5 Steps to Avoid a Traffic Stop

5 Steps to Avoid a Traffic Stop
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    Do you have an object hanging from the rearview mirror of your car it may give
    the police a reason to pull you over and stop you. The issue is is that they
    believe that that object is obstructing the view. This can be something like
    an air freshener or some sort of decorative item hanging they allowed to
    stop even if it clearly doesn't obstruct your view that does give them the
    ability to pull you over and to do an investigation. So, there are a couple
    other things I tell people besides keeping anything from hanging on your
    rear-view mirror you're better off always checking your brake lights,
    checking your plate tag lights, making sure your license plate is not covered
    in any way not obscured, not having any sort of a legal tint on your window or
    dark did that make question make the officer question if it's illegal. These
    are just simple things you can do every time you drive to hopefully avoid or
    minimize any interaction.
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