12 Steps: Episode 2 - "Step 1"

12 Steps: Episode 2 - "Step 1"
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    Hey, what are you doing here? You told me to come, remember? I told you to... What's
    the problem? You're drinking for one. Okay
    good to see you too. Is he in there? Yeah. What are you afraid of? The dead.
    You're a wimp. Aright, let's do this... Let's do this.
    Okay, okay... Is he really in there? His ashes are... Ah! He was a pretty big
    guy. Sure he's all in there? Yeah, after they cremated Bob, they freeze-dried and
    vacuum packed him, so he could fit. Really? No Beau, not really and dude you look like
    shit! Oh sorry, I had a bad week. I'm practically
    homeless. Whose fault is that? Not mine.
    This Is It... This is a nice boat man. Whose is it?
    Mmm, big book Bob's. Why? Hey, think I could stay here for a few days? Hell no.
    Why not, he's not using it.
    Unbelievable. Just get on board. All right.
    Ooooh... I can't believe all that's happened. You! What about me? What about you Beau? I
    could be dead right now... Psycho bitch. Yeah, Angel didn't like you
    at all. You calling my house a dump slick? No. Iit
    is a sober house you ungrateful bleep. What's the body count up to now? With Bob, I
    think four. Yeah, you mean that's all they found so far...
    They'll keep digging. Well at least we know what happened Earl?
    Yeah! Whatever happened to Earl? Disappeared. Never to be heard from again.
    What, what about the cops? What about? ...They asked Angel some questions...
    She said, he split town and as the song goes... Earl was a missing person that
    nobody missed at all. That could have been me! Don't be so dramatic...
    Seriously. One minute out of rehab my wife divorces me. Beau Murphy. Yeah. You've been served. Wait. Wait. Hey, hey. By who?Your wife's
    lawyer. Which one? Life on life's terms Beau. Then, my boss fires me. So that's it,
    I'm fired. I wish you the best. Shit happens Beau. Then, the next day, I
    found out my wife is sleeping with my boss.
    You think he's pissed now? Wait until he finds out I've been seeing his wife. Yeah, that
    was a low blow. Yeah but, did you have to drink over it
    I didn't George. Really? Really. No I didn't start drinking until the next day
    when they searched the house and found the bodies. Why? Well, let's just say when
    you're out on a street corner with a bunch of other alcoholics and the cops
    show up and they start pulling dead bodies out of the sober house you're in
    and they see you can't go back as it's a crime scene. Just seemed like a logical
    idea to all of us. That's the best you came up with? I did call my sponsor
    George. Here's my card. Thank you. Call me. Okay. This is the important part. Before
    you drink. Good. But unfortunately our friend here was already dead.
    Did you think of going to a meeting? No, no no. The men of Angel's Sober Living
    decided it was best to go to a bar and mourn. Smart. What are you gonna do now?
    Drink. Try not to think. Good plan. You know, it all started because I listened to
    other people There's my lawyer, my boss, my wife than
    you. So, it's everybody else's fault? Pretty much. Really? Explain it to me...
    After I got arrested. For what? For driving drunk, whatever that is
    Driving while intoxicated. Okay, whatever. My lawyer said that because it was my
    second offense I needed to go to treatment so the judge would think I was
    dealing with the problem. So it's your lawyers fault?
    Yeah. Really it's the cops fault for arresting me. I told them, I was fine. He
    could just let me go. Had you been drinking? Yeah, but no more than usual.
    What's the usual Beau? Four or five belts after work. That's all. Why not go home
    and drink? And deal with the wife and kids sober. Well exactly, men do it every
    day No thank you George, It's so... it's your
    wife and kids fault? Not my kids, but it's Candy's fault that I'm in this
    situation Please, call me back... Did you not hear a word I
    said in treatment? Of course I did. Don't you see your powerlessness here. Yeah I
    admit I'm powerless over alcohol I got that. What does it have to do with this?
    You're not just powerless over alcohol you're powerless over just about
    everything! But it doesn't it... doesn't apply to me I'm not... I'm not I'm not an alcoholic
    Pray tell me. Listen George
    Okay I know me and I know I'm not an alcoholic
    My name is Beau and I'm an alcoholic.
    Congratulations. That's fabulous. Really? You're not mad? Absolutely not, because
    you're a pretender. What's that? Well, you're not an alcoholic, but if it gets
    you out of trouble .You pretend to be. You know what? Screw you George. You don't
    even really know me. Now I know what you're thinking- this guy is a real slime
    ball and maybe you're right but let's have a little faith okay as the saying
    goes today is the first day of the rest of my life. Our Heavenly Father sees the
    truth What are you rambling about George? God's
    amazing grace- that rips down the veil of mankind and allows anyone, even you Beau
    To step into the light. Way too religious for me. In AA that's called Step 3. Higher power. Oh but,
    that's right you're not an alcoholic To be rigorously honest, I never really
    believed in God. That my friend explains a lot. What? Your dilemma. What dilemma
    George? If you're like you say you're not an alcoholic... why is your life
    unmanageable? I'm not an alcoholic. I'm just going through a rough patch. Wife
    and you getting back together? Doubtful. You know that. Got a job? Not yet,
    but the economy that won't be a problem. Okay
    Where you living? The Econo Lodge, why? Hmm... Just curious. It's got cable, HBO and a
    nice kitchenette. Sounds luxurious. You own a car? I got
    friends and a bus pass. Wow, you got it going on. You know what?
    Piss off George. I'm a week out of treatment. With all that's happened. I think I'm doing pretty freakin good.Thank you very much. You got a real underdog story
    going here Beau. Hell yeah. You against the world. Now I know what you're thinking, I went...
    way... way off the deep end and it's gonna be a million-to-one shot
    for me to get sober. Honestly I'm probably gonna need a
    miracle. But everyone loves an underdog. right? Good luck Beau. Now get the hell
    off Bob's boat. What's the matter? I can't help you. You're a demoncrat!
    What the hell is that? You're angry. You're an atheist and you're delusional
    beyond comprehension. Okay, I have some issues. Yeah, we'll call them some issues.
    Trying to get my head straight. Is the drinking helping? Yeah, it kills the pain.
    Nothing changes if nothing changes I
    don't want to feel anymore. No you just want to stop hurting.
    I guess. Grow a pair and man up boy. Deal with the real. I need some time to think.
    Drinking and thinking. Wow, how's that working for you so far? It's working.
    Really? Remember Step One? Something something powerless. Something
    something unmanageable. That's remarkable... After 30 days in treatment that's what
    you got. I'm sorry that's all I can remember.
    It's all a nightmare. Yeah, I understand. Let's refresh Step One says - We admitted we
    were powerless over alcohol. That our lives have become unmanageable
    Knuckleheads are the toughest part of my job. You think after 30 days of sobriety
    they'd get smarter but no... Tradition Three states the only requirement for AA
    membership is a desire to stop drinking. And...
    Do you have a desire to stop drinking Beau? Well, not right this minute.
    I can't help you Beau. I understand.
    I'm sorry. Don't be. Call me when you're ready to stop drinking. Thank you for trying.
    It's been ah, different. Hey George...Yes. Can I borrow 20 bucks. No, hell no. That's not
    my fault. Yeah it kind of is. How do you figure? You made me pay a month in
    advance to Angel the psycho. He'll pay a month in advance, right Beau? Yeah, yeah. Cash
    no refunds. Whatever. Pay the lady. To get you
    into a sober living environment. And how'd that work out? You can't blame me
    for that. You're the one who suggested it. Hell you're even the one that drove me
    there. Hey, it's a castle.It's your castle for a little while.How was I supposed to know that? Just saying George and what about the
    man in the can. Your sponsor big book Bob My sponsor for like five minutes that
    you introduced me to, remember? Keep your mouth shut and listen to the man. Okay. Hey man, Beau. Nice to me you man.
    Just got a treatment blah blah blah. Yeah it's good to be a topic of interest,
    I guess Yeah, you know your predicament it's in the big book .I think it's called Beau's story.
    Really? No, you moron.
    More to pop off. Look I heard the cops think that Bob and Angel were involved
    in some sick sado-masochism thing and when he tried to end it, she killed
    him. You know that's totally bullshit .Then
    why did she kill him?
    Ever hear of innocent before proven guilty? Yeah I have. Yeah and I think the
    bodies in the basement speak for themselves.
    Yeah maybe. But I'm not here today to debate the case. I'm here to say goodbye
    to a good friend and carry out his last wish. I understand.
    Listen. Hey, in memory of Bob, can I borrow 20 bucks? Will $20 shut you up? Yes, yes it
    Thank you. Thank you I appreciate that.
    Happy now? Yeah. Thank you.
    You top everything, you know that? I try. Of all the arrogant self-centered
    egotistical pricks that I've ever known - You top them all. Are you mad at me? No. No,
    I'm. I'm angry at myself because I always set myself up for disappointment and
    it's very unprofessional. I'm sorry George.
    We all know you're sorry Beau. Everyone who knows you - Knows you're
    sorry. But you're so, so...so... Oh. Oh. There went Bob. Oh heaven, help me I'm sorry man. I'm sorry.
    I'm sorry. Let's just calm down. We'll do this right, okay? Goodbye old friend.
    You will be missed.
    Bye Bob. Hardly knew ya, don't want to be ya.
    I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Very poetic. I know. I know.
    You done smartass? Yes I'm, I'm sorry, I can't get all misty-eyed over someone I
    met once, you know. It's about being respectful to others...
    Oh or someone who just gave you 20 bucks. I get it. A good friend is murdered and
    you'll never see him again. Yeah. I'm grieving the loss of Bob, but
    it's not why you think. And, yeah he's a relatively young man he died way too
    soon That's true, but that's not the reason. He
    had a fabulous life. Had a lot to live for - now he's swimming with the fishes.
    You know that you're truly a self-absorbed idiot, right? Hey, be
    nice, I'm trying to be giving here. You even know
    why they called him big book Bob? Yeah, cuz he was an expert on the big book of
    AA. Wrong little grasshopper. He was an expert in the real big book. The twelve
    and twelve, right? No Beau. The Gospel. God's Word or simply the Bible. I swear that
    was gonna be my next guess. Bob's not swimming with the fishes pal. He was a
    strong Christian man who put his trust in Christ and is now singing and dancing
    at the greatest party ever in the kingdom of heaven.... Where I will join him someday...
    Is this where you ask if I know Jesus? I'd never ask you that? Why, too personal? No,
    too obvious. You're not. Way, way way too much information brother. I don't. I don't want to hear any
    of that. The truth.
    The biggest question in life is - Who is Jesus Christ? I don't know. I don't care.
    I understand Beau.. It's hard to look up, when you're so far down. However I want you to remember this - When the pain
    gets so bad you can't take another minute.
    When hopelessness clouds your every thought and loneliness is your only
    companion. Remember Beau, call out to Him. He will come.
    Okay, I'll remember to call. Okay. Why so doom and gloom? Alcoholism is a
    progressive disease and hell's forever. Well I told you, I'm not an alcoholic. Mm-hmm sure
    whatever you say. All right. I think my ride has arrived just in time to save me.
    She can't save you Beau. Who is that? You remember Erika from treatment? She just
    got out today. How could I forget. Doesn't she look great. You taking more hostages Beau? Whatever
    do you mean? She know you're drinking? She'll find out soon enough.
    Hey..Hey,.You look beautiful. Oh, thank you.
    Hey George. What are you doing here? His Erika, just babysitting Beau. How are you?
    I'm fine. Everything's beautiful in its own way.
    Listen baby, we uh George lost a close friend, my sponsor. Oh no. Should give him a
    little space. George, I'm so sorry. Are you okay? Yeah, I'm good Erika. How you doing? It's
    just so surreal being out. All right. Well bye George
    Bye George. Bye Erica. Hey! Make sure you go to a meeting. I will. I promise.
    Be safe you too.
    So what's with the beard? I don't know I just thought I'd try a different look.
    Well, you don't like it? I don't really care for facial hair. Really? Well then,
    it's gone. Oh that'd be sweet. Hey Beau, Yeah. Why do you smell like a distillery. Have you
    been drinking? No, no, no baby. It's just been the week from hell. You know. So
    sorry. Of course, are you okay? I will be. I just I want to be alone right now.
    Me neither. Let's go to a meeting. Right now? You sure. Yeah, of course! Remember
    what George said, recovery is God and action. Un-freakin'-believable
    Everything's beautiful in its own...
    Goodbye old friend.
    If there ever was a time...
    Pick up man Hey George, how you doing? Not good. I need to talk. I'm a little busy
    right now. Can I call you back asap? It's really really important. I promise I'll
    call you right back.
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