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Chicken Adobo- How to prepare in 3 simple steps

Chicken Adobo- How to prepare in 3 simple steps
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    Hello everyone. I'm KP Kwan from Today I want to
    show you how to prepare the famous Filipino dish called adobo chicken. It is
    essentially braised chicken with vinegar and soy sauce. If you need the recipe,
    please click the link in the description right below the YouTube video. So let's
    get started. Prepare the chicken adobo is very easy ,and
    there's a lot of rooms for variation. The basic ingredients are chicken, vinegar,
    soy sauce, sugar and salt. Some people use equal part of vinegar
    and soy sauce, but I use slightly less vinegar because I do not want it to be
    too sour. Add all these ingredients to the chicken and marinate it for at least
    two to three hours. And again you can have lots of variation. Some people do
    not marinate it . I you choose not to marinate the chicken due to short time,
    you have to braise it for a little longer time to make sure that the flavor
    is penetrate deep into the interior of the chicken chunks. Marination helps to
    ensure that the flavor of the seasonings penetrate deep into the chicken, that is
    what I prefer. So I'm gonna put it into the refrigerator for at least two to
    three hours. If you really have time, you can even leave it there overnight.
    It is absolutely fine. While we are marinating the chicken, let's prepare
    other ingredients. First, we have the crushed garlic. Some people prefer to
    coarsely chop the garlic and mix together with the chicken and marinade. But since
    I want to pan fry the chicken, the coarsely chopped garlic that stick on the
    chicken can burn easily. And therefore I want to separate it and saute the garlic
    separately. Here we have the diced onion and then dried chili, or you can
    substitute with fresh chili or omit it if you want. We have some sliced
    ginger. Some people don't put it, you can omit it too. if you want. But most
    importantly bay leaves. Bay leaf is one of the most important ingredients for
    adobo chicken. After marinating the chicken for a few hours, now we can pan
    fry and braise the chicken. I always like to use chicken chunks, there is bone-in
    and skin-on which is more flavorful. But you can always opt to use chicken
    breast meat. Once the chicken turns brown on both sides, remove,
    Don't worry about if the internal of the chicken is not cooked true because we will
    braise it for another 20 minutes. Next, heat up some oil in a pan and saute the
    crushed garlic over low heat slowly.
    Add the chopped onion. Now put the pan-fried chicken back to the pan,
    and the liquid from the marinate, that's soy sauce, vinegar, sugar and salt,
    add the bay leaves ,and a piece of dry chili. Add half tablespoon of black peppercorns if
    you wish. Turn down the heat, cover it and braise for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes,
    open the lid and turn the chicken over to ensure the chickens are evenly cooked
    and absorb all the flavor of the braising liquid. And then braised for
    another 10 minutes until it is tender. After 20 minutes of braising, open the lid and
    check the doneness. Take a look of the sauce. You can have a thicker sauce for a
    stronger flavor or more runny sauce that you can drizzle on the rice. Once you are
    satisfied with the sauce, do a taste test. Mmmm... the flavor is just nice, so I'm not
    gonna add any salt or water. Dish out and serve. You can serve the
    adobo chicken in a casserole,
    or serve on a bed of steamed rice. Get some sauce drizzle on it. Thanks for
    watching, and I hope you like the adobo chicken. And don't forget to subscribe to
    my YouTube channel by clicking the subscription button. Until then I'm
    KP Kwan, and I'll see you again in the next video. Bye for now.
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