Scholars | Next Steps – 2019

Scholars | Next Steps – 2019
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    (upbeat music) - Hi, I'm Ashley from the Career Center. Congratulations on being accepted into Scholars! We're excited to have you on the program. After watching this short video, you should have all the information you need to complete your next steps. As an official Scholars participant, you've been added to the program Moodle site, where you'll have access to all the materials you need for the program. Check this site weekly to complete your assignments and for any program updates. And when in doubt, reach out. If you have any questions along the way, please contact us. Let's discuss the career readiness component, or program assignments in more detail. The career readiness component begins week six. This week, we ask that you complete the orientation videos and forms necessary to participate in the program. I'll explain the forms in greater detail shortly. Week seven, you'll be asked to upload your resume, which can be the same resume you used to apply for the program, unless you received feedback from us asking you to make some revisions. In those cases, we'd like to see the updated version. This is important because we share your resume with the site visit hosts so they can learn about you. We also ask that you create or update your Carleton student profile. Week eight, we'd like you to create or update your LinkedIn profile. We ask you to update your student profile and LinkedIn profile because these tools allow you to stay connected with alumni you meet during the program, as well as continue refining your online presence. Week nine, we'd like you to draft a concise networking email you'd send to an alum. This practice will ensure you have the professional language to use when you reach out to alumni via email. Week 10, we would like you to create a short elevator speech, or introduction about yourself to share with alumni when first meeting them during the program. These short assignments are due each Friday. After you turn in each one, you will receive individualized feedback from a Career Center staff member. These assignments have been selected intentionally to help you develop the skills you need not only during the Scholars program, but also in the future. Please take the assignments seriously; it's to your benefit to do so! After the on-campus symposium and site visits, you'll be asked to reflect on your experiences. We'd like you to complete a brief post-trip survey to identify what you learned from the program and to hear your feedback about the program. We'll also ask you to come up with five career next steps for yourself. For example, you might decide, I will participate in one 30 Minutes session spring term. Or, I will identify and apply to three graduate schools by September 1st. And, we'd like you to complete a one to two-page reflection paper addressing the prompts listed on Moodle. These short reflection assignments are due by the end of spring break. Now let's talk a bit more about the program forms you need to complete to participate in the program. All of these forms and links are available on Moodle. First, complete the pre-trip survey. This will allow us to learn more about you and your experiences with this career area so far. Carleton requires all students who participate in off-campus programming to complete a liability waiver. Please sign and upload your waiver to Moodle as a PDF. You will be staying on campus during the program, so you'll also need to complete a housing form. Please note: we will cover the cost of your stay through the night of the last site visit. However, if you choose to stay on campus after the program has ended, you will be responsible for that cost. Next, please complete a short program logistics form, which asks for your emergency contact and dietary preferences. Finally, you have the option to request personalized business cards to use during the on-campus symposium and site visits. If this is of interest to you, please complete the online request form. We'll provide you with your business cards at the on-campus symposium. The on-campus symposium is a mandatory all-day event. It features an industry alumni keynote speaker, time to hone your resume and networking skills with Career Center staff, and an opportunity to conduct organizational research so you'll be prepared during the site visits. Please rest up the night before and be prepared to spend the whole day with us. Site visits are possible thanks to the hard work and dedication of Carleton alumni and others who care about you and your learning. The site visits are the best way to learn about some of the many career paths available within your field of interest. During the visits, please be fully engaged and curious; ask a lot of questions and participate fully. This will allow you to make the most of the experience. The alumni networking event is a fantastic opportunity to practice meeting and talking with alumni. After the on-campus symposium, you will be well-prepared to introduce yourself, ask questions, and learn from alumni. This is always an enjoyable event. If you have questions, we're here to help. Please send us an email, give us a call, drop in to meet with a student career assistant or make an appointment with a Career Center staff member. (upbeat music)
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