Coastal Bend Food bank steps up to help Kingsville residents

Coastal Bend Food bank steps up to help Kingsville residents
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    HAVE BEEN OUT OF POWER ...THAT LED THEM TO THROW AWAY THEIR FOOD ...AND FOR MANY FAMILIES FEEDING THEIR CHILDREN BECAME A CHALLENGE. THE COASTAL BEND FOOD BANK NOTICED THIS PROBLEM AND STEPPED IN TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT. KRIS SIX NEWS REPORTER JEREMIAH MARSHALL TRAVELLED TO KINGSVILLE AND HAS MORE. PKG JEREMIAH REPORTER STANDUP JEREMIAH MARSHALL - JEREMIAH.MARSHALL@KRIS TV.COM the past few days here in Kingsville have been rough for many residents here as they deal with down trees and power outages but the Coastal Bend Food Bank is here to help. SOT RANDY ALLEN - RECEIVING FOOD it helps a whole lot, I appreciate it and I'm glad they came. NATS truck opening VO A LONG LINE OF VEHICLES SURROUNDED LOS HERMANOS FLORES PARK IN KINGSVILLE AS RESIDENTS WAITED PATIENTLY TO GRAB READY TO GO MEALS SO THEY CAN FEED THEIR LOVED ONES. SOT CLARISSA ALLEN - PICKING UP ITEMS FOR FAMILY oh it's going to help us out a lot we have two sets of twins and our electricity went out for almost 24 hours so you know we had to throw pretty much everything away NATS pallets lowering VO VOLUNTEERS WITH COASTAL BEND FOOD BANK HAD THEIR GAME PLAN... NATS cut these open, and we're going to give them 4. VO AND THE SCHORING HEAT WASN'T GOING TO STOP THESE VOLUNTEERS TO LODE TRUNK... NATS trunk closes VO AFTER TRUNK SOT SEVERO GARCIA - VOLUNTEER COASTAL BEND FOOD BANK I do it for the people I do it for my church so that's what I do I try to help the people out as much as I can. VO STAFF WITH THE COASTAL BEND FOOD BANK SHARE HOW THEY DID A MORNING DROP OFF AT A NEARBY CHURCH. HOWEVER THERE WERE MANY PEOPLE AT THE PARK WATING. SOT MELINDA JIMENEZ - PICKING UP FOOD and they say I guess there's no one coming so we left I mean we have been here for about two hours coming and going seeing 2 hours coming and going seeing what was going on. VO AND TO MAKE SURE THESE RESIDENTS AND THEIR FAMILIES WERE FED AS WELL ANOTHER TRUCK FILLED WITH ABOUT TEN PALLETS OF FOOD WERE DISTRIBUTED. STAFF SAY...THE FACT THAT THEY WERE ABLE TO DELIVER TWO TRUCKS IN ONE DAY... NATS truck unloaded VO WAS PURE GRACE. SOT AMADO AGUILAR - AGENCY MANAGER COASTAL BEND FOOD BANK its a double blessing for Kingsville, now we're able to actually distribute two loads instead of one. VO JEREMIAH MARSHALL KRIS 6 NEWS. NI
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