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How to Be Less Distracted in 4 Easy Steps

How to Be Less Distracted in 4 Easy Steps
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    I am very easily distracted. I'll be working on a project, or a video game, or...
    a sandwich and then all of a sudden the thought pops into my head it could be:
    "I wonder how much a better computer would cost?" or "Hold on a second does this place
    in Fallout 4 actually exist?" or "What even is mayonnaise?" I'm always thinking
    sometimes I'm even overthinking and if you're not familiar with that concept
    "Analysis Paralysis" is the title of the video that I did last time which you can
    find up here or at the end of this video. These threads start to appear and slowly
    I start to follow them. One thread leads to another and so on...
    "What are you!"
    It's frustrating because sometimes feeding that distraction
    feeding your curiosity can really help you finish a task at hand but other
    times it just distracts you completely and gets you completely off topic.
    Its effects can be disastrous. I end up lost both mentally and, yes, sometimes physically...
    Distractions for the most part are unavoidable as far as what you
    can't control, but as far as what you can control here are some things that I've
    learned that have helped me mitigate and sometimes prevent distractions altogether.
    Number one: journal.
    Journal your thoughts
    so they're written down and somewhere you can access them.
    Journaling has been incredibly helpful for me but, like most things, starting big
    is often not a wise move so my suggestion is to start small.
    Write down short thoughts you may have in your phone or on a notebook that you
    keep with you. That way if you have a sudden thought about something write it
    down and then go back to whatever you were doing. Then your thought has been
    saved logged put away so you can visit it later.
    But you can continue doing what you're doing.
    "They sure are!"
    Number two: shut off your phone.
    A lot of the time a source of distraction is my phone. It could be anything from
    messaging someone that I was just thinking about or it could be googling
    something or anything that we talked about before. So it's helpful for me to
    put my phone away during this time I shut off all notifications I put it on
    airplane mode I put it on do not disturb mode, but
    the most important measure that I take when I'm avoiding distractions is when I
    put my phone away. Put as much friction between you and your distraction as possible.
    At home I keep my phone in the little box behind me.
    We good back there?
    It's all about putting as many steps in the way as possible for me so
    that there is friction for me to get distracted. You don't have to do this
    continuously, all the time, frequently what have you and I know that some
    people don't have the luxury of being able to put their phone away so this
    next step is for you.
    Number three: schedule time to work but
    also time to be distracted.
    I found that setting aside time to work and time to
    be distracted is very very helpful and this can vary sometimes I'll put time on
    my calendar and inform my co-workers that I'm doing deep work.
    "Hey I'm gonna go do some deep work real quick."
    "Right on, brother."
    What I've found is
    that anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes is a good time for me to get into the flow of things.
    There has to be some space between what I was doing then and what
    I'm doing now. This is the switching costs that you might have heard of and
    I'll talk about those in another video.
    If 60 to 90 minutes is aggressive for
    you I also recommend trying out the Pomodoro Technique which is essentially
    doing work at 25 minute intervals with short three to five minute breaks in
    between. Once you do four intervals of 25 take a longer break 15 to 30 minutes.
    Number four: pushing out the distractions with sound.
    Listening to music is what has tended to help me focus I'm not sure if it's like
    the white noise effect or if it's just kind of like taking me out of my brain
    but it's been immensely helpful.
    Having music in the background kind of mutes that deafening silence.
    "Can you keep it down? Please?"
    "Thank you..."
    If I can listen to music, I listen to instrumental music. I don't choose music with lyrics
    because then I start to think about the lyrics that are being said and what they
    mean and what not.
    ♫ Because you're not good at what you do oh yeah... ♫
    ♫ Quit! I said ♫
    ♫ Just quit! ♫
    ♫ Do it right now quit! ♫
    I recommend post-rock I love listening to bands This Will Destroy You
    and Explosions in the Sky. Really great for writing and other sorts of tasks
    like that. You can also check out video game scores because those scores are
    written with the intention of having the player do something like accomplish a
    task and then there's always the movie scores.
    Sometimes, when enough of those things go right, it feels amazing.
    It could be one of the techniques that I talked about or it could be several you
    might have heard it called "deep work" or "flow" or something else. One thing to
    remember though is that sometimes distractions truly are unavoidable.
    When you catch yourself being distracted remember to be aware of it and then
    forgive yourself as soon as you can.
    I struggle with that concept a lot.
    I get caught up comparing my life to someone else's. I look at what they've done,
    I look at their results and it's really tough to you know remind yourself that
    hey this thing that this person made it just it didn't just happen all of a
    sudden. They had their own trials and tribulations that they had to go through.
    Everyone gets distracted, everyone has other things that they have to do, everyone
    has a life that happens to them! And I want to go deeper on this topic of
    comparing yourself to others but I'll save that for my next video.
    *Phone text chime*
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    comments down below if I can do better or if you have options that you go to
    when you get distracted or anything that I didn't talk about here. I really want
    this to be a discussion and not just, you know, me talking to a camera.
    I'm talking to you! so...
    let me know and I'll see you next time.
    I actually wrapped this up pretty well...
    Ha ha!
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