3 steps to stop sabotaging yourself - Release Inner Struggle & Self Doubt- Amanda Jane Gday Gorgeous

3 steps to stop sabotaging yourself - Release Inner Struggle & Self Doubt- Amanda Jane Gday Gorgeous
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    - Hey there, it's Amanda Jane Clarkson, and this is G'day, Gorgeous, our lifestyle channel for women who dare to live their dreams and want to empower their lives in all seven areas which include your love, relationships, your health, money, vocation, happiness, and personal growth. And if you would love to learn how to take back control of your life, if you're feeling a little bit out of control in a particular area or frustrated and you want your life to become fabulous, creating a life by design instead of living by default, then subscribe now and click the bell so that you'll be alerted every time I create a brand new video full of content which will be every week. And so, today's video, listen, I hope you have your journal and a nice cup of tea because today, I'm gonna be sharing with you three ways to stop sabotaging yourself. If you're anything like me, oh my god, most of my life I had so much self toxic talk going on that I was constantly sabotaging all of my hopes and dreams and wondering why I was going nowhere. Spinning my wheels, if that makes sense. And I'm sure you will relate to this video in some way or another. So third, third. (laughs) Step number one, I should say, step number one is awareness. Just becoming aware of your self talk, what is your self talk like, we all talk to ourselves all day long. However, the question is is your self talk toxic, is it disempowering, and is it stopping you and preventing you from going out there, creating that life that you wanna live, reaching all of your hopes, your goals, and your dreams. And the thing is this, our self talk usually is derived from our upbringing or our conditioning, and it depends on your environment, who your parents were, or are, I should say, what schools you went to, the friends you hang out with, what you watch on television, and the things you look at in social media. All these outside influence has a massive impact on the way you feel about yourself, and therefore, that creates the self talk that you have going on. So the first thing to take note of is how is your self talk. Really think about that from this moment on. You probably find yourself, and this was the biggest problem that I had, that I was talking to myself in ways that I would never speak to a friend. I would never speak to a child like the way I was speaking to myself. Berating myself, coming down like a ton of bricks on myself if I did something wrong, cursing myself. Nothing was ever good enough for myself. So that is the first step is awareness. Then, step number two, girlfriend, is to ask smarter questions. The first question that I would ask myself, and this is what I've gone through, this is all based on my own experience, is who's running my life? Am I in control of my destiny, or is somebody else? Am I being pulled from here to there to everywhere based on other peoples thoughts, based on their opinions, too frightened to stand up for myself. This was made for so many years, too scared to voice my own opinion in case they didn't like what I said or in case people laughed at me or tore me down or ridiculed my hopes and dreams. Are you relating to his in any way? I sure would love your comments. Ask me a question, share your story because you know what, this is a massive problem for so many women, millions of us, in fact, and men as well trying to fit into society's way of thinking. What I like to call conformity. Chasing dreams that are not yours, chasing a life that perhaps is not true to who you are, or who you wanna be. These are the things that you must ask yourself. Who's life am I trying to live. Am I living according to my own set of values, wants, desires and needs, or am I a people pleaser? Oh my god, going nowhere, spinning your wheels, and feeling more out of control and disillusioned with your life every day. So that is step number two. Then, step number three comes in three parts. Decide, commit, and plan. Now, what does that mean? First of all, you've got to make a decision, girlfriend. Decide that this is the last day of your precious life that you are going to be a people pleaser, or not be able to think for yourself. The day that your life is about to turn around and you decide that you are going to step by step, day by day, find the courage to take life into your own hands. Make these decisions for yourself. Decide what's right for you and what's not right for you. Then, make a commitment from this day forward. And don't worry about the past, the past is gone, we can't turn back the clock, we can't turn back the hands of time, as they say, but here's what we can do, gorgeous, we can commit from this moment forward to think for ourselves, to ask better questions. Get around people who are living their life by design, get around people who are taking charge of their life, and are uplifting and encouraging you on the path to life success, and I'm talking about in all seven areas, not just one area, all seven. And thirdly, girlfriend, then you need to make a plan. So how is all this going to unfold. We need to have a plan 'cause as the saying goes, those who fail to plan, plan to fail. And so, if you wanna create a life by design, a successful life in all seven areas, beginning today, this brand new chapter of your life, this next grand adventure, then hit me up with a question below, and even just write plan, please. And in my next videos I will start to unravel how I created a plan for my life. My life was going down the chute in every which way you can imagine. I was so frustrated, so disillusioned, and so unhappy until I realized on day, I had my big wake up call, and my big wake up call was when a mentor told me that life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change, Amanda. And you need to be responsible for your own destiny and learn to take control of your own life. Make your dreams become reality. And so, if you would love to learn my plan and how I did that by following a set of success principles that literally helped me design a life I love living, and can help you too, ask me a question, write in the comments below plan, please, and I will make more videos. You can hear my puppy in the background. He's just thrown his ball into the pool. So gorgeous. If you would love more of these videos, remember, hit Subscribe. Share this message with somebody else you know who is feeling frustrated and out of control with their life. And get involved and I promise I'll be bringing you incredible content and life success lessons that could really help you create that life by design that you so thoroughly deserve, and of course, if you loved this video, please hit the like button, and if you have questions, I would be delighted to answer them for you. Okay, gorgeous, I'll see you in my next video coming your way very soon. Bye for now!
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