and buyer, You help seller to sell
    their product to the buyer and for that you get Commission it can be 10 percent
    20 percent even 50 and 70 percent depending on what you are selling so
    guy's that was the basic of affiliate marketing now I am going to share 5
    steps to start your AFFILIATE MARKETING Journey!
    So guy's, Step 1 is to create a brand on the Internet.
    choose a particular niche and create a brand you can start with a YouTube channel,
    Blog or Facebook and Instagram page.
    Step 2 is Start Producing Content.
    See guys many people spend their life being a consumer but be a producer
    and start producing and when you will start producing valuable content the
    people will come and follow your brand.
    After that step 3 is join an Affiliate Program
    as a beginner, you can start with the Amazon affiliate program or
    flipkart affiliate program and when you will get an advance in affiliate marketing
    You can start with Clickbank they provide some digital products that
    you can promote. Step 4 is to product research. What product you
    want to sell? I will recommend Think, what your consumers want? What
    your followers want? The product should be valuable to your followers remember
    that it's very important. Step 5 now Start Promoting your
    affiliate product on your brand so that your followers can buy it and when they
    will buy it you will get commission this is a great way to make money on the
    internet. See guy's it's not gonna happen overnight you have to put the work you
    have to produce content to attract more and more people and then you will have
    the trust of the people if you can make a lot of money on the internet so guys
    that's it to this video leave a like subscribe to the channel (UDIT KUMAR) and I will catch
    you in the next one.
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