3 Steps to Attract Ideal Clients to Your Brand

3 Steps to Attract Ideal Clients to Your Brand
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    - In this video I'm going to share the three steps
    that you need to take to attract
    your ideal clients to your brand.
    My name is Kaye Putnam,
    I am the Psychology-driven brand strategist.
    So happy that you're here.
    If it's your first time, welcome.
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    Like I said, my name's Kaye, I help entrepreneurs
    change the world with what they know
    and we do this by unlocking their innate brand advantage
    so they can impact more people and grow their business.
    So after working with over 500 students and clients
    over the last decade, plus.
    I have had the honor and the privilege of seeing
    exactly what works, what doesn't and then also
    like simplifying my branding strategy process, right?
    I think Einstein said,
    that if you can't explain something simple
    you do not know it well enough.
    And that has definitely been my experience
    as a brand strategist.
    When I first got started,
    I didn't over complicate things but I mean I was like very,
    very focused on every single little detail.
    And then through experience in time
    I've seen exactly what matters and what rises to the top.
    So like I said, in this video, I'm going to share
    the minimum things that you need to do
    to attract your ideal clients, right to you.
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    So I am assuming in this video that you already have
    some idea of who your ideal client is
    or who you think they might be.
    I'm not gonna get into that whole process
    here in this video, I'm gonna talk about what you do
    after you know who that person is.
    But let me just say this first because if you don't...
    So if you want to attract your ideal clients.
    Let's compare this to like making friends as an adult
    This is top of mind because my family
    has moved from Naples, Italy back to the United States.
    And as my husband is looking for a job,
    we're gonna be moving to a new place.
    And I have to make new friends.
    Now we've moved every two or three years.
    So I am a veteran adult friend maker.
    But that doesn't make it any easier.
    And it doesn't mean that the steps are any different
    if you're doing it the first time
    or the seventh time, right?
    And it's the same for your business.
    No matter how great you are at serving clients,
    you still have to go through the same steps
    to get new clients, right?
    And if you were like,
    if you had the goal
    of making new friends as an adult,
    you wouldn't just stand outside front of your house
    and like wait for somebody to walk by
    and strike up a conversation like you might,
    but you not gonna make very many friends that way.
    They might not be super aligned with who you are
    and what you want out of a friend.
    So you have to be more proactive about it right?
    And before you can be proactive, you have to have a sense
    of your own identity to know who you want
    to befriend, right?
    So if you're really into fitness,
    you might go to the gym or a to class to meet friends.
    If you're super intellectual, you might go to like
    a book club or a library.
    Similarly, with your business, you have to make
    at least some initial judgment or assumption
    about who you want to work with, because you have to.
    In step number one, you have to show up where they are.
    (upbeat music)
    So you don't want to just show up randomly
    to random places you want to go
    where your ideal clients are actually hanging out.
    For entrepreneurs, this could mean something like
    in Facebook groups that people are at or conferences
    or you could show up in the magazines that they are reading
    or on the blogs that they are reading or
    as a guest of the podcasts that they listen to.
    So you have to make an assessment of you know
    who that person is, and then start to make educated guesses.
    And then as you get more concrete data,
    like actual data driven decisions about where
    they're paying attention.
    So if you go back to our friend example,
    maybe if you're a mom, you're going to show up
    at the local park where other moms hang out
    so that you can befriend the moms
    and if you are a
    handmade goods maker,
    to connect with people
    who buy handmade goods,
    you're gonna probably show up on Etsy or you're going
    to set up a booth at the local craft fair
    during the holidays, whatever,
    you have to start making those connections,
    you're in the same attention space as your ideal client.
    You're aware they're paying attention.
    Okay, so that's step number one you have shown up
    in a place where they can find you.
    And then step number two is to share your values
    (upbeat music)
    Back in Naples I did go to a playground one time.
    And it was on the military post
    that we were attached to sort of.
    And there were some other moms there.
    Now, I wasn't actually in the same conversation as them.
    But they were talking about how thankful they were
    that they didn't have to live on the Italian economy,
    and that they'd never leave if they don't have to,
    because I hate driving in Naples,
    and some of their friends live off post on the economy,
    but that they would never do that because it doesn't matter
    how good the view of the Mediterranean is
    like they don't wanna leave their comfort zone
    That one feels a like little tongue in cheek because
    my values are at the exact opposite of that.
    Like I wanted to be fully immersed into the Italian economy.
    I wanted to just travel as much as possible.
    Put outside my comfort zone as much as possible.
    So point being I knew exactly as soon
    as I heard them talking about this,
    that we were not fit, right, because their values
    didn't match up with my values,
    we were never gonna be close friends
    because we didn't have concurrent values.
    So as a brand, you need to do the same thing.
    So whether that's in a guest blog post
    or in a Facebook group, or as an interviewer
    of you know somebody podcast show,
    you need to be unapologetic about sharing your brand values.
    If you need help discovering what those brand values are,
    I actually just recently did a video about defining
    your core brand values with five exercises
    that you can do to figure that out.
    So step number one, show up.
    Step number two, shamelessly share those brand values
    so that you're attracting ideal clients to you
    and you're repelling the ones
    that aren't going to be a good fit.
    (upbeat music)
    Step number three of this minimum viable attraction formula,
    just made that up, is that you need to demonstrate
    that you can solve a particular problem for people.
    Now, this is where that friends analogy is kind
    of maybe a little bit divergent.
    But as a business, you exist to solve people's problems
    or to help them change in some way to transform in some way
    or to reinforce their identity.
    So you need to be clear about the value
    that you can offer somebody.
    So at the same time that you're sharing your values,
    which is like that segmentation tool.
    You also need to be sharing how you can help people
    and who specifically you help because as a brand
    and as a business you again, you have that idea
    of who your ideal client is,
    you have some sense in your mind of who you want to serve.
    So you need to share that context.
    I help entrepreneurs change the world with what they know.
    So by saying that I'm segmenting out people
    who aren't experts, consultants, coaches,
    or creating, you know, some type of product
    that is based off of their world experience, right?
    And I'm also like segmenting out people
    who don't have big, like ambitions or dreams
    for their brand or for their business.
    And this is by design, it's intentional,
    and you need to do the same thing.
    You need to be very intentional and be very vocal
    about exactly who you help and how you like,
    what the outcome is that you help people with.
    And when you share those two things, your values
    and your value, that's when your ideal clients
    are going to like their ears are gonna perk up
    and they are gonna be like, oh,
    I think this person is to me
    and then they approach you like,
    I'm one of those people and I want that outcome.
    And I resonate with you like, I feel like you get me
    and then they come to you and they hire you
    without having this crazy manipulative sales conversation
    or technique or strategy, you're going to naturally attract
    your ideal clients when you do those three things.
    Alright, show up, share your values and share
    how you bring value to the world.
    So I hope this is helpful, if it was press the thumbs up
    below this video, share an emoji below.
    That demonstrates one of your brand values.
    Fun little bonus homework there.
    So if you love to travel a share a picture of the globe
    or a plane, you get the idea.
    I want to see what one of your brand values are.
    Share it unapologetically in the comments here below
    and I'll see you down out there.
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