NHL Tonight: John Davidson Steps Down as Blue Jackets Team President (May 17, 2019)

NHL Tonight: John Davidson Steps Down as Blue Jackets Team President (May 17, 2019)
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    Speaker 1: John Davidson named the Rangers president tweeted out earlier in the day getting J.D. back with the Rangers. What did they get with him. Speaker 2: Familiarity. I mean this familiarity that somebody that they know well he knows your organization Well it's been one of the faces of the franchise and there's mutual admiration there so this is a positive day for the Rangers. Speaker 1: An exciting day what remains to be seen now is how this is going to impact both the Rangers. Jeff Gordon he's done a great job so far and they're rebuilding. I'm sure to see. Not sure how this impacts things in Columbus because J.D. did a nice job in Columbus yarmulke line and did an outstanding job there were building there. Speaker 2: You know there's a lot of talk about wanting to have players that wanted to be there so now he ends up stepping down going to the Rangers. I'm curious to see how this will impact both teams. But congrats to J.D. all the Godfather of broadcasting too. I love it he's spread the love around he's been on the St. Lawrence blues commerce Blue Jackets talked about the job that he did there and now this is to be one of his dream job for him going back to the Rangers kind of where it all started for him. So happy for him then. Congratulations sir. What do you feel like next for Columbus. Now I'm here to see I mean I told JD this I told ya more I think Columbus has a lot of nice pieces they do. Dave I've told those guys Derek contending team and they obviously were able to finally finally get over the hump and went around and they're in their Stanley Cup playoff aspirations and in history so I'm curious to see where this goes. Speaker 1: There are some huge huge key unrestricted free agents and now J.D. gone so I'm curious to see what they do. Speaker 2: Nash you've got scoring up front. As we all know and goaltending the most important possession.
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