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    Hey everyone, this is Grace Agada First of all thank you so much for registering for my upcoming
    Training the six steps to financial success webinar class how to be financially free
    be successful happy and fulfilled this webinar is
    dramatically different from any other webinar you might have attended in the past because it is designed to be a
    Mini condensed masterclass on the fundamental laws that govern financial success
    It is my goal for you to leave this training
    Fully aware and fully able to improve your financial situation and if you are already in a good place
    Financially to help you go even further into a better financial case
    I just want to quickly let you know
    What we would be going over on this webinar to sort of prepare you for what is going to happen in class?
    The first thing I'm going to do is to walk you through the answers to the six most
    important question you may be asking
    Regarding your finances these
    questions were compiled over several years of research and
    Interaction with people just like you on this webinar I am also going to be showing you the six laws
    that govern how money works these six laws which are also the six Steps to
    financial success will help you make money be successful in your career feel wonderful about yourself and
    transform your life to a whole new level of success happiness and
    Achievement I'll also be showing you how I use this laws to
    transform my own personal financial life and moved from earning a salary of
    20,000 naira a month to over the one million naira and within the course of just seven years
    Transition from a paid employment to a business
    Today I use these same six laws to command
    seven-figure income in my business
    Ten years ago I came into Lagos with a jacket file full of
    University certification and an ambition to make it I literally had no money. No
    connection no
    Privileged background and no new job. I was left to figure out how to succeed on my own
    But how does one move from the modest disadvantaged background to attaining total financial freedom. I asked
    myself. I
    sought for someone a
    Clue a road map a Plan or something
    Just to show me the way
    But the answers were missing. I
    Was not as lucky as you are today
    It took me many years of failure
    Trial and error to finally find my way into the arms of success
    So what we'll be going over on this webinar. It's not some cheap conventional stuff like
    saving or investing
    We will be focusing on the heart of the matter the root of the problem and the real
    reason why money work for some people and don't for others we will also
    Be focusing on the invisible laws that control
    Where money goes to and who gets the money these laws are no respectable person
    Situation or background there will work regardless
    Of who you are who you know and where you are right now
    If you want to improve your financial situation using proven fundamental principles
    Gleaned over
    29,000 hours of study research and experiment and you want to discover the behind-the-scenes
    Secret that will give you an unfair advantage
    this webinar is definitely for you if
    financial freedom
    time freedom
    Freedom to take care of your health and to spend more time with friends and family. Is important to you
    Make sure to attend this webinar
    If you're finally ready to transform your financial situation
    This would be the most important webinar you will ever attend
    I will be showing you in one webinar. a condensed four years of financial secrets
    That will help you leap through years of trial and error
    Overtake everybody else and land in the front line of success
    The morning game has changed and the financial challenge
    You may be facing right now
    Maybe as a result of disobeying one or more of the financial laws
    To fix financial problem. You must address it from the root
    The good news is there is a way and this way does not involve you
    waiting in line for many years to earn minions or
    having some special kind of skills or
    Qualification it does not even require you waiting for the government your employer
    Friends and family or some miracle worker to come and turn things around for you
    This way is hundred percent
    within your control
    Life is getting more demanding. The corporate world is highly uncertain
    Businesses are dying every day
    The political and economic climate is becoming tougher on your wallet today more than ever before
    Time is running out the sooner you discover the secret to the financial success you desire
    the better your chances of achieving
    Remember this webinar is coming up soon
    And I've gone ahead to put the date and the time
    For you in the email that told you about this very video. And of course I will remind you
    beforehand, please go ahead now and reserve the date on your calendar make out time to attend it because you are really
    Going to get a lot out of it
    My promise to you is simple you will get the important information. You need to flip things around and
    improve your financial situation
    Okay. I hope you enjoyed watching this video as much as I enjoyed making it for you and I look forward to connecting with you
    on this Webinar
    Please try to come in early as there's a limit to the amount of people we can admit per class
    Remember to block your calendar. Thank you and see you soon