Making Promo Videos: 10 Steps To Making Promotional Videos That Get A Response

Making Promo Videos: 10 Steps To Making Promotional Videos That Get A Response
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    In today's video we're going to talk about making promo videos
    I'm gonna cover ten important steps that you need to go through when making a promo video.
    So stay tuned
    Making a promo video can seem like an overwhelming task
    Or maybe you've tried it before
    and you didn't get the traction that you expected
    In today's video, I'm going to go over ten steps
    that you should go through when making a promo video
    to ensure that you've made it the correct way, and it's going to send the message
    that you want and get the traction that you want
    #1 identify your goal
    This is the most crucial step. First, you need to know why you're making this video.
    Why do you want a promo video?
    Is it just because everybody else has one?
    You have to have your goal in mind when you start out
    Are you trying to create brand awareness?
    A video that identifies who you are your values and what you stand for?
    Are you trying to drive sales?
    Are you trying to show a problem that you can solve?
    And how you can solve that problem.
    Are you trying to drive traffic?
    Maybe you're just trying to send people to your website
    Maybe you're trying to send them to your social media account
    Are you trying to increase customer engagement?
    Do you want to start a discussion? Do you want to get feedback?
    All of these are great goals for a promo video
    #2 choose your style
    Now that you know your why, you need to choose your tone.
    Think of this as a combination of both your brand and your why
    Should your promo video be helpful?
    Or just cute
    The style you choose is going to determine
    the rest of the steps you take making your promo video
    Step 3 outline your video
    This is where you put your ideas in order before writing a script or shooting any video
    This is very important.
    This is also known as storyboarding.
    Depending on your why and the style
    this will be slightly different for everyone
    But here is a great example of a product outline
    You start out with a greeting
    Then ask a question directly related to the problem you are solving
    Then mention who you are. Your credentials.
    And then talk about who they are
    Describe the problem they are having and how it affects them
    Mention that you have a product that can solve that problem and describe the end result
    And the most important and last step in that outline would be the call to action.
    This is a crucial step and a lot of people tend to leave them out
    If you're making a promo video and you're not including a call to action.
    You're wasting your time and your money
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    # 4 writing your script
    A promo video should be a short video.
    Keep it under three minutes. Two is actually better.
    A promo video is the elevator pitch of videos.
    This is not a sales video, a sizzle reel or a product demo.
    The purpose of a promo video is just to get them interested.
    This is the video that comes before those others
    This is why a strong call to action is essential
    #5 Shoot your video and gather your assets
    Now that you've written your script and know what you need for it,
    this is the perfect time to pick out any graphics and music that you're going to need for the final video
    Remember your style here.
    Don't forget you're trying to evoke a particular emotion
    And make sure to remember this as you're shooting your video
    #6 edit your video
    This is the part where it all comes together and makes a beautiful story that drives people to action
    This may take several revisions before you get it exactly how you want
    But if you did a deep dive on all the steps that came before this,
    this should cut down on the editing time and the revisions
    I know this is a lot of information coming at you at once
    and we still have four more steps to go
    But don't worry. I have included a link to a printable PDF with these steps
    down below the video that you can grab
    So let's get back to our list
    #7 test your video out
    This is an optional step, but can be very helpful
    You can send the video out to your email list,
    your peers, your staff or even loyal customers first and get feedback.
    After all, this is your brand and your business
    You want to see what they think first before putting it out to cold traffic
    #8 Make any changes and revisions if needed
    This is another optional step depending on how everything else went before
    This can be a very long step
    Or a non-existent step, depending on how you did on the earlier steps
    That's why it's critical to go through those other steps to save you time here
    You don't want to be doing a whole bunch of revisions and changes that takes a whole lot more time
    than if you had done the research to start with
    #9 deciding where to put your video
    Where are you storing this online video?
    Are you going to put it on YouTube?
    Is it going to be unlisted or is it going to be public?
    Are you gonna keep it on Vimeo or maybe just put it on your website?
    All of these are common places to store your video where you can share it out
    #10 Market it
    There's a whole lot of points in this step that are very important because this is where a lot of people fall
    Tell everyone everywhere about your new video. Do not skip this step.
    The Internet is a big place and you don't want your hard work
    or your money to be wasted on a video that won't be seen
    And now a warning
    I felt it necessary to put this warning in here
    because I have seen people make this mistake
    If this is a promo for a sale or to drive traffic
    Make sure that you have that up and ready to receive the traffic
    Do not jump the gun and post your promo video before you're ready on the other end
    A great promo video will get an instant response. You will want to be ready for that.
    Make sure you have your landing page up. You have your stuff ready to buy.
    Whatever you're trying to do with this promo video,
    make sure that you are ready for the response that you're going to get
    Making a promo video can be very time-consuming depending on the quality
    Hiring someone to help you with one or all of these steps can be very pricey depending on your needs
    But it can also save you a lot of time if you hire an experienced professional
    The best way to do this is to figure out a budget that you can afford and go from there
    What is this video going to do for you?
    How is it going to pay you back?
    And figure out how much you want to invest
    and talk to a video editor about this
    Most good video editors will work within a budget to get you the best promo video that your budget can afford
    Don't forget I have included a link to a printable quick tip PDF down below this video
    that you can grab with all these steps listed out.
    If you have some great tips you want to share on making promo videos,
    drop them in the comments below so everybody could read them
    Thanks for watching and we'll see you next week
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