3 Steps To Never Ever Go Broke Again

3 Steps To Never Ever Go Broke Again
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    nobody likes being broke absolutely no one when you are broke the worst things seem to happen the car's transmission gives way equipment that were in perfect working condition just seemed to fail suddenly or that bout of sickness appears out of nowhere sometimes it's referred to as the law of Murphy now it's not rocket science to not going broke there are just some simple steps that you can take there are actually three practical simple yet powerful steps that you can take in order never to be broke again and it doesn't mean that you need to feed on ramen noodles or to save a from your favorite coffee in the mornings the first step to never being broke again is that you save 10% of all your earnings now that is just a start it's actually a principle that I've discovered while reading the book the richest man in Babylon so in this economy 10% is just a start as your income increases you want to increase the amount that you save up to a third or 33% up to 50% and above and eventually what you do with that money that you would have saved is that you invest it in an investment vehicle that can make you money while you sleep the second step to take you spend only 80 percent of your earnings to pay your bills to take care of yourself and your family and of course pay your creditors one of the biggest mistake a lot of people make is that they do everything for themselves while they avoid paying their creditors the bank the neighbor the friend the family member who they owe but in those situations when you avoid paying back the money that you have borrowed its very hard for you to retain any money at all then the third and final step in never being broke again is that you practice the advanced law of prosperity now this is a concept many Eastern countries such as the ancient Greeks Egyptians Babylonians Arabians and even the Chinese practiced and I became aware of this concept in my teens and I've practiced it over several years but I can tell you that the worst two years that I've had financially was when I did not practice this concept it's like everything went downhill I had a few vehicles a few of which were stolen few of which were in major car accidents and then the business that I had at a time also failed then even though I sold all the cars sold all that I had closed the business and even sold the very bed I was sleeping on I was still in debt for over thirty thousand US dollars that's how serious it is and this is a concept that is both scientific and also biblical I mean the first person we see in Bible practicing this principle is called Abraham so it's the law of tithing or giving 10% of your earnings to charity to your church or to your pastor now if you don't believe in a pastor or church I'm not suggesting you put your money there I'm not telling you to support someone or something that you don't believe in however if you are being fed spiritually by a pastor Minister Ministry of Church whatever it is then why wouldn't you want to put your money there instead of just your words I mean you're being fed so for those who don't believe in a pastor or a church then giving your 10% can mean that you give it to that child who is in need or that family or that friend we're seeking to start a business and needs a kickstart in their business and then again paying tithe is not limited to a past our church that's just one limiting limited belief and as a matter of fact which is not surprising is that the wealthiest persons on the planet they are philanthropists they are great philanthropists many people have it wrong they think that mother Teresa was this poor little lady no she wasn't she was able to give because she had to give right she had to give and therefore when you give which you can understand why many of the wealthy people give so much to charity i mean John D Rockefeller was known to have given away more than 500 million dollars in tithe and charities while he was alive one of the richest men who ever lived in the U.S. Warren Buffett who is still alive is known for having given away most of his wealth and he's a billionaire he's worth close to 100 billion I believe so when you give and these people are people who pay tithe or give to to charity and there are many arguments if you're saying oh you don't have to do this and you don't have to do that but what I will say to you is that the universe usually force people to give when they don't give freely so you may have noticed that many times some people they're always in the hospital or their children are in and out of the doctor's office or their car is always breaking down or something is always going bad that needs money the universe forces you to pay or to give when you don't give freely because the universe gives freely the air the sunshine the rain the fruits and all of that it gives freely and so there's nothing free even grace and forgiveness comes at a price there is nothing free and so when you give the universe opens doors and opportunities and means and ways to give back to you so you can continue giving so those are the three steps that you need to take save 10% eventually invest it spend only 80% to pay your bills and your creditors and thirdly give away 10% and believe you me if you practice these three steps you will be amazed over a few weeks or months the amount of money you have coming in consistently that you will never go broke again
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