Next Steps Week 3: Joey Versace B

Next Steps Week 3: Joey Versace B
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    At CCV we have two main ways people connect to community. If you're new or returning to Jesus, or if you're exploring faith perhaps for the first time and haven't made a decision one way or the other about Jesus yet, you have found the church for you! We have groups, like Starting Point and The Story, specifically designed to dig into faith rocking issues. These are groups where no topic is off the table and no skeletons are in the closet. If you're an adult, that means that you've developed adult values. Perhaps you've heard some things about Jesus that conflict with those values. Maybe you haven't yet, but you will. We have groups designed to be safe places to explore these topics, to ask the challenging questions and to have those questions celebrated!! Or perhaps, if you're not really a talker, to just listen while others ask and hear the answers to these crucial topics. Doubt does not have to be a bad word. It's what you do with you it. If you just sit on it, and press the 'I believe' button too often, eventually the doubt will become too much. If what Jesus said is true, you deserve to know that. You deserve to explore why he said the things he did and how those things apply to your life. So redeem the doubt. I did, and it's one of the best choices I've ever made. Here's what I mean by that. I cherish my doubt. It's all about what I do with it. Doubting is just a type of question. In the Christian life, as the years pass by, our commitment to learn new and more things about God, well that can diminish a little. It's not until something happens that causes us to question, to doubt, that we start investigating again. That we start exploring Jesus again. I don't sit on my doubts, I explore them. I find answers, and out of every one of my doubts, I've been gifted an answer that has helped me know, love, serve, and share God better. If you're new or returning, seeking or doubting, we have a great set of groups in Starting Point and The Story that will change your life. Maybe though, you've been walking with God for a long time. You've already asked the hard questions and you need to kick-off this next season of life with God in the right way. You need intentional, Christ-centered community as well as opportunities to engage in serving and prayer like you never have before. You are committed to being a fully devoted follower of God and need a group of people around you who have made that same commitment. If that's you, we have what you need to take that crucial next step. We have a set of groups that will help you experience all of that and more. Growth happens best in community. At your tables, let's talk about what that could actually look like at CCV.
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