Part One - 6 Steps to Move from Scarcity to Abundance Mindset

Part One - 6 Steps to Move from Scarcity to Abundance Mindset
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    There are 6 Modules that I'll be teaching. The 1st Module is: "How to get the sound into the soul." Where is the soul? And the soul is in the Heart according to some Yogic Traditions. No, it is in the Third Eye, and in the Pituitary, or some say it is in the Pineal Gland. So I'm going to do something that covers everything so that I don't want to leave out any part, whether the Heart, The Pineal, or the Pituitary, or the Third Eye. When you infuse this sound Brzee into the soul then it will pass this sound to the entire body, and mind. And how does this sound work? Because the rational mind kicks in, and how does it work? Creation is a matter of revelation, something is revealed, something begins to show up, and that's what revelation is. Something has to show up, come out of chaos, it becomes clear. Creation at one point, I used to define it as: "Creation is clarity." And I worked on it for long, many, many years to come up with this definition. "Creativity is clarity from chaos." I do not know how to make a million dollars. As long as you do not know, you won't do that. And how do you know? How do you know the knowledge to create? By going deep into your own brain, your own mind, your own consciousness through various devices and Brzee is one. Brzee uses a sound to bring legibility. It has to be legible, visibility. And sounds are the very fundamental principle or creation. This is the finding of the Rishis, the finding of Quantum Physics also. Even the Particle is created by the strings, the sounds, and Brzee is one of the strings, one of the Bosonic sounds, one of the Fermionic sounds, And if you have the sounds then you will understand how you can create. So what are we going to do? We are going to get this sound Brzee into the Third Eye. The Third Eye is not in the physical body, but in the Astral Body, but then there are physical correlates. And it comes under both the Pituitary Gland and the Pineal Gland. It's very interesting, according to the Mystical Traditions, the Pituitary plays a very important role in scarcity consciousness. You want to make a million dollars. The Pituitary says: "No. How? It's not possible. You salary is only $10,000. How can you make a million dollars?" So it stops, the Pituitary stops the thought, and then discards it. But right above the Pituitary is the Pineal Gland. It has the ability to do it. It can conceive of anything, there is nothing it cannot conceive, the Pineal Gland, and the DMT, the Dimethyltriptomene that secretes there. So what we need to do.. so what we are going to do with this technique is we are going to get rid of the negativity of the Pituitary by applying sounds there, and we are going to enhance the abundance of the Pineal Gland by working on that. Both of them are in the Third Eye. The Third Eye starts from here, and then goes here. It's a vertical line in the Subtle Body. And then we'll also do in the Heart, but that will be in a different Module. So that is how we are going to introduce Brzee to your soul, which is your root. And this I have not done before. This is the first time I am doing it. It is a new discovery. I have a few things that I am looking at here because I don't want to miss anything. Now the soul is not in your control. You have inherited this soul. From who? From your parents, both sides, grandparents, great, great grandparents. They have contaminated it with scarcity consciousness. What are you going to do with that? So you are not thinking your own thoughts. You are thinking their thoughts. So you try to bring your own thoughts and read books like Napoleon Hill: "Think and Grow Rich." So you read that book, you are charged up and say that I am thinking rich and I am going to make it work, and it doesn't. Why not? Because of the soul. The soul that you have inherited is contaminated. So we have to remove this contamination. So if you want to know more about this I have videos, called: "Soul Genetics." Soul Genetics is just as you have inherited biological genes, biogenetics, you have also inherited soul genes. So what are you going to do about it? You can do something about it. How to clean up that soul energy so that you will be able to manifest freely with the new knowledge of Brzee? So we will teach during this program a soul cleansing technology called Tarpanam to clean the contamination from the mother's side, and the father's side for generations because you are not different from them. The 2nd Module is the Mind. This is a very tricky thing, the mind. The mind is not only inherently in a program of negativity and scarcity, it is also out of control. If you mind can hold Brzee for say even 5 minutes without any break, you have accomplished. Thoughts will come and then distract you. The problem is the mind, the mind is a monkey that moves from one tree to another like a monkey, one thought to another thought. We have a minimum of 35 thoughts in a minute. Do you need it? You don't need it. You don't need these 35 thoughts. So there is a 'bug' in the system. It's an engineering fault which we have not corrected yet. Although Patanjali, the Father of Yoga, he wanted to correct it. He doesn't 'blah, blah.' If you go to him he will speak in 2, 3, to 5 words, not more than that, and within that 5 words he would say the solution. The solution is to stop the mind, "Chitta Vritti Nirodha." How do you stop it? He will give you the sound to stop it. This sound will cancel your mind. "Chit Vrit," the sound "it" will cancel, stop the mind. So these are people who had complete control over their mind, over nature. And that is very good science, that is the Siddha Science. So we have to infuse the mind with the sound Brzee so that instead of thinking 35 thoughts in a minute, the mind goes on thinking Brzee, Brzee, Brzee, Brzee, Brzee, Brzee, Brzee, Brzee, Brzee, Brzee. But what happens, you have said Brzee a few times then thoughts come and you do not know what to do. The thoughts are so powerful, and the thoughts… I don't mind if these thoughts are going to be really outrageous thoughts, or great ideas coming to you through these thoughts. They are not. They are all called karmic thoughts. Karmic thoughts means the thoughts that you ancestor's had thought, the thoughts you had thought in your previous incarnations, on the one hand. On the other hand they are restrictive thoughts, mediocre thoughts, scarcity thoughts. So we have to change these karmic thoughts, and then only we can introduce the sound Brzee. So I will teach many methods of how to deal with your mind. How to give it a repetition technique, and how to go and engage the mind in the sound, step, by step, by step. And also completely bring it to a condition of vacuum. The mind becomes the subtlest. We don't even know if the mind is there, or not. At that time we will introduce the sound. This is Patanjali's method. You introduce the sound when you have minimum of the mind stuff, and he says even the soul is not there. "OMG!" When the soul is kept out of it, there is a consciousness where you are at very rock bottom level, and at that time, you introduce the sound Brzee. Then you manifest. Then it gives you the consciousness, the abundance consciousness. Then I am also going to talk about: "How your mind is affected by time." There is up time, and there down time for everyone. Some days are better than others. Some days are really bad psychologically, financially, relationship wise, you have all these ups and downs. Why? The Planets play a vital role in governing your mind, emotions, feelings, and they all occupy a certain time, and we are not aware of that. So we think that we just go on thinking thoughts not looking at if there is any other way for me to know why this thought came to me. The ancient people, the Yogis, thought about it and then they found there is a direct relationship between the thoughts that you have and then the Planets. Their transits affect you. I have experienced this in my life. Whenever I was running… when I ran my life, six years of my life under the influence of a Planet called Ketu, Ketu one of the Planets related to asceticism, I became a Monk, I became a Swami. Right after my PhD. And everything,, I just threw away everything and then I put on a dress, and I left home. And after that the period was gone, and then Venus started, and then I started, you know, cutting my hair, putting my suit on, and then the change. It's not a huge change here, even within a day all these changes are happening. And we have an App, several Apps, that can tell you how to plan by looking at the Apps. And also I am just now for a very specific reason facing North and doing this video. Why? North is the direction for attracting wealth. South is the direction for losing wealth. This is a general rule. North America, South America, North India, South India, there's more wealth in North India than in South India. This is also applicable within a limited space here. So whenever you are going to do Brzee, face the North, better North East, then your mind will be aligned. Then Brzee will be more powerful as you practice the technique. I'm glad that I am mentioning this. Understanding is very important. So when you face the North and do Brzee, and holding a Turmeric in your hand, and then doing the Brzee, or lighting a lamp with ghee, will enhance. The goal of Module 2 is moving your mind from scarcity thoughts to abundance thoughts, scarcity consciousness to abundance consciousness. Once that is done, everything is done. We also need to get it into our body. That's very important. Infusing the body with Brzee, and I call it as: "Embodying Brzee." We don't see the mind, we don't see the soul, but we see the body, and the body is very important. And the body is the door to our mind, is the door to our soul, and the most important thing are the senses. So we have to get Brzee into your eyes first. Why eyes? You are learning creativity. Brzee is a creative sound. The sound "Brrrr" is creative. The sound for the God of Creation, or the Creator God in India, in India he is called: Brahma, "Bra, Brrr." "Brrr" is also birth in the European language. So you have to get Brzee into your eyes. The whole creation is just for the enjoyment of the eyes. There is no creation without your eyes. You go to sleep and then the building disappears, everything disappears. Open your eyes in the morning, everything comes back. Ok. So what is necessary is to understand the eyes, and how to get Brzee into your eyes. You have to also get them into your ears. You have to get them into your tongue. The tongue… not that the ears are not important the ears are very, very important. You know, when you hear Brzee, sometimes you may want to play Brzee, and listen to it, but that's more powerful. Do you know why? You are not doing anything, you are just only listening. That doesn't involve any effort on your part. The sound goes into the ears, and that is very powerful and you can see changes in the brain when you are hearing. We have done research on hearing, and then thinking, and then vocalizing. So Brzee is vocalizing. Then you hear. Somebody hears the mp3 player is playing, and you are hearing. And then you are thinking. They are all different. They are all different. Hearing is important because it has no effort of your own. Vocalizing is important too because when the speech comes out there is an energy that goes to build the reality that you want to build. It's a very complicated topic so I don't want to say anything about it. That's why speech is so important. The tongue, the tongue is in the body, you know, you can deliver this sound to the tongue, and the tongue will do a wonderful job. It will take the sound to the DNA. The saliva will pick up the sound more than anything else. And not only that, that is on a biochemical level. On an experiential level, the tongue is a pleasure center, is an emotional center. Everything that you want to enjoy totally, whether food, or sex, or a kiss, or any of these activities, the most emotionally charged acts are associated with the tongue. So much of literature is available just on the tongue. So you can get the tongue into your body, into your emotions. And why emotions? Without emotions you cannot manifest. Just like procreation is emotions, even recreation is also emotions. This is what I told Wayne Dyer when I said that emotions are important. Without emotions you cannot create. If you want to create a baby, a building, or a car, or whatever you want to create, emotions are important. So Brzee working with the tongue will do the job.
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