7 Steps to Alleviate Overwhelm & Frustration in Business

7 Steps to Alleviate Overwhelm & Frustration in Business
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    Hello Hello Hello, Welcome everybody it is awesome to have you here today I think we are going to have an absolutely amazing time together so yeah it's great to have everybody in the group of everybody online I think what I'm going to show you today is really going to make a difference so I hope you've all got your pens out, your paper ready, the good thinking brain is on and we're gonna have some fun let's do this well to give you a little bit about myself I'm originally from sunny South Africa yes we've been in the country now eight years we moved here in November 2011 just really wanting a different life for ourselves wanting something more I am what you would call a systems integrator and a relationship coach I focus on implementing systems within a business where the structure isn't working we process it or not working I help them implement things they and what I also do is within the business environment I'm a relationship coach so that people within the environment learn how to work together the different personality types learn to have respect and love for each other so I think that's a big thing that's missing in business nowadays we've forgotten how to treat people in business we don't respect the people we work with and I think generally we just we go to work every single day but we're not getting the best from that environment we're not walking away going I really enjoyed being there today I'm around people I enjoy people who get me so that's where my focus is I am married I have a how old is he now 12 year old son who's just started secondary school in year seven and he's doing very very well we've as I say I've been in corporate for over 20 years and I wanted to make a change in the business that I was doing or in the corporate environment and I find it's very difficult to try and make a change when you're in something that is controlled by other people so I left the corporate in 2013 and I've transitioned into the self-employed sector which strangely enough is not much better than being employed it's kind of the same thing used to end up working for a boss so in the self-employed sector I worked with various companies it was very hands-on work and there was a lot of implementation I was helping them with bookkeeping accounts setting up systems running their processes to run more smoothly while I was self-employed I was actually offered the carrot we all know about the carrot that comes our way and I was lured back into the employment section because of the package that I was offered I worked for that company for about nine months and then I just realized you know I think I'm unemployable that was the one thing I didn't like working for a boss I wanted to actually work on my own terms and the second thing was what I wanted to do with the company I was working forward with the company wasn't on the same vision as what I was so I think then you need to separate yourself and go hold on how can I then make an impact going forward so the natural transition work for me was to resign as we do and I started my own business called Grow With Vision. So, Grow With Vision was founded with a vision of how to do business and how to help businesses do business better so as I say it's got everything to do with systems implementation what works what doesn't work within your business and I also look at the relationships because I think that's a core focus on the people that we work with how we interact with them the different personalities no two people are alike in the workplace and you have managers in the hierarchy and of course you have the staff and I think it's so much so more important if everyone has a synergy and a team working together so that's a little bit about me feel free to follow me on Instagram I'm on the gram I'm on LinkedIn I'm on Twitter I have my personal Facebook account I also have my business Facebook account and I have a business group called the Growth Community which is for like-minded entrepreneurs feel free to join that one and it would great it will be great to have you on board. Right so let's crack on. So, you're probably saying right who is this webinar for? Well this webinar is for basically anybody who is a business owner who's been in business for a couple of years now and they're frustrated they are feeling that they're not getting where they wanting to go and the business isn't actually as streamlined as they thought it would be so it's definitely for you if you fit into their category. The second category would be anyone who is self-employed so those self-employed people who want to transition into business because I learnt that being self-employed and being a business owner are two totally different things Self-employed you generally are contracted to a company so you have a few clients. Being a business you want to leave a legacy you want to leave something behind to pass on or you ultimately want to sell a business. You can't sell and a self-employed structure because that's you you are the magic so these it's also helping people transition from self-employed into the business environment and then the third section of people would be employees employees who are tired of working for someone else which again was where I was and they're wanting to own the own business I find that a lot of time businesses are started by people who are very good at doing something technical and who one day have an entrepreneurial flash of inspiration and decide to start their own business rather than let someone else profit from all the good work they're doing so I find that's where a lot of our employees are where they do want to start adding some value more to the marketplace other than the restriction of where they are currently in the workplace so I hope you're fitting into one of those categories if you're not one of those then this is not the place for you click off now and our see you some other time so what I actually said I was going to cover are the three personalities in business and we need to move between these three personalities many times we find that the technician person is the most important person in the business because they're the ones that do everything so most new businesses are not started by entrepreneurs who set out to build a business but by technicians who enjoy the hands-on work themselves which exactly what that situation I found myself in I was definitely a technician I liked doing the things businesses are started by people who are skilled at what they enjoy doing but I found that technicians as soon they understand how a technical business works but in reality they never do so building a business takes three skill sets the entrepreneur the manager and the technician because of a natural bias I found most business owners focus on working in their business when really they should be working on their business and being able to do the technical work required personally is a liability rather than an asset now you're probably going why why would it be a liability rather than an asset and then I'm going to say to you well the reason is business skills are far more important than the mere production of output for any new business and I think what we do is we look at how much we can churn out but we should be looking at the skills that we're going to learn in business and that would be the skills of being the manager the skills of being the entrepreneur so I find the technician finds of the work that he or she loves becomes a chore which happened to me and that has to be squeezed in with a lot of other stuff that is much less exciting the business owner then enjoys the technical work less and less and sooner or later the business builder will realize the technical work can be really contracted out to someone else and if you looked at your price your actual hourly rate you can probably contract it out to someone else on Fiverr or on upwork or something along those lines you can get a VA doing your admin tasks for a fraction of the cost of what you're worth to your business on an hourly basis so consider if you are the magic right now then you're a self-employed person once you have a business you can start expanding and start looking at taking on other people so are you currently in your business moving between those three personality types as such just think about that for a second because I found when I started I wasn't moving between the two I over between the three I was stuck at Technic Nick technician I was doing all the work and then I realized no hold on I actually need to move on to the manager putting systems in place even in my own business and then the entrepreneur stop dreaming start having that vision what can my business one day be how big is it going to be so those are the three phases that you should be moving between then the three phases of growth and I think this is so important because with we get stuck in the one and if we don't move on to the other that's when the problems come about so I'd say instead of looking at the business as a one-off operation the owner should consider the business to be a prototype for a large number of franchises that will be added at a later stage think of that the prototype as a franchise by adopting that mindset the business owner will not only participate in the business as a technician but we'll also act as a manager putting systems in place and controls as I said and as an entrepreneur having a vision of how the business can create sustainable added value for all key stakeholders ok so this is where you need to change your mindset now at the infancy stage the technician is the business if you are removed from the business the business disappears so the technician does everything himself the infancy ends when the technician gets sick of juggling everything been there and realizes something has to change if the business is to make some forward progress if the technician is unwilling to make those changes the business will close and this is something we need to get our heads around if we do not transition from infancy stage and we remain leave the business world closed because you cannot be everything to everybody you will ultimately have burnout you will have that nervous breakdown you will get so frustrated because you're working more hours every single day so that everything gets done so unless you actually transition your mind from the infancy stage start growing your business will close and then I'm guaranteeing you so you need to change your mindset if the technician does not make the changes the if the technician does make the changes ok so if you do make those changing again hold on I can't keep doing this on my own Ernie to actually implement and get other people on board then the business were in to what we call adolescence or expansion for every business has a comfort zone and every technician for every technician it's how much work he or she can do as I say you can't keep working 24 hours for an entrepreneur it's how many people buy into the vision so once you're at the entrepreneur stage you are no longer doing this on your own and you have people working for you who have your vision and if they like your vision and I'm a firm believer in having the right people on board we also I think when it comes to interviewing people we do it too quickly I think we should interview slowly and fire quickly in my opinion so I think you should take a long lot longer to make sure the right people are on board who you have a connection with who gets your vision and if it's not working at rid of them quickly because they're doing more damage but take your time hiring the right people now once a business grows beyond that comfort zone there are four possible outcomes you can get small again effectively take the business back to its infancy stage and we where things were easier or you can therefore broke you can try and grow the business fast enough that it will generate enough cash to hire the resources needed to manage itself or you can hang in there in the hope that some sort of order will ultimately emerge from all the chaos yep oh you can move your business through to maturity by the business owner being willing to learn new skills assume them assume different priorities for the use of his or her time so then you've got to ask yourself your quick the question where am i right now do I want to go small again is that where do I want to go to me being the magic and remember what it was all about you're gonna downsize again you're not gonna have a business that won't leave a legacy you're not be able to sell it look at all the big business that are out there they've always had to expand they started in garages but they always expand and then they got listed and then ended up selling them as well for a fortune so you you need to move forward maturity is when the business has a realistic sense of how it got to where it currently is and an accurate understanding of what must now be done to move it too weird wants to go in the future so that's some food for thought if you look at the three phases currently we are you in your business where do you want to go in the next three months six months next year where do you want to go in the next five years and where do you see yourself in 10 years time with your business have you sold it has it monopolized into various other franchises is there prototype that you've duplicated what is your vision for the business so we're gonna go into that a little bit more when I now go into the seven steps to develop your business process now you need to ask yourself a few questions regarding your in other words treating your business as a model for a future franchise system forces you to focus on the right issues instead of more common issues and in doing so it increases your chances of success whether you alternate lis end up franchising your business or not most business founders believe that the success of the business resides in the success of the products itself however the business format franchise is built on the belief that the true product of the business is not what it sells but how it sells it the to put true product of a business is the business itself so if you have a look at your business and you say to yourself right how can my business be set up to work product work productively and efficiently when I'm not there in person how can employees be motivated without direction one thing I couldn't handle when I was employed was being micromanaged and I think it goes back down to a trust issue that you need to trust you employees but they you know that they're going to get on with the work and the interesting thing is as wife they have your vision and your goals that the assumption is there that they will stay focused how can systems be put in place there a large number of customers can be served efficiently and consistently and you want the way you serve them to be the same you don't want to have one client that you're treating a certain way and another client gets treated another way that's not how you should be doing business it should be consistent consistent across all ever news on how you're treating your business how can the business be owned without having to be there keeping an eye on it every single hour of the day most business owners want to step out of their business you want to go and play that round of golf you want to meet up and go on a networking to a networking event you want to be out of the office for half the day doing what you enjoy why your business is running so how can you put these systems in place how can the amount of time spent doing the things I really enjoy be maximized back to playing their game of golf it's not all about the work it's about getting that balanced business should be fun business should be something you enjoy doing you enjoy working with the people you're working with but you should also have your fun what you enjoy doing outside of business and how can the amount of time spent doing the things I hate yep we all have that but have to do be minimalist so how can you give them to someone else how can you find a VA who can actually implement those things for you so that you can get away with doing the things you don't like so I'm going to go through these seven steps of the business development process and we can go into them a little bit more in-depth the first one is your primary aim strategic objective is second third is your organizational structure your management strategy your people strategy your marketing strategy and your system strategies so if you haven't been making notes up until this point I suggest you go quickly and get yourself a pen and a piece of paper and start making notes furiously because this is the part that blew me away this is the part that I had to look at and go hold on am i implementing all these steps in my business and I found I was missing out on a few steps so they might seem unimportant now they might seem that something that oh I can implement at a later stage but if you start doing the right things now when your business is an infancy stage then you've set that benchmark of how you going to be moving forward hope that makes sense right so the primary aim although your business isn't your life it will have an important role in your life so it's definitely connected to us and affects your family life it affects the time you spend socializing because we do we get caught up in our business becomes our passion but again you need that balance and until you take the time to articulate that your business cannot really until you take the time to articulate that your business plays an important role your business cannot really develop properly successful people go to work on their lives they don't just exist in their lives so ask yourself these four questions what do you personally value most in life what kind of life do you want to lead what is the vision of the life you want to lead what do you want your life to look like when it's completed so there you are 10 20 30 40 50 60 years down the line what does your life look back if you look back if you all really went to the end and now you look back on that timeline how has your life panned out how is it actually been completed and who do you wish to be deep down who is the person you want to be what are the values that you find important that you want other people to recognize you for is it integrity is it someone who steps up do you have courage do you step out of your comfort zone regularly who do you want to be remembered as as well who is that person the second is our strategic objective your strategic objective are the metrics with standards by which you specify success but we should specify success they state what the business has to do for you to achieve your primary aim they are no right or wrong standards these standards shape and influence your business quite intensely and intentionally so if you look at the strategic objective of money we need a figure around how much gross revenue profitability market value we're going to have in our business what is our vision our goal of what we want is your business and opportunity worth pursuing we get this being a bonnet that this is what I want to do and I want to go out but is there a market for it is there or is there a niche is there a client base that you'll be able to tap him or you gain to do all the work and setting up this business and find that there's nobody you can have crickets or and the geographical reach do you see yourself as a local business do you see yourself expanding regionally or do you see see yourself as an international business in many countries what is your vision how big do you want to go your timeframe how long do you want to take for your prototype business to be developed to use three years five years is it a career is this something that will go on for the rest of your life and such and your business positioning will the business serve clients directly so in other words I serve clients directly I implement processes directly with clients and deal with relationships within their business directly with clients or you're going to serve other businesses that serve clients so if you take for example I suppose in the telecoms industry that's a good example there would be a company who now serves other client as such so take into account where you want to position your business your strategic objective is probably the most important part in your business and getting that right then the organizational strategy many small businesses fail to develop a formal organizational chart because they assume everyone knows what they should be doing big mistake huge what she saying pretty woman big mistake use unfortunately they're generally guarantees that nobody becomes accountable so by creating an organization of strategy the business development process is forcing a blueprint to be created for the business to grow around some people may phone multiple positions initially but as other employees are added clear lines of responsibility and accountability can be maintained you've got to keep in mind also that technicians do the tactical work while managers should be focusing on the strategic work without the organizational chart there is confusion there will be discord and conflict became will become the order of the day but with the direction purpose and style of the business everything gets balanced now even though you currently are the only person in your business it's only you only you are the magic you should still go right who are my shareholders going to be who is going to be my chief operating officer well I have a chief operating officer put that on your actual flow chart yes I'm gonna have vice presidents I'm gonna have managers I'm gonna have technicians this is how my business will look so that you've got that grand view of what you're striving for and then when you start employing people in your business you start slotting them into where they belong and then you draw up literally they scoped of what they are supposed to do so everybody is on the same page this is a step I wasn't doing I didn't I didn't look at this as an important step because I thought I'm just doing everything right now I am the vice president I am the manager but then when you sit down and you actually structure it all of a sudden you realize the opportunity your business can have for that growth expansion because again you've opened your mind and the vision and the possibilities of what can actually be now the management strategy are interesting when a management strategy will not require that highly skilled highly competent managers behind you gain hold on of course I want highly skilled and highly competent people on my team but you won't know how to choose them because you might not be in that level where you've got the knowledge on how to choose the right skilled person you won't know how to manage them because you might not have been in that situation where you're managing these high level people and they would have learned they trade from someone else's business so wouldn't you rather bring someone in and train them everything about your business from scratch each checklist itemizes the specific steps employees should take to create a satisfied customer pure and simple that way new people can be trained to perform to be the same level of competence as experienced staff and they have to do this have to and all they have to do is to be accountable for the tasks on their checklist so again a new person starts they don't know what is required of them and what do we normally do if we're in an environment with a new person starts we throw them in at the deep end we go here's your disk here's your phone here's your pen good luck and we walk away if you had a management strategy in place you'd go right every new employee goes through this induction training this is what is required for that job they know this is how we speak to clients answer phones this is how we do things consistently here so we are building a brand that is consistent with our clients so the management strategy even though you think it's not important it's the checklists that everyone understands everyone's on the same page and the simple and the more direct the management system the better new person who's starting hi Joe great to have you year this is how we speak to clients this is how we process orders this is how we do things within the business this is our logo this is our branding everything is consistent what message that is actually sending to the client is that you can be trusted you're not flaky every time I deal with you I get the same this mmm Sami haven't spoken this long for haven't spoke in the salon for a long time who oh excuse me right so that also gets the client's thing to look at it and go I can trust you because everything along those lines you are doing what you said you do I'm every time I come to you now buy something I get the same response I get the same automatic outcome so the customer has more and more trust and faith in you hmm that makes sense oh sorry right on to the people strategy are you guys enjoying the so far I hope you're getting some value from it right your business will become a place where integrity intention commitment vision and excellence will become rich multi-dimensional concepts rather than abstract words systems are put in place that everyone gets an equal opportunity to be part of the total service solution offered to customers the system produces the results the people manage the system it's as simple as that what we try and do is we try and manage the people we should put the system in place and the people should manage the system easy so if you look at it you want to create an environment in which fulfilling responsibility is more important then avoiding them again it goes back to that vision you have of the company is everybody on the same page is everybody in in tune with your vision where you're going as a company is everybody got the same value same beliefs same urgency same wanting to be seeing and wanting to actually see this company successful I think you should take employees seriously and I think we don't do this enough in the workplace we assume employees are just part of the business but we need to make sure that they understand the things that they are asked to do we have this assumption that we're giving an instruction and they just know again it goes back to communicating and relationships in business that it's a two-way street I give you something to do and have need to have feedback from you that you understood that what I've actually given you you're on the same page you're going to do it as I thought you were going to do it and the art companies as I thought I was going to get so we again people I think in business we employ people but then we just leave them to get on with their own devices as such and then we wonder why there's no communication and things go wrong because we're not actually taking employees seriously the things that I think the three concepts that we need to understand is that customers should always be made to feel that they are right I'm not saying the customer is always right but he needs to make we made feel that he is right so in front of him let him realize that you've acknowledged the problem you will sorted out employees should act like they're of the best we come into an environment as an employee and we doubt ourselves and then I find as well in an employee sector where you have a manager who doesn't respect you doesn't treat you well your confidence takes a dive so you don't actually feel that you are the best at what you do and I think employees should act like they're the best at what you're doing I am really good at what I do I know from my side I am really good at what I do I go into companies I see what isn't working and I implement systems so they can run smoother so that I can see them be more profitable I am good at that you need to take on that onus and the employer needs to run us they need to act like they are the best get it into your head go on courses and learn what you need to do so that you are the best in that environment that you're in and growth comes from developing skills this to me is probably the biggest thing I think we go through our schooling life thinking I've gone through all the years of school and into university and now I've learned everything I don't need to learn anything more and I think the people who move forward are the ones who keep developing themselves we keep learning new skills I find in business as well the manager managers who have that mentality well this is how we've always done it and if they don't like it they can leave those managers are becoming obsolete we are changing we are realizing it's a working environment where they should be synergy and all of us coming together so I think if you as a manager not developing your skills you're not going to have a business and if you're not encouraging your employees to develop these skills they're not going to stay because they're gonna get bald and if they get bored they're gonna go somewhere else for a bigger challenge so it's a two-way street when it comes to the people side so yeah I have a big passion when it comes to actually developing the skills I don't think we ever stop learning I think it's a continuous learning process the market strategy so they are two pillars now the marketing requires that you forget about your vision and you focus on the customer directly and I think a lot of us go in with a marketing plan on our vision what do we want what do we want what do we want and as soon as you turn that into a service orientated vision what is the customer want what is important to the customer our marketing strategy changes so what do you think he or she wants is significant different from what he or she actually wants again ask your clients what they want send out surveys get an idea of where you are in the market are you actually positioning yourself correctly so that the customer is getting from you what they expect from you ask questions be deliberate in your surveys to try and get that market research to actually find out what the client really wants deep down that's because most buying decisions are not made from the conscious part of our mind but the subconscious interesting decisions are never made rationally they are always made irrationally based on our emotions so if you think about the two pillars we have the demographics and the psycho group psychographics if you look at those two pillars and you think about the last time and there's a woman out there the last time you wanted to buy their pair of shoes mm-hmm there's Jimmy Choos we all know them and you looked at the price and you thought gee that's a bit steep the emotions will kick in to validate why you need those there's no logical way of buying those shoes you know from a logical point of view that might be a bit pricey but an emotion will be how do I look in them how will I feel will men look at me what people take me seriously will I stand out what I feel more confident it's an emotional driven purchase the same as with the gentleman and I'm not saying women don't buy fleshy cards but when was the last time you looked at a really really nice sports car and yes the price is there from a logical point but you're going how would I look in that car how would I feel how would my confidence go at my status even go up buy that car so everything we do from a marketing should be aimed at the customer and they experience the emotions on the purchasing power as such so the statement strategy and the season were lost when we're going through our the three systems that we put in place everything is a system everything in the work environment a system a business requires three types of systems to succeed so we have the hard systems was - which are the inanimate objects like your computers offices your work materials we have the soft systems which is us which are the people the animate objects the ideas the scripts the procedures and then we have the information systems which provide data about the interaction between the soft and hard systems the very best best and most effective business systems intertwine soft heart and information system so closely that it becomes impossible to separate them your franchise prototype business should demonstrate just how effective and how productive the integration of these systems can be in your business so those are the seven strategies conclusion right so it was great having you guys yeah I hope you got some value from that the next steps I would say is I find in business we tend to be quite lonely in our business environment it's you generally at home working from home it's you and your computer with copious amounts of coffee and we don't really connect when I started in my business which was in January this year I found the biggest thing I missed was a sense of community and a sense of belonging I wanted some way that I could go on a daily weekly basis we I could connect with other people and I could feel less lonely the most important thing was I also wanted to bounce ideas of people of like-minded business people who could then go yes try that see how that goes or you're not pushing yourself like you said you were and so interesting the other day I met up with one of the people that I met work with and she said to me you're not doing what you said you'd do I have stopped and I thought you know you're a hundred percent right I'm not doing what I said I'd do I need to be more deliberate about my focus and the way I'm going with my business so it's good that people actually call you out when you're not performing so I think it's important for us to be accountable to other people to have a group where we can come together where we can go yes let's do this let's actually have a community where we share our thoughts our dreams our visions where it is so closely connected that we know we're in a tribe of people who get us who actually understand us so what I'd like to introduce YouTube is the gravy hot club now the gravy hot club is coming from a very very hot st. in place for me the gravy hard club was actually founded in my mind it was actually founded in my heart first and then it's progressed to my mind of where I see us going as business entrepreneurs in the in the working environment so to give you a bit of advice about doing a bit of a background on the gravy hot club I was listening to a song the other day way back when when I first came up with this conception the group is in the heart groove is in the heart thing trust me it's very scary and I heard that song I thought oh that is such a good way of saying it because your groove is in your heart what you do and how you connect with everybody that's how you get your groove on let's how you you know to be groovy as such just to connect with people to him to be a groovy entrepreneurial such and then I I follow a woman on YouTube and she pops me emails and banana game and the email she sent me the second day or after I had my revelation of the the song as such was her saying that we should all be remembering to keep the groove in the heart and I just stops and I went wow when the universe speaks the universe speaks loud so when I got it from the song and then I got it again and a totally random email I had to put the two together and go hold on there's something here so the groovy heart club was founded it's a membership site that I've put together it's designed to bring people together I say I found that we need a community where we can get advice share ideas connect with people and been in business either longer than us where we can get ideas from and mentorship from oh we can learn from people who've done the journey because I mean you can either make your own mistakes which is fun or you can learn through someone else's mistakes and do it that way I mean isn't it so much better then making your own mistakes I mean if someone else has gone their journey and and there you go don't do this I've done that it didn't work and you go thanks for that I won't do that isn't it so much better than trying to feather miss out on our own so for me I hope I just thought the groovy hard Club was where it was about I have got a program within the group groovy hot club called p ^ 3 and it's to me it's a big thing i believe in three sides of a triangle the three blind mice the three three little pigs what are we there's these various threes is their strength in the in the three the strength in the triangle shape as well and i've covered three elements in this so p ^ three covers people processes and passion so from the people side it's big on how you deal with what once a deal how you learn to understand people in the workplace how you learn to understand your family better how you learn to understand their teenager that you live with so it's got a big emphasis on yourself finding out what makes you tick you're the different personalities are out there are out there the different the myers-briggs and all that we go into all of that quite in-depth so that you get to know yourself because i think we always try and fix other people and half the now 90% of the time the problem starts with us so we don't need to fix us we're not broken but they have elements of us that don't work well and once we understand what makes us tick what makes us who we actually are then we can go hold on how do I do this better so that's the people side of things the processes is the boring boring putting things together part it is what makes things work well in the business it's implementing cloud-based accounting software solutions what's the best best one to use it is ways of starting a business bank account who would I recommend how do you go about doing it how to register your business with companies has hard to connect and the A's with HMRC how to set up payroll it's all the boring stuff but you need to do it in business for your business to actually be compliant for lack of a better word and then also talks about making text digital and whether you need to be bed registered or not so that's all the process aside then the patient side is the part that really gets me it took me a long time for me to realize what my passion is and my passion is working with people and transforming their relationships because if you can take someone who's heading for it or is in a relationship that they're not happy and I can change the vent relationship and you have two people now working in synergy getting things done because now they've connected differently that to me is my biggest passion so I would absolutely love to see you guys inside the groovy hot club there will be a link going out offering you a membership it's going to be a beta launch so that you know I am still putting this together I am hoping to have a few people about ten people who want to be in the trial beta phase with me we will be rolling this out together I want to get advice from you I want to see what works in business from you I literally want to be building a site with your input and your hands-on so I want as much input from the community as possible in putting this together so as I say it is a beta launch there isn't much in it yet I have the vision of what I want to do I want to get as much input from the community so I can put it all together the other thing we have is with the graveyard Club I've got an exclusive community that we've set up that is only for people who register from a membership site and in that we get to dig deep into what's not working we get to be honest with each other we get to get to actually take off her gloves and go you need to up your game this is what you said you do we have one-on-one accountability and coaching within the group we have mentorship within the group we have a live coaching that I will do once a week I might do it more depending on how people feel with the group members within the group and it's covering everything from processes people in passion that you have a query with a concern with something you don't know how to do we're going to send it out to the group going how do we as a collective how do we take all our years of knowledge and experience in this group and come up with a solution and an answer so would be absolutely awesome to have you in the group I'm doing am the launch as I say it's a beta launch to the tin the first 10 people will get it at the reduced price thereafter it's going to be rolled out in a normal price all that will be sent out in the next with the pricing and everything I am really looking forward to seeing you guys on the inside and I'm hoping that your expertise will add to this and fuel it and turn it into something that is absolutely astounding of a community where people feel at home where they feel that they connect where they've got a base to go to when they're having a bad day and to let it all out and there's a support group that goes I got your back I'm there for you so last thing is by all means follow me on social media I would really love to connect with you I have a personal Facebook a group a personal personal Facebook account that's got all to do with my family you'll see posters pictures up on there of my family things that happen in my life the good the bad and the ugly then if you want to follow me on the business which is grow with vision with one w gr o w ith vision grow with vision that's the Facebook business I have the growth community which is open to everybody that is the business group we are talk to business people like mine and what they're going through Twitter account I'm on the gram LinkedIn websites I am going to have a look at my website as well and then if you do need to contact me personally please feel free to pop me an email it's Gayle dot Kruger at our cocom feel free to pop me an email I would really I'd love if there's anything that you're stuck with which you maybe don't want to send out in the community you want more one-on-one I do offer one-on-one coaching as well so if you do prefer to have one-on-one coaching you stuck with something maybe in your work environment that you don't know how to sort out or you're stuck with something in your business please by all means give me a shot and I will sit down we can schedule a time and we can do some one-on-one coaching we'll do it by a zoomkour so we can connect that way so yeah I'd love to connect with you it will be absolutely awesome to connect with you and see where you're at with your journey as well so thank you first of all yes I am grateful that you guys are here it's been really awesome I've I've had fun but I hope you learned Lots I hope there's a lot that you can implement into what you've actually doing in business that you can start doing now I hope that you can take this anger hold on I wasn't doing that how can I do that better and really I hope you'd consider the groovy hot club I think it's gonna be an awesome environment an absolutely amazing community for like-minded entrepreneurs whoo-hoo get that it's not just about business there's that balance and once we connect our hearts to our business it just takes off in leaps and bounds so yeah it was absolutely awesome seeing you guys really really amazing having you so I just like to say a big big thank you to all of you everybody thank you for being on this webinar you've made my Saturday absolutely awesome and I'll check to y'all soon keep well bye now bye bye
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