4 steps to make your ads get sales - J.R. Fisher

4 steps to make your ads get sales - J.R. Fisher
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    hey guys JR Fisher here wanted to jump on real quick and help you with your ads a lot of people are saying that their ads are not working nothing could be further from the truth there's only four things only four things I'd like to go through those if you don't mind we're gonna drive a little bit cuz I gotta run a couple errands while I'm doing this but for things to make your ads work see we over complicate this a lot of times the ads are not as complicated as you would think they are because there's only four components and actually less if you combine your sales with your opt-in so let's let's take a look at it first let's say that you want to get leads so you run an ad for an opt-in now maybe this opt-in is for a download you know there's seven steps to whatever lose weight run fast or play baseball better or whatever the heck it is but you've got an opt-in okay so that's the first part and that's number one so you know if you're let's say you're running this ad to get people to opt-in and once you get their name you send them a sales letter and once they get the sales letter they click and they get your sales page and then hopefully they buy something from you okay so let's say that you're set up so the first stage is that opt-in okay so if you're running an ad and it's reaching people and you know you'll see in your facebook ads you know what the reach is you know how many people are actually seeing it and if it's reaching people and they're not clicking on it that's where it's broke that's it it's really that simple okay so if you run an ad and nobody clicks on it yeah the ads not working because nobody's clicking right they don't they don't want your opt-in they don't want your offer they don't like what you said the image is bad one of those elements you've got to change now what a lot of people do excuse me one second got to get here in traffic what a lot of people do is they will run one ad and go gee it didn't work and that's not really what you should do what you should do is run multiple ads okay now you can either run it inside one ad set where you have a whole bunch of different images in the same text or you can run a whole bunch of different ones you know where you have different texts different images you can do whatever you won but the point is you're gonna have to run about ten or twelve of these because here's here's the real truth yeah the majority of these ads are not going to work probably about eighty percent and if you're only running one or two ads your odds have ever figured out are not very good so what you're gonna do is this ad you're only gonna run it for $5.00 a day okay and if you run five dollars a day for your ad said you can put several ads in there that that five dollars can be spread out among several ads and you can figure out which one they're clicking on now once they get to the point where they're clicking they're gonna go to an opt-in page where they're gonna opt-in for whatever your offer is and when they get to that page the next question is and this is number two are they opting in in other words are they giving you their email and are they clicking the button there to opt in and download whatever you're offering them now if they're not that's where it's broken okay so that's step two you've got your sale you excuse me you got your hand for ties but then you got your opt-in page and if they're not opting in then that's where it's broken so on that opt-in page you got to look at stuff does that opt-in page look like the ad you know if it's if it's vastly different from what the ad looks like it's got different images and different texts most people are not gonna opt in it has to be congruent it has to look like the same thing that the ad did and it has to pretty much say the same thing at the end because think about it if you're if you're saying you know opt-in for seven ways to lose 30 pounds this month and when they get to the page it's a page about 7 different exercises for you know your abs don't match so you're probably not gonna get up to well let's let's assume you do let's assume you've run an ad and people see your ad and they click on it and they get to your opt-in page and they opt-in great you're through the second step okay now at this point you could send them to a sales page and you could skip this next step but I'm gonna I'm gonna put an extra step in there because I noticed some of you guys are doing this and I don't personally like to do it I like to go right to the sales page after they opt-in but some people are sending them an email afterwards okay that's why if you want to send them an email what's gonna happen is they see your ad they click on your ad they go to the opt-in page to give up their email and then it automatically sends them an email and makes them an offer you know hey you you opted in for seven ways to lose weight in 30 days here is an exercise program click here and you can go to this page and I want to tell you about this great exercise program now when they get to this particular page it's gonna make them an offer you know it's gonna be nineteen dollars or forty seven dollars or 90s and whatever it is on this page this is the fourth step okay so you've got the ad you got the opt-in you got the email or they click it on the email it's another thing to write on the third stage or they even click it on your email to see the sales page if they're not clicking in that email that's where it's broken okay so it can be broken on the ad it can be broken on the opt-in it can be broken on the email now if they are clicking and they are opting in and you're sending them an email and they are clicking on that email and they are going to the sales page and they don't buy guess what now you know what's broken it would be that sales page something is not congruent between that sales page and that email that you just set them okay so there's basic only four steps you got your ad are they clicking on it you got your opt-in are they opting in you got your email you know are they opening your email and are they clicking on it and then your last stage is your sales page and are they you know converting are they buying whatever you've got to offer if you go through this exercise I can promise you it's one of those four things it always is that's all I can be and if you keep testing and you figure out what stage you know they're there they're falling out of that funnel you can fix it it's really that simple it's not it's not as complicated as you think everybody wants to make this like super complicated and it's just not so I hope that helps you out four stages four steps to successful ads if you do those four things guess what you're going to be successful now I also have put in the description a link to my inner circle great group of people we actually start you off with free training and software you get forty six thousand three hundred eighty two dollars worth of free training in the software in there I think my screens messing up excuse me and you pay a small monthly fee a month you get access to all very good Exorcist ooh my inner circle Facebook group you get coaching calls you get all kinds of stuff you get me I'll actually look at some of your ads some of your landing pages your web pages all that good stuff help you out you can actually send me that stuff and I'll help you out with it all you got to do is join the inner circle okay I've also put a link in there if you're having trouble finding products to sell I have my book in there you can click through a man the books like five dollars and sixty cents it's really cheap but it will show you how to find really profitable products to sell online and then the last link I put in there is to my youtube channel just a bunch of free videos free stuff freeze good right you can go there you can watch some my videos if you like this video do me a favor click on it and click like don't forget to click like share this video put your comments below and I No you know have you been running ads what's going on with your ads you know your ads working what did you figure out their work - what didn't work but those comments below I'd love to see them if you have a question whether you're watching this live or whether or not you know you're seeing it a week or two later a month later if you put your comments in their Facebook will notify me and I'll come back and I'll answer those comments for you so I really appreciate you watching I got to get off to the store just left the gym so kind of grubby right now so kind of sweaty from the gym but got to run a couple errands and stay tuned because later on this afternoon I'm doing a live video front buy office but it provides a really cool training that I think you'll like so you'll want to check that out I'll talk to you real soon guys hey thanks for watching my video
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