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7 Steps to Build Retail in your Box

7 Steps to Build Retail in your Box
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    - Seven steps to building retail there in your box.
    Number one, buy a few of the products
    you are looking to offer your members.
    Step two, make it an event.
    Don't just hand out samples to your members.
    Step three, use the sampling day
    to build awareness for the brand,
    and to build up for a pre-order.
    Step four, the sampling day went great,
    now it's time to order.
    Before you do that, make sure to post up
    on social media that you're about to do that.
    Step five, use the profit you generate from the presale
    to bring in more inventory for stock.
    Step six, when you get the notice that your order is shipped
    post up about it letting your members know
    that it's on the way.
    Step seven, when it lands, post it up again.
    Stick around for the next three minutes.
    We're gonna go deeper into each of these steps,
    as well as documenting the process
    that we did when Sam Dancer became an affiliate.
    Step number one, buy a few of the products
    you are considering offering there in your gym.
    It's important for you to test your market.
    What you don't want to do is to poll your members,
    as you won't get a true picture there of your market.
    You also need to be proactive and put the products
    in front of your members to experience.
    Step number two, make it an event and plan a sampling day.
    Don't just hand out samples.
    Plan an event for your community
    to get your coaches and your members involved together.
    The event creates a buzz, and gives the members
    an opportunity to try the product
    with their peers and their coaches,
    increasing the likelihood of your members
    to purchase the product.
    Step number three, use the sampling day
    as a way to drive attention for your pre-order.
    Have your members make their selections
    on a pre-order sheet.
    Encourage them to pick the product in flavors they want,
    otherwise they may miss out on your first order.
    Be sure to take the payment,
    or to add it to the members account
    before you place the order.
    Step number four, post on social media
    again before you order.
    Make sure that you're posting about the fact
    that you're going to be ordering before you actually order.
    This simple approach can give a nice boost
    to your overall order, as it allows your members
    who may have missed the pre-order
    to raise their hand and say,
    "Please make sure to get me this."
    Step number five, use the profit from the initial presale
    to bring in additional inventory for stock.
    Working from a 50 plus profit margin,
    you should be able to order two products
    for every one you pre-sold.
    Members are going to want product when they want it.
    So make sure to have it in stock.
    Let your initial profit work for you
    and increase your overall inventory.
    Step number six, when your order has shipped, announce it.
    Post it up on social media.
    Tag the members who placed orders with you,
    and give them an estimated date for arrival.
    For the additional stock that you ordered,
    inform your members that you'll have the packing slip
    available on the front desk,
    and that they should hurry up and claim
    their favorite products before someone else does.
    Step number seven, when the products arrive,
    post it up again.
    Post one last picture up on social media
    of the product in your environment.
    Make sure to tag every member,
    letting them know their products have arrived.
    Now that you know the basic steps
    of building retailing in your box,
    we hope that you get some value from it,
    and let us know if you have any questions.
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