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    Hello and welcome to Georgia Tech Housing.
    Today I'm going to walk you through the My Housing self-assignment process step-by-step,
    so pay close attention because here we go.
    Students who apply by the deadline will receive an email with their room selection number and time slot.
    Now the Search and Assign option will allow you to assign yourself and your roommate.
    This is done in four easy steps.
    First thing to do is select a building.
    Next, choose a floor,
    reserved a room and be sure to highlight enough bed spaces
    for yourself and your accepted roommate.
    The magnifying glass will show you who
    may already be assigned to that room.
    Assign your bed space and don't forget your roommate.
    If you have an accepted roommate and you want to room together
    now is the time to make that assignment, too.
    The Room and Roommate Info step will
    let you see the assignment you've just made including contact info.
    If you and your roommate decide you want to live in another room or building, go to Delete Assignment.
    Delete your assignment and then start over.
    Deleting your room assignment will also delete your roommates assignment.
    Now for the best side of getting your top choice be sure to check with your accepted roommate
    to see who has the earliest time slot to self-assign.
    That's the person who needs to make the room assignment for the both of you.
    Also, please be courteous to the fellow students and do not log into My Housing before your time slot
    to avoid overloading the server.
    Instead browse the open rooms at
    to see what is available and refresh your screen every 10 minutes for updates.
    Simple right! Georgia Tech Housing is glad you have decided to live on campus this year.
    See you at move in.
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