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    Hello everyone and welcome back to transformation Tuesday readings from ubud in Bali I'm coming to you from who would the hope the co-working space here in Bali so you can probably hear a few motorbikes behind in The background its Ground Zero here. It's amazing. There's war Texas of energy. There's opportunity. There's there's Wild crazy driving this beautiful scenery. There's amazing energy there is Incredible business opportunity as entrepreneurs go getters heal as all sorts of people in this in this beautiful city And it's a pleasure to be here and tonight's a g'day Mike good to have you here tonight's episode is all about Me sharing with you some of the personal practices that I have developed for my own personal life that I personally use on a daily basis that I think make a massive difference to Your level of conscious awareness To your level of presence to yourself to your own beingness to your thinking to your feeling Good to have you Mike. Thank you brother. I feel like I'm glowing This is a very special place being here in in abuddin Valley So yeah This this episode is all about the practices that I personally use and that I definitely highly recommend You start integrate these and infuse these in your daily life and the reason why daily practices are really important is because What it does is it cultivates a habit of it? Well, it turns it turns it our performance It turns our beingness into a habit. So Once we start integrating habits at an unconscious level we no longer have to try or consciously direct our attention to be that because we just it's infused inside of us It has become us and the more of these daily habits that we can practice The more we can integrate them the more about beingness just radiates from us without us having to place energy or attention on those So it's cultivating habits of consciousness. That's what tonight's episode is all about. Hey, Dora. Hey Maria good to have you here The first Conscious practice that I want to share with you is a practice that I've just recently been doing and it's this It is setting a timer on your phone and it could be any amount after any amount of time But I've picked five minutes and it's just being present to your environment now I've got a beautiful villa here in ubud and I've got a pool and I've got an infinity pool I've got this beautiful garden and I've been doing this practice in my garden and I just sit there for five minutes I set the timer and I just sit and my intent my sole intention for that whole five minutes Is just to be present needs to be appreciative. It's to sit in gratitude and wonder of wow, I'm alive I got given another day. Look at all this beautiful nature. Look at these amazing opportunities. It is really just placing all your attention on Appreciation for five whole minutes. So it's a form of meditation which is solely directed around appreciation and gratitude And it's powerful and you'll notice that your mind will want to drift off. But what about this? I've got to go and pick the kids up from school or I've got us in this email. I've got to do this notice your your mind wanting to do other things and this is a great practice because it brings to your awareness all the my new little beautiful details in your life and this could be Bringing your awareness and gratitude to the fact that you have feet. All right, I had a little bit of an accident the other day on my motorbike and I grazed my foot and It just brought to my awareness. I've been kind of hobbling a little bit and it brought to my awareness Just how much for granted I took like the use of my foot So just recently I've just been looking at my feet and going. Thank you guys. Thank you for thank you for walking me Thank you for doing your thing. Thank you for just constantly just being there to support me And so this is an example of where it doesn't have to be your foot It could be a tree that's producing oxygen. It could be the water that you drink. It's just everything in your environment It's just creating a state of gratitude and appreciation for everything in your environment so this is an appreciation meditation and Try it out when you do this every single day for no other reason than just to do it because it feels good it cultivates a broader happy of Just acknowledging things and being grateful for anything in the moment like just being grateful for now for the fact that we have the Internet The fact that we're able to communicate like this and they're able to connect with each other and learn from each other This is bliss. Let's have gratitude an appreciation for this right now. So I'm in appreciation right now Now you can bring that you can bring forward that level of presence and awareness to everything in your day and all of a sudden Your life is transformed because instead of seeing the challenges or the suffering or I have to do this I need to do this. It adds a it adds a layer a whole new layer of Just bliss and just gratitude and just goodness. So Just recognize the amazing ability that that brings it's fantastic the next element is And I've shared this with you before and I've done my daily rituals, but the next element here is your first waking thought Your first waking thought is a powerful practice that brings your awareness what is The first thought that's entering my awareness as I'm waking up and I would highly recommend starting to become aware of the first waking thought because for a lot of people their first waking thought is Like I don't really want to go to work today What have I going to do for some people? It can be a stressful thought and the interesting thing around that first waking thought is if you wake up Unconsciously not knowing what your first waking thought is Well, you're going to be at a significant disadvantage. You're going to be in a negative statement straight from the get-go. So This is a really important concept to really understand is becoming aware of your first waking thought loss the first bit of information What's the first? Intention that's entering your mind as you're waking And I'd love to know if any of you guys could just share with me whether or not I'm still coming through to you guys on the broadcast because I Just it's telling me we've got a poor network connection. I'm assuming we're all still going live. I'm assuming you guys Assume you guys can still hear me Would you by wanna carry one of you guys would you better just let me know if you guys can still keep me? Okay? So that was the first waking thought The next element is Infusing a series of daily alarms on your phone or whatever device you carry with you throughout your day By setting up a series of alarms on your phone What you are doing is you're actually reminding yourself of anything that you're likely to forget. Thanks, Mike You're reminding yourself of Things like being present being loving being appreciative You're reminding yourself of to breathe. You can might be remind yourself to drink water Having alarms on your phone is a great way to remind you to be conscious of the things that sometimes as a human It's easy to forget So whatever you have the tendency of forgetting. Maybe it's to love yourself or to maybe have a level of appreciation Joy, bliss gratitude to breathe more to drink more to stretch to move whatever you need reminders of It's a powerful structure to infuse inside your day to make sure that those things get attended to You could rely on those things. You could have rely on your memory to attend to those things or you could facilitate your memory to jog your memory with the whole series of reminders now whether you use post-it notes signs around your house Sticky notes or an alarm on your phone It doesn't really matter you're designing a structure to remind yourself of what? You want to be present to and they can change every single day they can change every hour That is a system that you would want to design to support you to remember the things that you're inclined to forget. I Remind myself to bless myself to love myself to stay connected to be grateful to Remind myself to breathe whenever you breathe and this is a powerful awareness is whenever you breathe whenever you connect to your breathing You get taken out of the mind you get taken back into your body you get taken back into a deeper level of experience so whenever you're conscious of your breath, I Just be aware of your breath right now take a big deep breath in right now I Now breathe out all of a sudden you've just brought awareness back to you You've just scented yourself. You've grounded yourself That's a powerful little practice and it's something that everyone knows how to do it. Everyone knows how to breathe So just a reminder of connecting our breath with a sense of groundedness in a sense of centeredness That is a really powerful for conscious practice Another practice I recommend is before you eat any meal or before you drink any water you actually? bless Your meal you bless your food your bless your water. Now. What does that mean? Well, you're actually transmitting positive energy. You are acknowledging The the impact that that food or that nourishment is having on your body It's setting an intention for what you want to extract out of that meal out of that food but also then acknowledging it from a perspective of appreciation and gratitude so feeling good being conscious of what you're about to eat and also transmitting some positive energy into that and What they've actually found is they've actually found that when you actually bless water There was actually a study that was done on on this was when you sent intention when you bless water the actual Structure of the water at the deepest crystalline molecular structure at that level. It actually changes its structure to Incredibly beautiful patterns. So what you will realize is we all know that everything is energy we all are energy but intention emotion that is energy that gets transformed and it can get Transferred into everything so bless your water bless your food bless the people in your life just its imagine that you're sending Invisible packets of energy of positive vibes to people that's what this is about And it's a feel-good practice and even if you don't believe it, even if you don't believe that that energy is being transmitted Well, it's still happening regardless of whether you believe it or not. So recognize that by blessing people and blessing things Hey Ross, good to have you remember by just doing that plaque practice of blessing? That in itself is a highly conscious practice that brings back your awareness to the present moment, and it's a feel-good It's it feels really really good Another practice I recommend is just randomly smiling at strangers like just as you're walking down the street This is one of my favorite things and it's particularly fun here in Bali as I'm driving around on my motorbike is I'll just give people a nod and smile at them and just look at them and give him a bit of a bit of a grin and You're like you can light someone's day up just by giving them a bit of a smile No, not everyone is gonna smile back at you. Some people have got stuff going on. Some people are sad Some people are just in their own world and they might think you're weird or they might appreciate it So get into the habit of it doesn't matter whether someone smiles back at you have a philosophy I recommend having a philosophy of being the one that's always the first to smile Be the one who smiles first That's my philosophy in life is I'm always just gonna keep smiling even when no one else smiles back Why because it makes you feel good Why because it's just a nice great fantastic thing to do and when you cult when you carve out a habit of smiling at people Well, I just naturally intend to walk around the street. Just making eye contact with it. We're just smiling at them just acknowledging them and Sunday we'll might think that's weird. Some people won't think that's crazy. I think it's kind of cool I think it's maybe it's a little bit quirky, but I think it's a loving thing to do So again, just another practice of conscious another conscious habit that helps you connect with people that helps you Activate a level of joy and appreciation Saying hello to strangers as well just randomly walking along and saying hi to people that's another great one. It's a practice. It's a habit And as you're doing this, I also recommend for anyone in a career here anyone in business anyone in life That whenever you're about to connect with someone whether you're gonna have to call them on a fire whether you about to have a video Conference with them about to have a meeting actually send them positive energy. Send the energy to that person. You're about to meet with of The positive intention you want to create for that conversation? So for example if you're in sales, or if you're about to go in for a business meeting, you know You're about to have a conversation with a client or your boss or someone Well send them positive vibes create an intention for what is it that you want them to experience? What's the the best outcome you want for both of you in that relationship and set that intention and send that energy? To that exchange to have a relationship with that person With that energy and with that intention in mind So send it to them before you pick up the phone Bless the person on the end of the phone before you pick up the phone before you send an email Bless the person on the end that you are sending an email to get into the habit of Transferring this conscious energy around the place and you'll start to notice Regardless of whether or not you believe it it starts to become true. It starts to become your reality You'll start to notice like I do this all the time now I'm sending energy all around I'm sending I'm connecting energetically to you now and For some people might sound a bit we work but we know from quantum physics that your energetic field can be measured we know you can actually Detect your electromagnetic energetic signature from around the body. They've done Studies on us They can actually sense the energy from the body being transmitted. So Practices and disciplines like Reiki and all sorts of different modalities of energy healing there is energy traveling all around this Reality at the speed of what the speed of light and maybe beyond So realize that this is this phenomenon is happening and if you're not tapping into a well, you're perhaps missing out on a one of the deepest most powerful elements of Experience that you could be experiencing So try it out and see what you can discover Another powerful conscious habit that I really love is just Just acknowledging people and complimenting people when you actually meet them now It doesn't have to be it's not blowing smoke up. Someone's ass as we say it's genuinely acknowledging someone in what they're good at on what you like about that person and it's doing it for no other reason than just to make them feel good and It's not doing it for the sake of people pleasing or wanting to get a plaque on the wall or wanting to say that you walked away and That that person now likes you so you're not doing it to be light You're just doing it because it feels good for you and it's going to feel good for them So a lot of these practices you're just doing it because it makes you feel good but it's also bringing awareness and presence to you and how you operate you and your Habits and your attitudes around just how you're interacting with people and yourself in life so Just get into the habit of acknowledging people Just sending people random text messages or giving someone a call and just saying hey, I just wanted to share with you I really appreciate this about you. It might be a skill a skill set. They've got all particularly experience or knowledge They've got just share that with them and just say hey I really value you and my friendship and I just wanted to express I just wanted to let you know that I think you're really Good at X Y and Zed and that's all Lots of love so get into the habit of just sharing Because it feels good powerful habit to get into Another powerful conscious practice is whenever you greet someone Now when you shake their hand or whether you hug them I generally prefer to kind of hug people these days just because it's just my thing These days is just avoid some more of an intimate connected exchange, but whenever you're connecting with someone Actually also as you're connecting with them imagine that there's a this is what I do imagine There's a an actual a golden straight stream of energy connecting your heart with their heart So when actually connecting with someone or shaking ahead or give them a hug? Imagine there's this invisible force that's actually connecting both of your hearts Now this doesn't matter whether you're connecting with someone and shaking their hand or give you the mahogany you were Doing a presentation or public speaking imagine that that invisible bead of energy that It's like a golden band of energy that's connecting your heart to their heart. It could be going around the whole entire room Connecting everyone's hearts. Just imagine that connection just feel into it and again, it creates a very special sense of connection and closeness and Again this is all done with intention. This was all done with awareness in mind. So You can do this Also when you're walking into a new venue or a new room as you walk through a doorway You imagine this almost walking through an energetic force field and you now become Whatever. The intention is you want to set for the the person you are entering that room and it might be you want to have Greater amount of energy or enthusiasm or presence or love whatever it happens to be You can set an intention as you walk through a door, which is another little ritual to remind yourself Okay, who do I want to be now? What's my being what beingness do I want to? project into the world so That's an a little hack that I use before. I walk into any room and particularly when I run events and seminars That's something that I do is I actually I will consecrate the space energetically before I do a presentation I'll actually walk into that room and I'll actually set an intention to actually create some energy in that room before I get in that room and It it's me consciously choosing what experience am I wanting to manifest it? What am I wanting to create? And again, this is embracing our role as a creator We are all the creators of our life and we can either correct with intention or without intention you can create unconsciously or you can create consciously this whole episode is on how to create your life consciously by Having all of these attitudes these philosophies and tools you start to infuse consciousness throughout your day from the moment you waiter them Um you go to bed That's In a nutshell they're the ones that I wanted to share with you that are really really simple inelegant There's obviously a whole lot of other practices like meditation I've got a whole lot of deeper style meditations and things like soil connections Which are a far deeper energetic practice which require training and skill set which are teaching the higher programs that I run But these are some really really simple elements that most of you already probably know about and if you don't know about them They're really easy to implement. So this really comes down to When you actually become conscious of these little things and when you start to infuse them throughout your day You naturally become more conscious you naturally become more aware of how you're holding yourself what energy you are projecting into your reality and another key consideration here is When you're interacting with people What energetic signature do you want to rub off on them? What impact you want to make on other people because you've got to be aware that your energy is actually impacting someone else Now whether you're aware of it or not the the degree of The amount of smile that you project the amount of positive energy that you hold in your body language your posture Whether you genuinely ask someone how they're doing or whether you just go through the motions Because it's a polite thing to do It all makes a difference in terms of how you're going to engage with and interact with the world so bring to awareness a lot of these practices and see how you can infuse these throughout your day and Start to implement these and start to infuse these so you can carve out a habit by doing a lot of these They take a little bit of time to infuse but after a while you start to do them more and more Automatically and I highly recommend that you create a list of these conscious practices a list of these things you can regularly review and go through and so you know if how well you actually Implementing these how many of these you're actually doing and then you can set reminders on your phone You can set daily reminders hourly reminders weekly reminders to make sure you attend to all these various elements of Enhancing your consciousness of being more present to yourself so those are the main ones that I recommend starting with and I'm going to be sharing a lot more of these with you guys as we go through the journey So this is all I wanted to share with you for tonight's episode and I wish you guys all the best in applying these Infusing these throughout your day and as always it's been a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with you all I love you all very dearly and I look forward to connecting again with you next Tuesday for another episode of transformation Tuesday until Then for those of you that haven't already followed me on instagram i'm on instagram at Chris Jackson coaching I'm also obviously here on Facebook And I'm also on YouTube and I also have a channel on ITunes as well. So for those that are interested in Further study further development, please. Check out my website We've got the new project limitless being launched very soon. This isn't going to be a new and improved Transformational online program for those that are looking for the next level of personal development. You're going to love this experience Anyway, guys, I'm gonna leave it there for tonight Have you enjoyed the episode as always lots of love and I'll see you again next week? Bye for now
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