5 simple steps to defeating the Deerclops

5 simple steps to defeating the Deerclops
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    hello Eliza here today I am going to be teaching you how to fight one of the biggest threats to beginners the winter boss Deerclops. Deerclops is a boss monster that only spawns in winter with 2,000 health in don't starve and 4,000 in don't start together his health is great but the loot is even greater for when killed deerclops drops 8 meat and deerclops eyeball what good is an eyeball you ask it can be used to create the eyebrella a dress item that goes on your noggin and has a hundred percent resistance to rain as well as complete protection from lightning now that is amazing for the upcoming spring so how do you go about killing the Beast and tearing out his eyeball well first things first not only does the beast do high damage at 75 per hit it also freezes the character while doing so has an insanity aura of 400 per minute when fighting and can destroy structures and we have to account for all of this first thing you will want to do if you have a base which you should by now is get the heck out of there as the giant can destroy structures if you're not careful you can say goodbye to your precious home so when you hear this delightful sound get as far as possible so now you're in the battlefield but you need stuff to fight with and you're gonna want something good for this boss so go down to the swamp and pick up a tentacle spike or kill some pigs and swing your freshly made hambat at the winter boss these weapons are the best choice for beginners as they are both easy to get and deal high damage you have your weapons but what is a warrior without armor I highly recommend you to have a beautiful marble farm as soon as you can because marble armor is one amazing piece of equipment it absorbs 95 procent of damage and with it you can tank deerclops without worry and leave kiting for when you are ready the winter boss wouldn't be the winter boss without freezing you in to a popsicle which is why you will need to warm yourself up with some campfires though the boss loves destruction it doesn't seem to care much about some burning logs so gather some alongside a couple of grass for successful battle and finally the insanity aura I mentioned this boss likes to drive you nuts and for a beginner that can be quite scary which is why I recommend drying up some meat and maybe even putting on a top hat just to be safe and so if you have these 5 things ready you will be bathing in deerclops loot soon enough of course I'm not saying this is a hundred percent the only and most efficient way to fight dear cops you may find much better tricks down the road but this is a solid foundation to face the winter boss for beginners and reap his spoils so good luck in your battle until next time
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