Woody Harrelson's 'Friendship Tour' with Bono, Matthew McConaughey and Chris Rock

Woody Harrelson's 'Friendship Tour' with Bono, Matthew McConaughey and Chris Rock
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    Hi, Woody.
    Hi, what's happening?
    Oh, this is a frisky little group here.
    They're extra frisky today.
    I don't know what it is.
    But they're extra frisky today.
    It's good to see you.
    Good to see you.
    Have some water.
    So you know, I prepare for these interviews.
    I looked at a lot of pictures, and it
    appears that you've been on a lot of trips lately, vacations.
    You went to France with quite a crew.
    So it was Bono, Sacha Baron Cohen, Chris Rock,
    and Matthew McConaughey.
    Am I leaving anybody out?
    Lars Von Trier's.
    OK, what were y'all doing?
    Were you there?
    You just kind of ran into each other
    or did you all travel together?
    We all kind of ran into each other,
    you know, just moseying around France.
    Yeah, as you do, you know?
    No, we were in the south of France at Banos.
    And it's-- I'd take a friendship tour pretty much every year.
    It's kind of a name.
    It's I guess it's--
    I thought about calling it bender where I leech off
    my rich friends, but I thought no, you know,
    friendship [INAUDIBLE].
    But it basically is just leeching off your rich friends?
    That's it.
    I see.
    You just go and stay at their house.
    And drink oblivious.
    So you and Matthew McConaughey, I'm picturing,
    things must happen with you--
    Well, you know, we do have fun.
    I mean, what are you driving at?
    Well, I'm saying that you both--
    you both seem like you enjoy having fun.
    Yeah, well, there we go.
    Some pictures to prove it.
    Well, I wouldn't like you driving.
    What I'm talking about is you shouldn't be driving.
    You know what I mean?
    Right, but you see.
    I'm not driving.
    Is he driving?
    Yeah, it looks like he's driving to me.
    Oh, it's on the wrong side of the road.
    I don't know why that's like this.
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    God dammit.
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