UTAU as explained by Kaori except Lat steps in and Kao flexes her nonUTAU voice

UTAU as explained by Kaori except Lat steps in and Kao flexes her nonUTAU voice
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    Woo! Chirp, chirp, it's your neighborhood tori! I'm making this video and I'm bored with my life! Why? Because I HAVE NO FRIENDS- [Someone's calling Kaori on her phone. It's probably Riku.] Hang on. Anyways!! There are more than likely people who are new to the channel, and you areeee more than likely to notice that can his channel's full of vocal covers! But wait... They're not human vocals... Thaaat's right! ★ Everyone on this channel ain't really human! We're artificial intelligences! (A.I.) Something along those lines, actually... You see, for those who aren't familiar with the program, the people you see on this channel sing on a program called UTAU! Oh, and I'm pretty sure with each passing day there's more and more vocals being made for the program because J U S T A N Y O N E C A N M A K E T H E M Which may mean I'm not as unique as I'd think... Oh, what the parallel lines that makes me feel less confident about myself... But, anyways... I just so happen to be the personification of one of the many programs that are compatible with the program! ...Wait... (Kao, are you okay? Do you still need that proper English patch for UTAU???) I-I'm actually kind of drifting from what I should be explaining first... (Yes, real smart. Switch the topic before they notice.) I could be explaining this wrong, because hey... I'm just a vocal within a program, but UTAU is a shareware program for people that are too broke to afford Vocaloid- I mean for, uhm... musical enthusiasts! You just enter a syllable, put it on a note, and then bam! The selected vocal sings! Okay just to save our brain cells here, just think of a text-to-speech. It's not as simple, but it's similar to it... I guess. ⋆⋆But III'M SPESHEWL~!! I HAVE A VOICE INSIDE AND OUTSIDE THE PROGRAM!⋆⋆ LET ME DREAM!! Here, I'm just gonna open up the program itself to save ourselves the pain and time of getting all of this recorded. Lat: HEY, STOP TRYING TO BREAK THE FOURTH WALL! Kaori: And stop trying to wiggle your way into my videos! You're not even supposed to be here! Lat: As your- Kao: AAAAAAAAAA Lat: I have the right to barge in whenever I want! Kao: And by crashing into my videos, you're consuming energy by having to- Lat: DEEEEHH Kari: -everything in this video! Lat: Good point. I'm outta here. Kao: You better be... Anyways, this is the program! I had to use a purple screen so my color doesn't get drained. Good thing the interface was edited... I'm just gonna- Lat: How are you talking if the program is open? Wouldn't that mean your voice just switched modes and you shouldn't be talking? [Insert Kaori's realization] [Kaori is yeeted back into the program] Lat: Neat! Hey, bear with me for a bit. Kinda had to kick out Kao for a bit because she's in the program right now! No, I'm not doing a face reveal. Here, let's just get on with it. This is UTAU! As Kao said earlier, this is the program she originated from... Welp, under a different name at least... Let me just put it short: You can pretty much make her sing and say anything. Kaori: [In UTAU voice] Hey, this is boring...! Lat: Aww, well you're just gonna have to wait. Sorry for just taking your position so suddenly. Honestly, why'd you even insist on using- Kao: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Lat: -another mode? Lat: Okay but with that out of the way, she might sound a bit different whenever she sings within the program. Like this! [UTAU Kaori sings] Kaori: Huh? Wait a minute... Kaori: Doesn't that mean I can also sing with my speaking voice?? Lat: Y'know what? Try it, I dare you. Try it on your own. Kaori: Hey, here it is! Please take a listen! [Remove the captions to see Lat's disappointment via subtitles] Kaori: H-Huh..? Lat: And this is why I should be there to help you, but NOPE! You insisted on doing it yourself! Kaori: I'm so sorry... Please help me. Lat: No. Kaori: Please...? ...Latte? Lat: Fine. Lat: And with my help, it probably sounds much better. Uh... Here. [Insert Saltori] Lat: What? Don't wanna use your UTAU voice anymore? [More Kaosalt] Lat: Are you seriously... [sigh] Fine, I'll let you switch back. Kaori: FINALLY! OH MAN, OH MAN, OH MAN I'LL NEVER TAKE THIS VOICE GRANTED EVER AGAIN! Lat: You really shouldn't. Not every UTAU has an opportunity to have a voice like that. Kao: Of course, of course... Can we show the audio, already??? Lat: sssureeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... [Finally, it isn't botched.] While you're reading this, please go ahead and support Yunosuke he makes really nice songs -Lat Kao: EEEEYUP! I SOUND MUCH BETTER HERE! More expression, more fluidity, more- Lat: Hey calm down, Buttercup. Having a voice outside of the synthesizer has its limits. Don't get too excited. Kao: ......Ugh, I think I hate you. But hey! If you guys wanna see a full cover with my non-synthesizer voice, don't hesitate to comment! ...Please, I really wanna use it... Latte: And... I don't... Because... I have too much videos to edit... Drawings to make... Um... Stories to write... Lives to ruin- I mean... more work........ [Lat.exe has stopped working] If you do... ...Use your voice, that is! Kao: Latte, please shut up the viewers are getting confused as to who speaks... Lat: Fiiiine... BEGONE, LAT! Kao: ...Well, that was something. But hey, hey, hey! Now you know where I'm actually from, and the difference between my speaking and singing voices! Uh... We haven't announced it yet, but these voices have names... They're called MODE_UTA and MODE_SP. Personally though, for English speakers, you guys can call it "MODE_SING" and "MODE_SPEAK" instead... "MODE_SP" was just the product of pure laziness and whatnot, since my managers didn't want to constantly make me speak within the program only to have no one understand what I'm saying. AHAGH- L A T T E , I ' M L O O K I N G A T Y O U . :) Now, before this video gets nonsensical... We should totally end it here, so that's it! Don't forget to comment if you wanna see an actual cover with MODE_SP, since we're guaranteeing a post with MODE_SING! So, that's all! See you on the next video~★
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