Two Steps Forward - Proof of Concept

Two Steps Forward - Proof of Concept
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    Hey there, guys. In this video I wanted to show off something I've been working on for the past week. So this is a turn-based puzzle game with each turn being based on the direction you move in. If I press the right arrow key, I'll move two steps forward and one step back. You'll notice in the top left a HUD that indicates the steps taken per turn reading from right to left. Whenever I move, the HUD updates accordingly. I also have working collision with walls, so if I try to move to the left I'll end up bumping into the wall---which still takes up a step--and move back into position. If I try to walk into the pit down below, I end up dying and restart the level. Another thing to note is this and well, this is a placeholder for portal that takes you to the next level So, what are we waiting for? As you can see, a lot's changed. Obviously the layout of the level is different, but it's also scaled differently. The camera zooms out to encompass the entire level, and this is all rounded to the nearest pixel. Not only that, but the steps I take are also different. Now I take one step back followed by two steps forward. I won't get too deep into the code for this project but there is one thing I wanted to show off... So right here is the project layout; it has separate files for the code, sound and sprites but also a separate folder for the levels. If we open this up, you'll notice that these are really just plain text files. So let's break this down. At the very top are plus and minus symbols, and these indicate the steps taken in the level. Plus for steps forward and minus for steps back. There's really no limit to this. I can just add however many I want and it'll reflect in the game. Now right below this is the actual layout of the level with different characters representing different tiles. W for Wall, X for Pit, P for Player and O for Portal There's also a group of dots to represent empty space, but these can really just be any character as long as it's not assigned to a tile. Now you might be wondering "Ian, why are you showing me this? What's the point?" WELL Setting up my levels as separate files instead of hard-coding them into the game gives me a lot more flexibility If I wanted to make an external level editor, all I'd have to do is write to a text file and then read it back in into the game. I haven't really gone into designing levels or finishing the assets just yet; right now I really wanted to show a proof of concept with what I have. I hope you enjoyed this, and thanks for your time.
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