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How to Get a Girlfriend (5 Easy Steps) - The 'Hey Are You Single' Trick

How to Get a Girlfriend (5 Easy Steps) - The 'Hey Are You Single' Trick
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    Gentlemen, this is Mantelligence.
    And we've got one question to ask: Hey, are you single?
    If so, you're not gonna want to miss this episode.
    We're gonna explain the power in that one simple question,
    And leverage it to get phone numbers and dates easier than unfollowing accounts who post spoilers...
    There's probably a century's worth of content on YouTube teaching guys how to get
    a girlfriend, but in just over ___ minutes We're gonna show you how to put your best
    foot forward and give you some "hashtag motivation"
    Teaching you how to flirt like a pro and how to get a girl to like you with tips so easy
    Even the most inexperienced, introverted, or apprehensive guys can master them with
    a little practice.
    So forget about pickup lines and quit stressing about finding the right words.
    Hey, Are you single?
    It really is as easy as that.
    5. The Importance of Intros
    Walking up to a stranger and asking "Hey,
    are you single?" is a dating technique known as the cold approach,
    Meaning you haven't warmed up with small talk or eased into the question after testing
    the waters.
    No dipping a toe in the water of this dating pool, you're diving right in.
    But the problem with diving right in is, you never know when something beneath the surface
    is gonna crack you right in the face.
    That's why even though we want you to quickly get to the point that you're making plans
    to see her again, We recommend that you begin by at least introducing
    yourself first.
    It's common courtesy shows, it builds familiarity, And it makes you seem more like a man approaching
    a woman, not a boy hitting on a chick.
    Beardy: That's right fellas, dating is all about meeting people, and you don't need
    an excuse to go up and talk to someone you're crushing on, the crush is all the reason you need.
    Just start with a quick introduction.
    It can seem intimidating, but like ripping off a band-aid, getting right to it will make
    asking her out much easier.
    You know what, let's go to the footage: Beardy: Excuse me?
    Hi, I'm Beardy.
    Girl: Hi, it's nice to meet you.
    Beardy: (joking) I was really hoping you'd say that, because I just had to meet you.
    Hey, are you single?
    Girl: Yes, I am!
    Happily, thanks for asking!
    Beardy: Congratulations!
    We should get drinks to celebrate the fact that we're both single.
    Girl: (laughing) You mean like a date?
    Beardy: Not a date.
    Just a party of two.
    At a restaurant.
    Of your choice.
    Girl: Well, it is something worth celebrating.
    Beardy: perfect, what's your phone number?
    Let's make this happen.
    (Girl puts number in his phone) See gentlemen, a quick introduction is all
    you need to cut out the stress of inventing a reason to meet someone, and get right to
    asking her out.
    Plus, girls find your ability to come out and say what you want incredible attractive.
    That's right.
    Working on your cold approach can improve your communication skills, and help you learn
    how to make any girl fall in love with you.
    4. Smooth it out
    Jumping right in can sometimes be a little jarring
    So to help things smooth things out and make
    a girl crazy for you just moments after meeting her
    Be quick with your compliments.
    Everyone appreciates a little bit of flattery, and a sincere, well-timed compliment is a
    classic flirting technique that bridges the gap from "Hey, are you single?" to "Great,
    I'll call you later."
    Beardy: Hey, guys.
    Rather than giving a generic compliment, I like to explain why I couldn't resist talking
    to her.
    Something like "You're so beautiful, I couldn't forgive myself if I didn't at
    least ask" or "Your smile caught my eye from across the room and I just had to see
    it again."
    It makes your compliment more personal, and convinces her that a date with you is something
    she should definitely say yes to.
    3. Keep it light
    The key to success with the "Hey, are you single?"
    strategy is keeping your approach light hearted.
    The best way to get a girl to agree to a date with you is to show her that going out with
    you will be fun And while you could come prepared with a presentation
    of a date you have planned and ready to go, It's much easier to convince her by keeping
    your approach light and your attitude positive.
    Make fun of the awkwardness of a first meeting, use her replies to build a flirty banter,
    and above all: remember to smile.
    Your body language is another useful tool in asking a girl out, and alpha male body
    language tricks like standing tall, maintaining eye contact, and keeping open posture
    Give the impression that you're an open, confident, likeable person and help you look
    like your best, most attractive self.
    For all our tips on carrying yourself like a confident alpha, click the link here.
    Beardy: Alright guys, let us know how you feel about the "Hey are single approach?" approach in the comments,
    But hopefully by know you're convinced it's something you can totally handle. We still have two more tips to help you use this technique to meet awesome women
    But at the end of this video, we're also going to show you one thing you definitely shouldn't do when using a cold approach
    To help you feel more confident, have more fun dating, and end up meeting the girl of your dreams.
    So be sure to stay tuned until the end of this video. Alright, let's wrap up the last two items on our list.
    2. Go All In
    One of the great things about approaching
    women in this way, is that since you're being open about what you're looking for
    You're also free to go all in with your real personality, to be your true self without
    faking your way through a conversation and get right down to finding a spark.
    The purpose of asking "Hey, are you single?" is quickly finding a connection with someone,
    and letting your individuality show is a great way either to get a girl to instantly like
    you or quickly realize your time is better spent somewhere else.
    Beardy: That's right, fellas.
    My personality is a mix of friendliness, intelligence, and goofiness and I try to let that show as
    much as I can when I talk to a girl I'm interested in.
    I make jokes, but I also make sure she's not the butt of those jokes, and I look for
    a connection on an intellectual level.
    When I go all in and act like my real self, I can use how she responds to me to gauge
    whether or not she's someone I'd actually like to date
    And the confidence I have knowing that I'm being myself makes it much easier to walk
    right up to someone and think of things to say.
    Just check out this interaction I totally had the other day:
    Beardy: Hey, my name is Beardy.
    How are you?
    Sasha: Hey, I'm good, thanks.
    I'm Sasha.
    Beardy: Sasha, are you single?
    Sasha: (giggles) Mmmm, sort of?
    Beardy: Sort of?
    What does that mean?!
    Sasha: (still flirty) Well I don't normally share such personal information with strangers.
    Beardy: Ok.
    Well, a little about me...
    I'm Beardy, my height depends on the screen this guy's watching on, and I was peacefully
    going about my life as an animated mascot for a YouTube channel before I saw you and
    had to come over.
    Sasha: (laughs) Wow, I feel like I've known you my whole life!
    Beardy: Sometimes you just click with people… (fade)
    If you were in my shoes that conversation might have gone differently, but you're
    not, you're in your shoes and you have to keep walking your walk.
    In fact I don't even think I have shoes...
    1. Improvise
    Our last tip to make "Hey are you single?"
    work to help you flirt easily and find a great connection is improvisation.
    When you lead with such a loaded question, you never know where that conversation will
    go, and being able to think on your feet is key to getting a first date.
    The good news is, if improvisation isn't your strong suit, it's something you can improve
    with a little bit of effort.
    Practice striking up conversations with people at the grocery store or at work
    And start paying attention to the dialogue in books, TV, and movies.
    Spend time with friends that are easy to talk to and figure out how they do it.
    There are opportunities to get better at conversation and improvisation everywhere you look, and
    working on those skills can have a huge positive impact in many ways.
    Not only will it make this first interaction easier, it will help turn you into a person
    who has rich, interesting conversations - one of the habits women love most.
    The Number 1 Thing Not to Do in Cold Approaches Beardy: So you've just seen two examples
    of times I asked a girl "Hey, are you single?" and ended up getting date,
    But for each one of those based on real life examples, there was another time I was based
    on real life rejected, and even though it stung,
    If I had let those rejections get to me, I never would have had the courage to meet some
    of the awesome girls I've gone out with over the years.
    Here's how I look at it: I'm not attracted to every girl I see, and I know there are
    lot of people I wouldn't like to go out with.
    There's nothing wrong with those women, they're just not right for me.
    It only makes sense that it works the same way for girls.
    Sometimes I'm what they're looking for, and sometimes it just isn't in the cards.
    So don't let rejections shake your confidence.
    Start looking at rejections as ways of weeding out bad matches, not as signs that you're
    a loser.
    Sure, it still hurts when someone you're interested in doesn't feel the same way,
    but part of figuring out how to get a girlfriend is figuring out that you're not going to
    be a perfect match for everyone.
    But you will be a perfect match for someone.
    Those are 5 tips to use "Hey, are you single?" to help you meet women, and the #1 thing to
    avoid in cold approaches.
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