The 3 Steps to Get Results

The 3 Steps to Get Results
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    So you're trying to figure out the best way that you can go out and get maximum
    results for yourself one this video I'm gonna share three steps that will help
    you get exactly that coming up hey there it's Billy with KeePon Cashflow once
    again back here to help you with tips and strategies on how you can go out and
    make more money how you can have more control over your free time and
    ultimately live with less stress so if it's your first time joining us here why
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    you're going to want to make sure that at the end of the video that you stick
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    check out any of the links that are listed below in the video but I want to
    get back to today I want it specifically I want us to talk about how you can get
    closer to gaining maximum results for yourself and specifically on that
    question of like what are the three things that you should really be taking
    into consideration when you are trying to get results and of course I want to
    bring a lot of this back to real estate right a real estate when you're wanting
    to go out and get results I talked about real estate as the vehicle but
    ultimately you're trying to get some results for yourself and typically what
    I found is you want to be able to find a way to create new income new income
    streams you want to be able to have more freedom right which we talked about
    before more freedom and control of your time and ultimately you want to be able
    to have more security and so if you're looking to go out and get these three
    things what I found that works really well and it's helped to get moved
    forward faster is really when you think about income and I just want to break
    these down one by one right and because ultimately I want you to get like what
    are the steps that you need to take to get the maximum results and ultimately
    you want to be able to focus on income you want to be able to focus on freedom
    and you want to be able to focus on security and how do you get those things
    and do it in a way where you feel comfortable first is let's break down
    income so if you're looking for a way to get maximum results around your income
    one of the things that I've started realizing as I've become more and more
    aware of the way that money works is understand how you're actually earning
    your income I mean I I know I've talked about this in other videos before that
    there are different ways that taxes will affect the way that you are are you're
    earning your income let's talk about those three ways before you know you
    have earned income for the majority of people that are employees when you're
    going to work you are it's what's called earned income whatever country in the
    world you are is basically your trading time for dollars right you also have
    portfolio income based on the way that you are investing in certain things a
    lot of them are related to capital gains which is kind of like when you buy low
    and sell high and then there's the the income that I love the most which is
    usually the least text which is around real estate and but the idea is you
    really got to start to change your mindset on the way that you're earning
    income focus on really on the ways that you can earn more income but doing that
    in a way where it's taxed less which means you get to ultimately bring home
    more money and that all starts with the mindset right so that's a really about
    moving away from and that's me I mean I've come from a very middle-class
    mindset where we were taught to go out and earn money and save money and then
    ultimately you know put money in the in a 401k or in a stock market or something
    like that and you've got to work on changing your mindset if you want to
    start to elevate your income so that's one thing the second thing is let's
    let's take a look at the freedom right so and I know I talk a lot about having
    more control over your time and ultimately it relates back to that as
    well but when you want to start to have more control over your control of your
    freedom you've got to start now looking for different mechanisms on how to deal
    with the actual time that you have available right and that a lot of comes
    down to being disciplined in terms of the way that you're actually using the
    time that's available you know and I use myself as an example someone who is I
    love spending time with my family and being able to do that so that's a
    priority so I need to make sure that I'm blocking out time I enjoy my day job a
    lot and so I have to make sure that I'm focusing a large portion of my time
    there as well and I love being able to interact with you and I love investing
    in multifamily real estate it states so having the right mechanisms
    and blocking my time in a way that's going to allow me to ultimately get that
    result which is more freedom there is the discipline that has to be involved
    in blocking out time I love using things like the Pomodoro Technique which allows
    me to be really focused hyper focused on certain things and then I can move on to
    the next activity give my mind a break and then get back to the next thing
    similar to what I'm doing today and interacting with you
    and then lastly whenever we're going for these goals I talked about before income
    you're looking for freedom and ultimately looking for security we're
    reminded all the time that security is a really fragile thing if you're in the
    corporate world I mean you may be part of a downsizing in your organization and
    you can do a great job and you can do the right things and you just maybe were
    the wrong number but ultimately you want to be able to follow the path of someone
    that has already kind of gone down that trail so you're not Pioneer usually
    something that said the pioneers that you can always notice who they are
    because they're the ones who have all the arrows in their back that kind of
    thing but one of the things if you're looking for security especially as it
    relates to investing real estate is look for someone who's already done what it
    is that you want to do number one but the thing that I've also learned is not
    just that they've done what you want to do but they've sustained that in the
    time that's really important so look for something like mentoring or coaching
    that can help you to get have that level of security as you move closer to your
    goals so and get the results that you ultimately want so just to recap I
    talked about getting the results around in come around freedom and around
    security and and really being able to do that in three different ways the three
    steps are focusing on your mindset getting making sure that you have your
    your mindset in the right place making sure that you have the right mechanisms
    to help you block time so that you can use it and have the freedom when you
    want and then ultimately for mentoring that can help you to create the security
    that you're that you're looking for so I really hope that this has been helpful
    for you and that these three steps are really clear I always you all know I
    love hearing from you so do me a favor leave your comments
    let me know how this video worked for you if there's something else that you'd
    like me to talk about I'm always up for that because then it means I don't have
    to think of anything because I'm actually answering your questions right
    away which is great and then for also for those of you who are interested in
    understanding how it can a guy like me live in Europe I love it here and invest
    in multifamily real estate back in the United States I've written a free ebook
    for you on you can pick that up all you need to do is go to keep on cashflow
    comm forward slash roadmap so everybody this is Billy I really appreciate your
    time looking forward to hearing your comments and building this community up
    more and more okay thanks have a great day and as
    always I start up rock SEMA
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