10 Steps to YouTube Success

10 Steps to YouTube Success
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    - You've heard a lot of people say that becoming successful on YouTube is becoming increasingly harder, just because of the fact that YouTube's such a big thing now that a lot of people are trying to make that their career, so there are a lot more people making videos, being on YouTube themselves. So, how can you become successful on YouTube if you're starting from scratch right away? In this video we go through 10 easy steps on how to achieve YouTube success. My name's Steven Titchener, and let's get into the video. In step number one is to know what you want to achieve from your YouTube channel. Is it conversions? Is it engagement? Is it just plain views? So these are things you need to consider when generating your YouTube channel. Once you've decided what your target is that you wanna get out of YouTube, then you can start to create content around that target to help maximize your potential success. Step number two is to know what's popular. Go out onto YouTube, have a look at your competitors, have a look at other YouTube channels that are doing, that are creating content, see what works well for them and see what is not going well for them, and then look at the opportunities that you've got within those two bands. Step three are keywords, YouTube is a search engine, like any other, Google, Bing, whatever it is you do your searching through. So you need to make sure you're looking at keywords, and seeing what people are searching for at the moment. We actually use TubeBuddy to help with this, and also Ubersuggest, which is a great tool from Neil Patel which helps you find those keywords and see how easy they are to rank from. Step four is to make a great video, make it engaging, make it informative, bring value to your customer, or your viewer in this case. So, without an engaging video, without a great video, people aren't gonna want to watch it, and so you're not gonna get anything out of the effort you've put into it. Step five is don't forget the little details. So you've got this amazing video, you've targeted to certain keywords that we know people are looking for, so now you need to make sure you're getting those keywords into your title, into your meta description, into the YouTube description itself, into the tags for the video, you need to make sure all these little things are in place so that more people are gonna see the video organically. Step six is to make your channel attractive. It's not all about the video itself, people will also go and see your channel, you might direct people directly to your channel, and you need to make sure this is a great space, it's branded, make sure it looks great, and make sure you've optimized everything within your channel, whether that's building playlists, whether that's optimizing the about section on your channel, or the recommended channels, these are all the little elements that you need to make sure are in place to bring the best YouTube success. Step seven, call to action, so while we're at it, don't forget to subscribe down below, and that way you can keep up to date with all the other videos we're doing, that's an example of a call to action, and these you need to put in place throughout every video you do to make sure people are subscribing, is to make sure they can see more of the content you're creating. Step eight is to share, make sure you're sharing your video everywhere, whether that's your social media channels, your email lists, just directly to your friends and family, the first 24 hours of a YouTube video are the most important time for your video, you need to make sure you're getting views, comments, likes, on your video to make sure it's boosted up the rankings, it just shows YouTube and Google that this video brings value to people and people are gonna want to see this. To help even more with the reach, you go on to step nine, and that's to collaborate with others, so, if there's another YouTuber that you really like, try and reach out to them and get a collaboration with them, this way there's gonna be more reach for your channel, because they're gonna link back to your channel, maybe link back to your videos, and it just builds a nice community up, so you're reaching people that you might not have reached before through their channel. And the final step, 10, is just to keep consistent. Make sure you're posting at least once a week, and anything else on top of that is a bonus, but make sure you're telling people when you're gonna post, so I post every Wednesday, and that way people are gonna know when to expect your video to come out, they might even go searching for it if you're posting at a regular day on a regular time. That's it for this video, I hope you've learnt some great tips that you can bring into your YouTube channel to bring you the great success, and let me know down in the comments below what your channel is and I'll give it a look and see what I think.
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