Brzee Abundance System: 5 Steps to Move from Scarcity to Wealth

Brzee Abundance System: 5 Steps to Move from Scarcity to Wealth
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    So a little bit about the Brzee Abundance System that Dr. Pillai will be introducing
    during the Masterclass.
    As I mentioned really what are we trying to do, we're trying to shift, we're trying to
    change and the manifestation process can sometimes as you probably know get blocked through our
    misconceptions, our negative thoughts, our deep-seated, beliefs, emotions, multi lifetime
    misconceptions that we bring with us or belief systems that we bring with us that literally
    get lodged in our body, mind, spirit and soul and then we're not able to make those changes.
    So what's really cool about this five step system that Dr. Pillai is putting together
    is that he will be helping us along with Brzee, the Brzee mantra to release, to acknowledge,
    release and replace our negativity in the sense and our misconceptions are old patterns
    but things that are our blockages that they're holding us back in five different areas of
    our consciousness or our being and those five areas are the body, the mind, the heart, the
    dreams and the soul.
    Starting with the body.
    So what do we have for our body?
    We have this physical thing, this physical home for our soul and this body brings with
    it the ability to experience pleasure as well as pain and it is the way we interpret and
    the way we filter our environment through our five senses.
    It also has our DNA as karmic right it's come from our ancestors it's come from our lineage.
    Those beings are passing on to us that they had, that we incorporate.
    There's the soul technology, the soul genetics that comes through as well.
    So our body houses a lot of karma so Dr. Pillai will teach us how to be clearing that and
    to be using the Brzee mantra to offset it and to not just clear the karma but actually
    how to manifest with the body.
    The step two is the mind.
    So we know that the mind is contributing a lot of input right, we have thoughts, Dr.
    Pillai's talks about having 35 to 60 thoughts per minute and most of those are negative
    so and recently he said "you know God is protecting you from manifesting all your thoughts
    because your thoughts are mostly negative".
    So what we want to do is clear up the negativity in our thoughts so that we have more positivity
    coming through, we can monitor them better and we're able to then shift our mindset by
    actively participating in the changing of our thoughts.
    So he'll be giving some tips on that really how did how to do it and really what that
    means for the mind, between the mind, the brain, the thoughts and the neurology of will
    those are a couple topics he'll be tough he'll be touching upon.
    The next level is the heart.
    So we're dropping from the body.
    We're going deeper right from the physical body into the mind, into the heart center
    into more subtle levels, where the heart is it's kind of own brain sometimes where it
    has the ability to bring emotion to our decision making, to our experiences of in life and
    those emotions are powerful.
    We can manifest with emotions, we can also de manifest with emotion.
    When you do not believe something is possible then you are definitely influencing the outcome.
    If you have a negative and negative aspect going into it you are definitely influencing
    the outcome.
    Recently Dr. Pillai mentioned how he was talking about how his teachings are: every moment
    is new and expect a miracle every day, yet that is so hard for people because we are
    so stuck in the past, we are so stuck in what we think we know and this impacts us at a
    heart level because then emotionally we're shutting down from a passion perspective.
    We're not able to really open ourselves up to what's possible.
    So dropping into the heart also feeling love for ourselves, the divine, others- all of
    that contributing to our abilities to manifest or not manifest.
    So he'll be talking about that.
    Well next we go into the dream plane.
    So now we're shifting into even another state from the waking state to the dream state,
    the dream planes and on the dream planes were we're in a different world.
    We are in a different dimension in a sense and Dr. Pillai has said that we can shut down
    these senses of the body and go into a whole different reality that while we're in it we
    think it's a hundred percent real until we wake up when we are like" oh is that
    real or is this real".
    So you know which is real and the dream is a place where you can actually manifest.
    So I'm pretty excited he's going to be teaching about this, How we use Brzee in the dream
    plane to manifest in the waking state.
    The next a level is the soul.
    So we've worked our way down into the most subtle aspect of ourselves, the soul.
    The soul that is freed when the body is released; released from life on earth and continues
    to travel with us from lifetime to lifetime.
    So guess what we pick up the lot of stuff in these multiple lifetimes that we've gone
    So the soul isn't just this free being out there being able to do anything at once.
    It's actually accumulated quite a good karma and thought patterns and stuff along the way.
    So at a soul level we need to cleanse so that we aren't being stopped by these very subtle,
    very powerful blockages, misconceptions, negative thoughts, karmic patterns that we picked up
    for let's say hundreds or thousands of or thousands of lifetime's right.
    So this is really important and then we get to manifest at a soul level then we're really
    able to kind of do it on autopilot.
    So what Dr.Pillai is doing is, in this system is going to help us incorporate Brzee into
    these five different areas so that we are overriding in a sense the negative aspects,
    the limited aspects of these five different areas of ourselves and having Brzee go on
    autopilot for the manifestation for the positivity, for beauty, for abundance.
    Wealth is not just material.
    We all want material wealth so that we can be financially free, so that we can do whatever
    we want and as the spiritual people you're typically probably interested in helping other
    people as well right.
    So one of things he's going to teach is to love abundance, is to love wealth.
    A lot of times, many of us have shut down love for abundance, or wealth, or money because
    it may divert us from the spiritual path.
    That's not Dr.Pillai's teachings, his teachings are 200%.
    He said it today that with Brzee that is possible, because this mantra this Goddess embodies
    in order to give us both so that we are not lacking.
    Because we are on the earth plane, we need to sustain ourselves.
    We need a roof over our heads, we need healthy food and clean water, and to be financially
    free so that we don't have to worry when we meditate.
    That we can meditate and we can go deeper.
    Not only that, we can use that abundance, that financial abundance to help other people
    which then feeds our soul and helps our evolution even more as well as helping those people.
    So, a 200% life is so important because that is what makes Dr.Pillai's teachings unique
    and it is what that helps us be truly fulfilled in enlightenment and prosperity, and that's
    what Brzee can do for you.
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