Pres. Moon calls on N. Korea to make practical steps for denuclearization

Pres. Moon calls on N. Korea to make practical steps for denuclearization
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    And staying with President Moon Jae-in's speech to the Swedish parliament,... we now take a quick recap on the main points he made. The president says North Korea' practical steps for denuclearization are needed to speed up the denuclearization process. And he also pressed that it is important to hold regular talks between the parties involved. We go live to our Shin Se-min in Sweden, travelling with the president. Se-min, the president today urged North Korea to do more,… something we've seen in the past couple of days during the president's overseas trip to Northern Europe,… tell us more. A lot to digest,… but overall,... President Moon Jae-in's address at the Swedish parliament seemed as if he was sending another message to North Korea's Kim Jong-un. First, moments ago, the South Korean leader, addressing Sweden's parliament today, called on the regime to demonstrate its willpower for complete denuclearization through practical measures. "North Korea should practically prove to the global society its willingness for complete denuclearization and the establishment of a peace regime. Until it earns the trust of the international society, it should continue bilateral and multi-lateral dialogue with the global community." And one way to prove to the world,... President Moon said,... is by fulfilling the promises of inter-Korean cooperation made by the two Koreas. Moon called on Pyeongyang to meet half way in accelerating the deals signed by the two sides during their summit last year at the border village of Panmunjeom. President Moon said when the regime renews trust,... the world will then respond with the assurance of sanctions relief and even a security guarantee. And he also pointed to the importance of holding talks,... whether they be bilateral or multi-lateral,... alluding that the absence of official summit meetings isn't helpful in resolving the denuclearization process. And if you recall a back a of couple days,... throughout his trip to Northern Europe this week, President Moon repeatedly sent out messages to the major parties of the nuclear talks. For one he called on Kim Jong-un to make up his mind on holding what would be the fourth inter-Korean summit, and even called for talks between U.S. President Trump and Kim,... saying the prolonged absence of official talks isn't desirable. So certainly this week has been a game changer in that the nuclear talks that had hit an impasse since the fallout of the Hanoi summit may now see some progress after all, especially with the diplomacy charged week of the G20 summit coming up at the end of this month. Back to you in the studio.
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