Pro-Life Group Steps In After Woman Is Taken Off Life Support Against Family's Wishes

Pro-Life Group Steps In After Woman Is Taken Off Life Support Against Family's Wishes
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    After a 61-year-old woman was taken off life suppor without her family's per ission, Right to Life of ast Texas and other pro-l fe groups rallied to find Carolyn Jones, who suffer d a stroke in 2017, a new hospital that would provi e care for her. Jones had been a patient t Memorial Hermann Southw st in Houston since the f ll of 2018. This month, h r family was told they ha 10 days to find her anot er place to provide care ecause the hospital invok d the 10-day rule of the tate's Advance Directives Act. The provision allows hosp tal ethics committees to top giving patients life- ustaining treatment if do tors believe it is ineffe tive. If the family could not find a new place for ones, they would face the removal of her life-susta ning treatment, KPRC 2 re orted. Advertisement - story con inues below Although the ventilator w s removed Monday against er family's will, Jones w s able to breathe on her wn enough to remain alive but she was in need of di lysis, according to Fox N ws. Donald Jones, Carolyn's h sband, said the ruling wa wrong. "You have prisoners on de th row. They're waiting t get executed. This is th same situation we're dea ing with here," he said, ccording to KPRC 2. "It's not right, not for omeone that is loving and is caring and has done no hing but serve 61 years o help, to just discard he like an animal," said Ki a Jones, the couple's dau hter. Advertisement - story con inues below On Wednesday, a pro-life roup that had become awar of Jones's plight had he taken by private ambulan e to a different facility that agreed to care for h r. "It's kind of crazy that ou try to get someone out of a hospital so their li e could be saved," Mark D ckson, director and vice resident of Right to Life East Texas, said. Do you agree with what th pro-life group did? 100% (1 Votes) 0% (0 Votes) Dickson is the pastor of overeignLOVE church in Lo gview, Texas. He said he elieved God called him to drive to Houston to help ones. He said he read her Psalm 71, "about people that ar trying to take your life and tried to keep her sp rits up by saying neither God nor they would desert her. "We never thought we'd ha e to arrange an escape fr m a hospital. But we did, Dickson said. Advertisement - story con inues below Kira Jones said her mom, ho started receiving dial sis Thursday at her new h spital, is in stable cond tion. To address the costs of h r care, Texas Right to Li e is seeking to raise $50 000, with $33,000 raised o date. "No one is trying to kill Carolyn Jones, which is g eat. No one is trying to eny her life-saving care. They're trying to save he life. We feel good. We c n sleep at night now. We on't feel bullied," he sa d. Advertisement - story con inues below "God has done some amazin things through her," Dic son said. "Laws are going to be changed here in Tex s." The Texas Senate did act uesday to pass a bill tha extends the 10-day perio to 45 days. The bill, SB 2809, now goes to the Tex s House. Memorial Hermann Southwes Hospital provided a stat ment to KBMT, but did not comment specifically on t e issue. "Due to patient privacy l ws, and out of respect fo our patients and their f milies, we are unable to omment on specific patien cases. As a health syste , we are committed to del vering patient-centered c re and respecting the rig ts of our patients and th ir loved ones. We underst nd how painful it can be hen difficult medical dec sions must be made, and o r hearts go out to famili s in these circumstances, the statement said. Advertisement - story con inues below "End-of-life decisions ar made by physicians after careful and thorough cons ltation with patients, th ir families, the healthca e team, and a medical eth cs committee. The decisio -making process is outlin d in Texas law and can ta e many months. The law pr vides a tool to balance t e tough choice between ca rying out patients' and f milies' wishes and the et ical duty not to increase or prolong patients' suff ring." "We are committed to prov ding compassionate care t at follows the standards f evidence-based medicine and best practices. We un erstand that these decisi ns are never easy, but we follow Texas law, as writ en, and our ultimate goal is always to make medical decisions that promote co fort, compassion, and dig ity for our patients," th statement said.
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