5 steps to become a social entrepreneur. Galileo Impact Stories #32

5 steps to become a social entrepreneur. Galileo Impact Stories #32
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    Hi, friends. This is Galileo Impact Stories. My name is Sergey. When I was a trainer in the Laboratory of social entrepreneurship a lot of people asked me how to start a social venture and change the world for the better. So here are 5 steps to become a social entrepreneur. Social entrepreneurs are providing innovative solutions to society's most pressing social and environmental problems. A big part of fulfilling a social entrepreneurship mission starts with an actionable plan after all any eventual success hinges on being able to carefully define a realistic goal. Here is a look at common 5 steps that every social entrepreneur can take to start a change in the world. The first step for becoming a social entrepreneur is to identify the social or environmental problem which you want to solve. Constantly evaluate what's missing, brainstorm different challenges from various communities. Make sure to validate your idea through data and research. The issue should be prevalent the scope of the project should fall with your budget and energy level and the community should be truly interested to have a solution. It's also very important that the problem should be close to your heart, as this will give you the drive and strength to continue when feeling like giving up. When you have identified the problem it's important to write down how you will solve this problem. This will become your mission statement when you are figured out what is missing, ask yourself why it's missing? If there is already a solution in place, why isn't it working? You have to understand customers needs precisely and why they are not satisfied by the current option available to them. Having a clear view of who your customers are and more importantly knowing what exactly they need in order to solve this problem, are necessary steps in development of your social enterprise You must understand what they are willing to pay, and why, as well as the key features that they have drawn them into the price bracket. Any movement starts with your first follower. Attract right people and they will show to everyone else how to follow. Creating a new system requires a strong alliance of talented individuals and businesses. By reaching out to community members those who will benefit from the solution and have something to contribute you will strengthen your social venture. When you build your team, give them space to breathe. Give them responsibilities and trust because you are aligned to the same vision. Your team will feel empowered and help you fulfill your mission. Your role is to set up a structure, to help your team's culture to thrive; to empower your team, to empower ideas, to show drive and inspire, to demonstrate with your own example, that mission comes first. Someday you have to make a first step. Don't worry about the whole picture. Think and dream big, but start small. Social entrepreneurs believe that the first step can lead to change. Think about what you can do now - today. Develop a simple solution that originates from the stakeholders. Test your solution in the local context, on yourself and people who help you design it. Collect feedback and reflections. Ask yourself how you can make it better, more efficient. Keep doing this until you feel you have reached a level of satisfaction of success. Make sure you document everything you do for future reference. When you will get a workable model, you can start scaling up. There will be often people who will try to guide you off your path of social entrepreneurship but you must not let them distracting you. Being able to stay motivated and believe in yourself, your idea and people around you is the key. Always listen to advice, but measure it against what you know. If it challenges your ideas then think about them logically. It's important to have a balance of emotions and logic when it comes to evaluating the ideas or suggestions people give you. Learn where your motivation comes from. Learn from mistakes. Surround yourself with people that believe in yourself and can help you to pick you up when your motivation runs low. Reflect with those who have walked the way before you - mentors, successful social entrepreneurs, those who inspire you and encourage you to take an action. Social entrepreneurship has a lot of challenges and maybe even tougher than just being an entrepreneur because of the amount of the heart that is put into your business. We want to encourage you to start with your project and be part of the solution of our challenges today and tomorrow. Well, that's all, thanks for watching. Write in comments what do you think about these five steps. Don't forget to subscribe on our channel and bye have a nice day
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