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87 Steps with Carl Silverlock

87 Steps with Carl Silverlock
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    JAKE: Okay, 87 steps with Carl Silverlock today.
    Carl, how's it going man?
    CARL: Doing good! So good.
    JAKE: Hey, um how many workouts, or how long
    have you been coming to November Project?
    CARL: Oh yeah, actually I think I'm coming up on
    my yearly mark in June.
    JAKE: Nice! CARL: So about 11 months.
    JAKE: I'm always curious, how'd you first hear about it?
    CARL: Funny enough, I was stationed in San Diego,
    in a reserve unit. A sargeant came in, told me
    to go to November Project in San Diego, and when I
    flew back home, I checked out DC.
    JAKE: Nice, nice. So how's DC compared to San Diego?
    I actually never went to San Diego- JAKE: Oh okay!
    I was kind of skeptical when I first started, so I
    never actually went that day.
    JAKE: Cool, what do you do for work now?
    CARL: I work in federal contracting, with
    law enforcement and security areas.
    JAKE: Okay. Now word on the street is you have a dog
    that occasionally comes to workouts.
    Tell us about that dog.
    CARL: Uh-huh, my dog Prince. Uh, 115-pound little big boy,
    who's just a- he's a brat. He fills out his name real well.
    JAKE: Of course.
    Carl, favorite thing to do in DC besides November Project?
    CARL: Oh man, I actually live in Alexandria. JAKE: That's okay!
    CARL: I don't come into DC too often,
    but I do love the museums out here- it's a
    wonderful thing to see history.
    JAKE: Okay we're getting close. Top TV show these days?
    CARL: Oh yeah, so many. I think the last
    one I watched was SWAT.
    JAKE: Okay. If you can only have one meal,
    what are you going with?
    CARL: Oh, my Mother's shepherd's baked pie.
    JAKE: Ooh good call. And where are you originally from?
    CARL: I'm from the NoVa area- JAKE: Okay.
    CARL: Born and raised.
    JAKE: Okay, favorite music artist right now?
    CARL: Oh man, I don't have one. I like a little bit of
    everything, so whatever suits my mood that day.
    JAKE: Love it. Carl, 87 steps. Thanks for doing it.
    CARL: Thank you, Jake. [Clap]
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