Britney Spears' Mom Steps In

Britney Spears' Mom Steps In
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    (audience cheering) So, last night was the MET Gala and most of us weren't there but we all love the fashion. (audience cheering) I mean, alright, maybe I'm a bit presumptuous. I love the fashion. I like fashion 'cause it's just clothing. If it doesn't work for you you just take it off and put something else on, who cares? You know, so I have fun with the MET fashion. Two things that stuck out to me like a sore thumb. Number one, I wished that Ru Paul dressed as Ru. (crowd cheering agreements) But I loved the suit that he had on but I wished he dressed as Ru. You know, just turn all the girls out. (crowd agreeing) And then number two, there is no denying that Katy Perry is the true queen of hearts. In my opinion, in my opinion. (cheering) (applause) This is best Halloween costume ever. (audience laughing) Anyway, Lady Gaga everybody was the co-chair of the event and they say she stole the show with a four time change. (audience applauding) I like that. I couldn't really see it as being show-stealing as much as show-stopping but we'll talk more about all the fashions later on in the show 'cause my shady style squad is here. (cheering) By the way, and of course we're gonna review Cardi B's outfit as well as Nicki Minaj's outfit. (audience ooh'ing) (loud laughter) Listen, are you surprised that they were both invited? I wasn't. You know, Anna Wintour, you know she pulls like the puppet strings she knew what she was doing and both girls arrived like within minutes of... Didn't you just wear this last year? Anna Wintour it looks like... Well when you like something I guess you go with it. (audience laughing) Anyway, both girls showed up, Cardi and Nicki seconds away from each other. Anyway we'll talk more about their outfits. Hailey Bieber/Baldwin, Justin's wife/fiancee/person, she looked nice didn't she? He wasn't there with her and it was almost like odd to see couples there even though, you know, if you're a couple then you go to things together but this is the one thing that I kind of like it when couples don't go together so that they're free to do what they want for the night and then go back home and tell the stories about it but here's Priyanka and Nick. Yeah, no that is, I know you're as stunned as me. (audience laughing) From the neck up I have no idea what such a gorgeous woman is doing but that's her version of kitsch. Okay. Zendaya went as Cinderella and every time they struck her dress it would light up. (audience applauding) Her stylist was her fairy godmother so she was able to have a plus one with her stylist. Tiffany Haddish was there. She brought her own fried chicken. (audience laughing) They say that it was hidden in her handbag. Oh. (audience laughing) Okay, anyway more about the MET Gala. Jamie Foxx was there with Katie Holmes, they finally confirmed their relationship. (audience cheering) Yeah, yeah. Yes. Now while her outfit isn't exactly kitsch, at least she looks happy. It's hard to get her in a happy moment so, there she is happy with her now out of the closet boyfriend, Jamie Foxx. Yeah. (audience applauding) So, Britney Spears is really pushing more and more for her own freedom. If you follow Britney like we follow Britney then you might see that she could be using her mother to get the freedom that she desires for herself. (audience exclaiming) Okay, well Britney's father Jamie has been the conservator over Britney's money and major decisions and what she does with the kids, that would be part of the agreement for the last 11 years of her life. It's pretty bad when, you know, you're a 30 something year old woman and you have two kids of your own and your father, daddy is still the ruler over your life. That must means there's something not right with Britney that she can't make some of the most basic decisions that you and I thank god are able to make for ourselves, but now, you know, Jamie is going on with own life, Lynne is going on with her own life, they're both divorced but they seem to be loving parents over their children. It's Lynne now, her mother, that just filed some legal documents. The legal documents are asking the court to force Jamie, the father, to keep her, the mother, in the loop over matters regarding Britney and her conservatorship. (audience exclaiming) So what does that mean? That Mrs Spears was never so much in the loop. You know what? Back when they were all a family together and the parents were married and everything, Lynne could have been the one supporting the girls. Showing up on the set and driving them around to practice and things like that, 'cause remember Britney does have a younger sister who's also in entertainment although not anymore. Yeah, there she is. And she got pregnant when she was really young and then backed out and married her boyfriend and she's going on to live a nice life down south. Anyway, so maybe it was mom Lynne who's duties around the house were a little bit different. Making sure that all the proper food was there and it was cooked and the girls were at practice on time, whereas Jamie was the one eyeballing the front office of what the Britney Spears machine is, so maybe Jamie has always known more and Lynne is finally asking for it but I do definitely think that it's long overdue Lynne. Yeah, get involved because... (audience applauding) Because some people might say that Jamie's sole purpose right now for Britney is to keep her locked away so that he can have his way with her money and her brand. I don't believe that. I don't believe that about Jamie Spears and I don't know him but I don't believe that part. There are some parents that aren't gonna rob and steal from their kids and I do think that this is that family. With Lynne I believe that she's probably asking right about now because she had to deal with the divorce as well as her daughter, one being a big gigantic superstar and the other one having a baby, you know really young and trying to get into the down home life so Lynne probably had other things on her mind and just assumed that Jamie and everybody were still operating in the best interest of Britney, but now Britney's doing more posts I think that what she might be trying to do is show us that, look you all, I'm fine. I'm as good as ever. I model, I do yoga, I stretch, I do things that you can't do. (audience laughing) And that's all well and good I still don't believe it because just two weeks ago she was out with her boyfriend and she looked, well, like, you know. Uh-huh. (audience exclaiming) Yeah. Okay, same night. You know, with all the rumors maybe the family should do like a one hour TV interview special type thing, you know. With somebody with some credibility and sit down and break... 'Cause people are... Britney's fans are very concerned about her. I happen to be one of those people. I don't think that Britney is well enough to perform the way you want her to perform. I think that sometimes people reach a point in their life, you know, sometimes people reach a point in their life where they've had it and they wanna live on their own terms and I think that Britney's terms were yeah, she wanted to be famous but not this damn famous y'all. (audience laughing) Because she would always say that she wanted to be a mother and she wanted to, you know, live down south and be a mother. Just do a little singing but mostly be a mom. It seems like Britney really wants to live the life that her sister's living. (audience exclaiming) You know what I mean? Like a nice life, you know on the down low in the cut but she can't now because she's taken off as this juggernaut and maybe she doesn't know how to say no. Maybe the mother wants to, look, Lynne is going to court on Friday of this week so I'm gonna follow this story even if you don't follow it, I'll follow it for you but shout out to you Britney. (crowd applauding) I like Toya, right. You know, on The Family Hustle, Toya and T.I? Toya, Lil Wayne's baby's mother who's moved on with her life. (audience applauding) This is Wayne's daughter and Toya's daughter, her name is Reginae you know she's been on here on our show before, she's so cute. She's so cute. She's only 20. And we've talked about this before, she's too young to be with a 28 year old man, a father of two. Even though this man, father of two could potentially be like the next big thing, huh? Uh-huh. What's his name again? YFN Lucci. Right, him. (mouth clicking) You got that, right? No, YFN Lucci he's a big deal but he could be a bigger deal but he does have two kids and he's 28 years old and you know I'm sorry, nowhere in my mind will it ever cut it that a 20 year old girl has something in common with a 28 year old man. (audience applauding) Eight years isn't a lot if you know, a guy is 40 and a woman is 48 or something like that but eight years is a lot when you're 20 and 28 and then you add in he's a rockstar and he has two kids and we tried to find out whether that's two babies mothers or just one baby's mom and I believe that the answer we came up with is he doesn't say. No. I read like a couple magazine articles and it's not clear. It's not clear, so you know what that means. Because if it's clear then you say yeah, that's her Janelle. Or whatever, you know. Janelle. So Reginae is 20 and her boyfriend FYN Lucci they've been together for like a year which is an eternity in a 20 year olds life well they've been putting their relationship drama all over social media since last year, we've gotten involved a little bit here on Hot Topics just reporting to you but they had a fight back in March and FYN Lucci wrote under Reginae's picture, "u think IMA just let u leave me GIRL WE STUCK TOGETHER". (crowd exclaiming) Well, people say a lot of silly things. Like, we stuck together could either be he's talking killeristic or stuck together could just mean like you know how these kids are these days desperate for hugs and stuff. They say the silliest things. I remember one time visiting, this was like when my son was in eighth grade. The girls are over at the locker and you know I'm waiting for him but I'm looking over here and they all end saying goodbye to each other with hugs and I love you. Like I don't remember hugging my friends and I love you back in eighth grade. Like the kids they just wants us parents to pay more attention to them and be at home and stuff. I don't know, I find that weird. Kids in the hall hugging and I love you. (audience laughing) It's not like I love you 'cause something dramatic is happening in your life it's just that that's what they say. Hugs and I love you. (audience laughing) Anyway, on last nights episode of T.I. and Tiny and Toya and The Family Hustle, it's T.I. and Tiny's show but Toya's on, right. So Toya confronted Reginae about the comment and what I love the most is Toya's roller set. I love it. 'Cause Toya you know she had Reginae when she 15 herself. Toya's only 35. So it's funny to see her dial it back to be like mom, mom, mom, as opposed to she's a peer to FYN Lucci. There's Toya but that's not what she looks like in the clip, wait, show the clip. 'Cause y'all be having this internet (beep) going on and I don't be liking it and I be telling you about it and you don't be wanting to hear it. And that's not being controlling that's just being a concerned mom. I don't wanna get on the internet and somebody saying you stuck with me. That was a red flag. We were arguing and I was about to like you know, break up and that's when he was like oh you think I'm gonna let you leave me, you stuck with me. He wasn't really serious, it's not like he'd be like crazy. That ain't wassup. I don't want no (bleep) come up under my picture and be like you stuck with me because I'm call 911 You know what that be like on your (beep) ass. girl you ain't going (bleep) I ain't talking with you bitch. If that's on me I'll be like okay! If I don't want you, I don't want you. You cut off. (audience applauding) And it's creepy I guess. You know, you stuck with me. Especially when he's 28 and he's got two kids 'cause he's playing a much older mans game. You know, 28 in rockstar world is more like 38 but then you add two kids, let me see. 10 for each year. 48, 58, he's 58 years old messing around with a 20 year old. And she's Lil Wayne's daughter which means she's seen a lot. So her 20 is more like 28 but she's still 28 and he's 58. What are they doing together? You know the mother... (audience applauding) It's good that Toya's there to speak out. I really like their relationship together. The thing about Reginae she's got this thing you know when she smiles how her eyes all of a sudden light up and twinkle, did you notice that about her? She's got a twinkle twinkle little eye. She can make Toya do anything that she wants. Toya, keep an eye on our girl. (audience applauding) And by the way, somebody in our Hot Topics morning meeting says well Toya needs to step to FYN Lucci. Toya needs to step to Lucci I said na-ah-ah, 'cause that's like stepping to a peer. You see what I'm saying? When you step to a 28 year old and you're only 35 first thing out of the 28 years old mouth is probably gonna be the B word. B, who you talking to? You know, they don't look at you as the mom of the girlfriend they look at you as a friend. Ooh, good luck everybody. (audience applauding) T.I. and Tiny and Friends and The Family Hustle, it all airs on Monday nights on VH1. Only because I think that I'm right just with this particular... No not no, you said yes! Oh no, I'm not talking about that story I'm talking about the next story but I think I'm right. I think that Cardi B has the career Joseline dreamed of. (audience applauding) (audience cheering) Sorry girls. And I like both of them a whole lot the only reason why I think that Joseline doesn't have the career is because Stevie J is not that man that he wants you to believe that he is. Excuse me. Whereas Cardi B, Cardi is from New York you know she got on that little stint on Love & Hip Hop, you barely remember her on that show and then she came back to New York where hip hop is born. I know a lot of people stake claim but I'm just saying she's from the Bronx. She came back here where hip hop is born where she knew all the players in the street or at least how to get to 'em. (audience laughing) And that's why she's Cardi B and Joseline is still doing the one-two step on that show that nobody cares about. (audience applauding) I mean, I had some time to think about this last night when I saw Cardi B in that burgundy dress. I thought the dress was really pretty but the burgundy was throwing me off 'cause it's not February anymore and I just want it to feel like Spring but it was a lot of material and it looked really heavy. The style squad'll be out here to break it down but back to the girls at hand. So last year Joseline was granted primary custody of Bonnie Bella who's now two years old. Bonnie Bella. (audience aww-ing) Stevie J has no custody at all which makes me wonder, Stevie I mean you get along with all your other... He has joint legal custody, she has primary physical custody. Well he's been to Miami like five times in a row and hasn't been able to catch up with Joseline to see his daughter Bonnie Bella and so over the weekend Stevie posted a video and he's in the car with his other daughter, she's like 24 years old, and he's claiming in the video here he is in Miami you know, rejected again by Joseline for the fifth time. You know he's down there trying to see his daughter and maybe say hello to Joseline I mean you know that's his child's mother and stuff I don't know whether they ended funky or whether he can still drive by, I don't know. Is he still working on her music? Do we care about her working on her music? (audience exclaiming) See. See. Joseline shaded Stevie last week and she posted a picture of Bonnie with her new boyfriend. Now his name is DJ Ballistic. He doesn't like to show his face. Oh, there he is. He's cute. DJ Ballistic is with Joseline and the hashtag was daddy's girl. See? Now is that daddy as in Stevie J or was that daddy as in Ballistic? Now we know that Stevie J is the father but remember when she was pregnant with the baby that Stevie got the paternity test. Joseline and Stevie you all need to straighten this out just for the purpose of Bonnie Bella and you know what, and Stevie if you're really serious, (audience applauding) if you're really serious about seeing your daughter why don't you take it to court? You know, take it to court the way everyone else does and have the court settle it. I mean we don't like the courts involved in our stuff but you know especially in the case of custody and stuff a lot of times it's best if you all handle it in the house but Joseline has nothing to lose right now. The career never did anything. People don't even care. Clap if you don't care about that music career. (audience applauding) But clap if you like Joseline. (audience faintly clapping) Oh gee, oh gee. Joseline you better do something quick 'cause your people are leaving you but I'm gonna keep them here. Stay! (audience applauding) Stay! Everybody look, we've got more great show for you please stay around. (audience cheering) (audience applauding) Up next, my style squad is here to break down the fashion hits and misses from last nights MET Gala, so grab a snack and come on back! (upbeat funky music) (audience whooping) (upbeat music)
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