7 Steps To Stop Overthinking

7 Steps To Stop Overthinking
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    how easy is it for you to make snap decisions and get things done be honest
    when it comes to making important decisions some people have a tendency to
    feel overwhelmed or weighed down by options freezing up under the pressure
    of trying to figure out which choice or course of action is the correct answer
    in some cases even relatively simple choices and decisions might be enough to
    make you feel like a deer in the headlights when this happens
    how can someone hope to overcome this sense of overwhelming hesitation and
    start making decisions in a more timely fashion if you struggle with chronic
    overthinking indecisiveness the good news is that there are ways in which you
    can train your brain to help stop you from hesitating and freezing up in your
    everyday life and we here at bestie want to tell you all about it before we start
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    one piece of silver lining we can offer is at least you're not alone as it turns
    out people who struggle to make even the simplest choices are potentially more
    common than you might expect the condition in which people become frozen
    or hesitant when faced with a choice due to overthinking is often referred to as
    analysis paralysis or ap people with analysis paralysis tend to treat all
    decisions as if they were equally important and as a result every choice
    someone with ap is faced with is usually met with an excessive amount of time
    spent overthinking and over analyzing the situation even something as simple
    as choosing how to phrase an email or text message can take hours as feelings
    of anxiety and indecisiveness prevent the AP sufferer from getting anything
    accomplished in a timely manner fortunately while analysis paralysis can
    be both frustrating and debilitating it's not completely incurable robert
    Tybee of psychology today a series of steps to help you break the
    cycle of anxiety and overthinking that occurs as a result of AP as well as
    prioritize important decisions and make choices faster here are seven steps you
    can take to help prevent yourself from overthinking number one realize ap when
    it happens one of the tricky things about analysis paralysis is that it's
    habit forming you may already be so used to freezing up during the
    decision-making process by now that it's automatic kicking in without you even
    being consciously aware of it the first step to overcoming analysis paralysis is
    to recognize an AP attack when it's happening rather than feeding into your
    brains anxiety and making your paralysis worse you should instead take a step
    back and ask yourself whether or not you're over thinking or over analyzing
    your current problem once you train yourself to recognize the onset of AP
    you can start taking the steps to more effectively control it number two how
    important is the problem the next step in getting a handle on your analysis
    paralysis is figuring out how important your current problem really is one of
    the biggest problems with anxiety is the fact that it seems to make every minor
    choice or decision feel equally important even something simple like
    deciding whether or not you want to go out on a Friday night can feel like a
    life-or-death situation when anxiety starts to kick in to help stop yourself
    from overthinking one useful skill to develop is the ability to prioritize
    your problems ask yourself is this really important how much of an impact
    will this really have on my life in the long term what's the worst-case scenario
    here and how likely is it that that will actually happen by using rational
    thinking to push those anxious thoughts out of your brain you can get a better
    grasp on which decisions deserve the most thought and attention and
    prioritize them accordingly number three stop being a perfectionist one of the
    reasons it might take you so long to reach a decision is because
    you're simply a perfectionist you know the type everything has to be just right
    before you can follow through whether it's sending an important email to your
    boss or planning out your weekend getaway
    according to Tybee perfectionism is just another form of anxiety it can be a
    massive setback when it comes to managing your productivity and
    priorities if you want to stop getting mentally stuck when it comes to making
    decisions letting go of the need to make everything perfect is a surefire way to
    get your priorities back on track number four stop walking on eggshells even if
    you're not a perfectionist you might find yourself overthinking your words
    and actions because you are overly cautious about how you present yourself
    to others when it comes to dealing with important people in your life you might
    feel the need to choose your words extra carefully when talking to them or
    otherwise tiptoe around in fear of saying or doing the wrong thing and
    accidentally upsetting that person to get yourself out of this mindset
    sometimes you just need to throw your extra caution to the wind and speak your
    mind and then deal with any consequences after just remember that there's a
    difference between being assertive and being aggressive so don't completely
    disregard the feelings of others altogether
    number five practice your decision-making in order to get out of
    the mindset of overthinking you need to get yourself into the habit of making
    snap decisions quickly to do this start off small and work your way up in other
    words be spontaneous your friend just invited you out to lunch say yes no
    questions asked feel like seeing a movie call up some friends and catch the next
    available Showtime according to Tybee dealing with low level decisions will
    help you build up the confidence necessary to become more comfortable
    taking on the more important ones the goal here is to be impulsive taking
    small risks in order to shake yourself out of the AAP mindset and allow your
    confidence to snowball over time until the thought of making decisions no
    longer freezes or intimidates you number six perfect the art of imperfection
    like we said before perfectionism can be a major setback when it comes to making
    decisions or acting in a timely way one important way to stop overthinking and
    change your mindset is to accept that sometimes good enough is good enough
    like with the previous step you might find this easier if you start small and
    gradually work your way up over time you'll learn to stop fearing your
    mistakes and accept the minor imperfections which in turn will help
    prevent you from being locked into a mindset of overthinking and over
    analyzing every opportunity for things to be perfect
    number seven be assertive as you start to become more comfortable and confident
    with making both decisions and mistakes the final step of this process is
    becoming more assertive by speaking up and letting other people know your wants
    and needs you'll be able to free yourself from the passive mindset of
    overthinking and stop walking on eggshells around others once again this
    is easier if you start small and remember that the goal isn't to
    disregard the wants needs and feelings of others just simply to make others
    more aware of your own so how do you feel about the steps
    Tybee suggests to overcome overthinking and analysis paralysis do you have any
    other tips or tricks that you think can be useful to be less passive and more
    decisive if you do be sure to let us know in the comments section below and
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    video with anyone you think might be able to benefit from it we're sure
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