The 7 Steps to CPR: Proper Procedure from Las Vegas CPR School

The 7 Steps to CPR: Proper Procedure from Las Vegas CPR School
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    The first step when approaching an emergency scene is make sure the scene is clear. No exposed electrical wires, weapons like guns or something, or chemicals in the air. You just want to make sure the scene is clear, so you as a CPR person isn't injured. Tap the victim shoulder and shout out to see if they're unconscious -- to make sure that they're actually unconscious and not breathing. You're shouting and you're your tapping the victim shoulder to verify that they are completely unconscious. If no response, yell for help. Send one bystander to call an ambulance, send another bystander to get an AED. Use an automated external defibrillator. It analyzes a person's heart rhythm, then gives an electrical shock to restore the heart beat. It will not deliver a shock if the victim does not need one. Scan for breathing. Scanning for breathing is listening -- putting your ear to the person's nose and mouth area and listing for breaths or to scan the person's chest to see if it's rising. Okay. The first thing you do is start chest compressions. Your elbows are locked. Interlock your fingers, place your hands on the center of the chest. And compress the chest down 2 inches 30 times. 100 to 120 compressions per minute. After 5 cycles, you want to have somebody else take over CPR. After the compressions,Will you first open the airway. You tilt the head back and lift the chin to open the airway. Pinch the nose, inhale a regular size breath, give to rescue breaths for one second each, and then immediately resume compressions. You should continue CPR on a victim until help arrives. And if you get tired, then you should change CPR people every 5 cycles. As soon as they get there, let the emergency people take over.
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