How to make Chicken mandi(Madbi briyani at home?easy steps/அரபு நாட்டு மந்திபிரியாணி செய்வது எப்படி?

How to make Chicken mandi(Madbi briyani at home?easy steps/அரபு நாட்டு மந்திபிரியாணி செய்வது எப்படி?
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     2 table spoon mandi masala 1/2 table spoon turmeric powder 1 table spoon chilly powder Salt as required Keep some mandi masala to mix in briyani 1 full lemon juice Mix well Deep cut the chicken and apply masala Marinate for 2 hours After 2 hours Apply oil over chicken Heat idly cooker and apply oil on the plate Place all the chicken pieces Chicken should cooked in steam Close and leave it for 20 mins After 15 mins Chicken cooked well But turn it around to cook fully Close and leave it for 5 mins Chopped ginger Chopped Garlic Dry ginger powder - 1/4 table spoon Mandi masala Add dry lemon After 5 mins Switch OFFthe stove Take the chicken out Use this water while making briyani Fry the chicken in a pan Let it fry until becoming dark brown (Tandoori) Add required of water for briyani 2 cup of water per cup of rice *we missed to add chicken steamed water and added at later stage. not captured in video Salt as required chicken become brownish on both sides Chicken is ready Water started boiling Add rice Let the stove flame at max Close it for 10 mins After 10 mins Mix well Maintain stove flame at low close the lid for 5 mins After 5 mins
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