Central Park Five lead prosecutor steps down from role at Columbia Law School over fallout from Netf

Central Park Five lead prosecutor steps down from role at Columbia Law School over fallout from Netf
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    The lead prosecutor in th Central Park Five trial nnounced Wednesday she wo ld not return in her role as a part-time lecturer a Columbia Law School as s e, and other key figures rom the controversial cas , continue to face fallou after a recent Netflix m niseries. Elizabeth Lederer sent a etter to faculty and stud nts informing them she wo ld not renew her teaching application because of th negative attention she's received from the docuser es "'When They See Us," t e New York Post reported. "I've enjoyed my years te ching at CLS, and the opp rtunity it has given me t interact with the many f ne students who elected t take my classes," her le ter read. "However, given the nature of the recent ublicity generated by the Netflix portrayal of the entral Park case, it is b st for me not to renew my teaching application." AVA DUVERNAY'S CENTRAL PA K FIVE MINISERIES CALLED N 'OUTRIGHT FABRICATION' Y EX-PROSECUTOR LINDA FAI STEIN Lederer was the lead pros cutor in the case in whic five black and Latino te nagers were wrongfully co victed in the 1989 rape a d assault of a female jog er in Central Park. The f lm, directed by Ava DuVer ay, tells the story surro nding their wrongful conv ctions and life after the r exonerations. Elizabeth Lederer leaving court for lunch. July 08, 1990. (Photo by Thomas Gu rcio/New York Post Archiv s /(c) NYP Holdings, Inc. via Getty Images) The school's dean, Gillia Lester, said in a separa e letter that the film "r ignited a painful — and v tal — national conversati n about race, identity, a d criminal justice." "I am deeply committed to fostering a learning envi onment that furthers this important and ongoing dia ogue, one that draws upon the lived experiences of ll members of our communi y and actively confronts he most difficult issues f our time," Lester said, according to the Post. Lederer's departure follo s similar recent criticis directed at prosecutor L nda Fairstein, who was he d of Manhattan's sex crim s unit at the time of the case. In this March 26, 1988 fi e photo, prosecutor Linda Fairstein, left, is shown during a news conference n New York. Fairstein was the top Manhattan sex cri es prosecutor when five t enagers were wrongly char ed with the 1989 rape and beating of a woman joggin in New York's Central Pa k. Seated at the table fr m left are Fairstein, Dis rict Attorney Robert Morg nthau, and Ellen Levin, w ose daughter Jennifer Lev n was murdered in 1986. ( P Photo/Charles Wenzelber , File) Fairstein was dropped by er publisher last week fo lowing the release of the film, which spotlighted h r controversial interroga ion of the five suspects. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP She wrote an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal on Tu sday condemning her portr yal in the film which she slammed as "full of disto tions and falsehoods." "Ms. DuVernay's film attempts to portray me as an overzealous prosecutor and a bigot, the police a incompetent or worse, an the five suspects as inn cent of all charges again t them. None of this is t ue," she wrote. The Associated Press cont ibuted to this report.
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