Batman Serial 1943 Part 13v15 Eight Steps Down

Batman Serial 1943 Part 13v15 Eight Steps Down
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    [ Man Narrating ] Eager to destroy Batman,
    Daka has planned to trap him through Linda Page.
    But when Batman arrives, he springs a trap of his own.
    Go call the fire department. I'll look for Linda.
    We got to get out of here. This joint's on fire.
    [ Siren Blaring ]
    [ Sirens Blaring ]
    I wonder what's keeping the master.
    He must still be looking for Miss Page.
    I thought you'd never come out.
    I couldn't leave till I was sure Linda wasn't still in there.
    You seem frightfully fatigued, sir. I'd suggest a hot bath and some rest.
    No, we've got to find where they've taken Miss Page.
    Stop at the first police box you come to. Yes, sir.
    - Captain Arnold, please. - [ Ringing ]
    This is Captain Arnold speaking.
    This is the Batman. Have you arrested that fellow, Bernie, from the Sphinx Club yet?
    Oh, it's you again, huh?
    Yeah, we raided that joint last night and padlocked it.
    But no one there ever even heard of a man named Bernie.
    It wasn't very smart of you to take their word against mine.
    Say, who do you think-- Hello--
    Alfred, turn around. Head for the Sphinx Club.
    You stay here. I'll handle this alone.
    Let me out of here! Not until you've answered some questions.
    What do you wanna know? Where's Linda Page? Where have you taken her?
    Who's she? I never heard of no Linda Page.
    You're lying! Where have you hidden her?
    I'm telling you. I don't know anything about it.
    What do you know about that house on Bell Street? I never heard of it.
    You better talk, mister. Honest. I tell you. I don't know anything about such a place.
    All right. Have it your way. What are you gonna do with me?
    You can entertain our little pets while we explore that Bell Street house.
    Well, don't go there! Not if you want to keep your health.
    Oh, what you're saying makes me believe that place is really worth a visit.
    Well, if you go there, you'll never come out alive. Why should that worry you?
    Well, because if they bump you off, I'll starve to death in this spooky hole.
    Don't worry. We'll be back.
    In a few days, this model of atom disintegrator will be completed.
    <i>[ Buzzing ]</i>
    Well? Everything worked out fine.
    The Page girl fell for our scheme and the Batman came to her rescue,
    just as you thought he would. I trust you took good care of him?
    Sure. The Ajax Factory caught on fire, and the Batman was burned to death.
    You won't be bothered with him again. Another Batman killed, eh?
    [ Chuckles ] I hope that is the last of them.
    Warren, go to your station.
    [ Buzzing ]
    Take it easy, sister. You're not going any place.
    Welcome to my humble abode, Miss Page.
    A Jap! Please to say Nipponese.
    That is the courteous way of addressing one of the future rulers of the world.
    Bring her to the council chamber.
    Pat and Jones, the door.
    Please be seated, Miss Page. I prefer to stand. Why did you bring me here?
    Only that I might ask a favor of you.
    I'm very anxious to meet your fiancé, Mr. Bruce Wayne.
    If you will write a note asking him to meet you at a certain place that I have selected,
    you shall be free to go home again. What do you want with Bruce?
    Merely to have a little chat with him on the subject of natural history,
    about bats and other things.
    You believe him to be the Batman, and you want me to trap him for you.
    If you wish to see your Uncle Martin again, you had better do as you are told.
    You can't frighten me. You don't even know my Uncle Martin.
    Watch the third panel, Miss Page. That is, if you will.
    Warren, come in here.
    Uncle Martin! Don't you know me? It's Linda!
    It's Linda!
    Oh, what have they done to you?
    Alfred, you stay here and wait.
    This is the room they took me to when they thought I was Chuck White.
    The last time I was in here, a man looked at me through the eyes of this picture.
    There must be a secret passage behind that wall.
    The wall seems solid. Let's try and locate it from the outside.
    [ Sobbing ]
    Now, Miss Page, will you write that note,
    or do you wish to be made into a zombie like your Uncle Martin?
    I don't care what you do with me,
    but you'll never make me be the cause of Bruce's death.
    Preston, Fletcher.
    Escort Miss Page into my laboratory.
    [ Sobs ]
    People don't usually build subterranean passages that come to a dead end.
    It sure seems funny.
    Get the crowbar from the car and we'll do a little investigating.
    So you still refuse? Yes.
    Proceed, gentlemen.
    [ Clang ]
    [ Crackling ]
    <i>[ Alarm Buzzing ]</i>
    [ Buzzing Continues ]
    - The Batman! - Look out, Batman! They can see you!
    Save your breath. He is 50 feet away on the other side of the wall.
    I want to preserve this moment of triumph to the utmost.
    I'll be with you in a moment, Miss Page.
    [ Chuckling ] Oh, that is enough.
    <i>[ Flips Switch ]</i> <i>Down.</i>
    Now we will see if he likes this.
    Oh, I must not keep Miss Page waiting.
    [ Whirring, Crackling ]
    [ Narrator ] Daka's hirelings have someone in that box. Who is it?
    And Daka's horrible pet alligators are ravenously hungry.
    Don't fail to see "The Executioner Strikes,"
    Chapter 14 of Batman at this theatre next week.
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