Getting Started 101: Next Steps for Financial Aid

Getting Started 101: Next Steps for Financial Aid
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    Hi! My name is Karli Greenfield, and I'm a financial aid counselor here at Truett McConnell. And so, today, we just want to go over, really the steps to the financial aid process here at Truett. And so, there's two documents that we look for from all of our accepted students before we can really process and really package you with financial aid. And so, one of those documents is the FAFSA. Most of you have probably already completed the FAFSA. If you have not though, it's on the website. And so, once you complete that, we will receive it within a couple business days. And our last item we need from you is the Truett financial aid application. The TMU financial aid application is completed on the student's Net Partner portal, which can be accessed on the home page under the Financial Aid link. Depending on what age your student accepts in Net Partner there may be additional documents that your student needs to complete, which again can be found on that Net Partner home page for your student under the missing documents section. Again, all aid can also be accepted on the Net Partner portal, and so, communicate with you and your student through whatever email you have for your student on the FAFSA as well as the Truett email that is assigned to your student, which is the official form of communication to your student from TMU. If you have any questions about student billing or student account information, please contact our business office. If you have any questions about scholarships, grants, missing documents from Financial Aid, or anything of that nature, please contact the Financial Aid office here at TMU. And our email address See you at Move In Day. Thanks!
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