No More Back Pain Sitting in 5 EASY STEPS

No More Back Pain Sitting in 5 EASY STEPS
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     Okay, so you came in with some back problems, so let's see how you get up because a lot of people get some pain when they stand Oh you've been coached through this. Go ahead and sit down again Okay, so sitting down though since no you're no longer paying attention all of a sudden we see a little bit more true tendencies Okay, so a lot of time, so go and give me so many show me some really poor posture There you go. Good So this is how most people sit and what we find is that prolonged flexion and rounding the spine Tends to really irritate their back. And as soon as they reverse it really quickly it triggers and pisses it off So go ahead and give me a round again and then go ahead and jump up like there's a fire alarm that just went off Okay, good. You're really good at the fire alarm jump Go ahead and sit down again so And you see on the way down so she rounded again, she put her head down So you see through tendencies on people when you really start to let them know they're not being really watched So if you have a back condition, here's a couple things you want to try Okay, so first is just be a little bit more attentive in here and when you start to get up I want you to lean forward From the hips until your feet start to load. I want you to get all your body weight into your foot Stay right there, good. Now I want you to continue it until you drive your head through the ceiling Good and go ahead and when you sit down, push your hip pockets backwards As far as you can to that mirror on the other side of the room, soften the knees here. Good. It's like you're trying to sit really deep back into a chair, yeah Now all we got to do is make you not look like a robot Okay, so go ahead and and start loading into the feet Push the head through the ceiling good and just sit real deep back into the chair You notice, you know your eyes are out in the horizon. It's like you were watching bedazzled and that sunset won't ever set Then I worry about the Dolphins. So this is a really good way to mitigate problems with people with Rounding intolerant back pain, okay now some people, this is gonna be more painful to do it this way and Most people, I have them put their hands on their hips here and just give me a little bit of dialing back and forth and you're gonna find a position that's more comfortable and both might not be comfortable but one's gonna be way better and For most people I'd say a good 75% forwards gonna be way more tolerable Backwards is gonna feel a little bit more like murder. Yeah so then when you go back when you go this right here you use that and then you drive through the ceiling and into the Feet when you're getting up okay. Later on though, just to be clear after Your after your ability to really bend forward comes back, which is usually about two weeks We got to start to chill out with the posture thing. Go and sit down again. So some people move like this for a long time and it ends up getting them into a category Of back pain where it feels like their muscles are always tight like a band-aid, okay So at this point I tell them to just really chill out a little bit So just take a deep breath to let that round come back into your back a little bit and start looking like a normal but none bad posture human being Any questions on that, yeah, good, okay so guys This is a really quick way to reduce back pain with sitting-to-standing which is a really common thing that happens With people with back problems. A lot of times if you can't get out of a car, you can't get out of bed You can't get out of the chair. Prolonged sitting hurts, putting on your shoes hurt. They have a common thing involved and it's usually that you're rounding your back. Again, it's not a bad thing. It's just bad for you right now. Afterwards we start to reintroduce that movement again, and you start to become normal Back pain shouldn't be forever and a lot of people think that they have Arthritis and it runs in the family and all that kind of stuff. It doesn't have to be that way. So if you need help, I'm in Huntington Beach. I'll provide a link and I'll see you guys later
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