6 Steps to Take When Asking Your Boss for a Pay Raise

6 Steps to Take When Asking Your Boss for a Pay Raise
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    A while back I posted a video on why is that women need to ask to be paid more and I got so many DMs from you with follow-up questions about compensation that I've decided to do a follow-up video on this topic today I'm going to talk about what exactly you need to do if you want to be paid more and how to go about asking for it and in particular I'm going to provide you with my comments and feedback based on my now 16 year experience working as a career development expert I'm gonna take you through concrete steps so grab a notepad and jot these ideas down step number 1 is for you to figure out what is the going salary range for your job within your organization basically you want to figure out what is your organization paying roughly for your very job to other people and so you can ask HR you can ask your colleagues but one of the most important groups of people to ask about salary are those who have already left the organization I've always found that people who have left the company are more willing to share about salary once they're gone than when they are there so that's step 1 step 2 figure out what the market range is for your job across other industries so you're doing market research now to figure out in other industries what are people being paid for my very job and this is a really important step when you go into having a discussion with your boss on that note step number 3 is for you to arrange a meeting with your boss and tell your boss very directly that you want to have a conversation about getting a salary increase you need to be really direct about it like you actually have to say I want to talk about an increase in my compensation because if you're vague about it your leader may not know what is it that you're actually asking for and if you don't ask you won't necessarily get what you want step number 4 is for you to do exhaustive preparation before you go in to meet with your boss and I can't tell you how many people under-prepare for these types of meetings when are you going to go in to meet with your boss to talk to them about a salary increase you literally you really need to sit down and write out script every single thing it is that you want to say I've done another video on the power of scripting you should definitely watch that to figure out why this is so important what the neuroscience has to say but essentially when you sit down to write out your notes you're going to set out all of the research all of the reasons why you think you deserve to be paid more referring back to your research within the organization on what's happening with salaries what's happening out in the market and then of course why you with all of your skills and working experience deserve that increase and then lastly practice practice practice so that you can take this script this language and embed it from your conscious brain into your unconscious brain because when we are nervous and we are triggered we are in to unconscious brain the words will already be there for you step number 5 have the meeting with your leader and then after that make sure you follow up in writing put in into an email into a memo I'm not fussed about which form you use but make sure that you summarize the discussion and what your expectations are in writing because first of all it creates paperwork for HR but secondly it signals just how important this decision or this process is for you and then the last thing step 6 is for you to follow up sometimes bosses leaders have these types of conversations and then they take them weeks to do anything about it whereas if you follow up you're reminding them again signaling this is really important to me now some of you watching today you may be thinking ok Ritu I've done these 6 steps and nothing has happened for me and if that's the case I would say you have an organizational issue and maybe the better enquiry for you to be thinking about right now is is this workplace for you others you maybe watching thinking ok I know these steps but you haven't engaged in taking them so taking action is really important if you want to be paid more it means actually asking for it and this is exactly how to go about doing it best as always I'd love to hear from you so comment below and don't forget to follow me on social media and subscribe to my e-newsletter at ritubhasin.com thanks for watching
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