5 Steps to Change the World | Michael Franti

5 Steps to Change the World | Michael Franti
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    These are my five steps to changing the world. Number one, Be your authentic self. in order to get in touch with whatever thing that you feel most passionately the thing that you are gonna put everything that you have into and pour it out into helping some corner of the world it has to be the thing or something that you are incredibly passionate about and the only way you're gonna find that is through being your authentic self however weird however many issues however you know different you may feel you are from the rest of the world is okay so just be you and the second thing is to connect with other people who are incredibly passionate and who maybe don't have the exact same ideas that you have about the world or even share necessarily the exact same passions about the world but that have their own unique set of traits and talents that when combined together your energy and their energy becomes greater than the sum of the parts number three is to identify the things that you do well what are your greatest talents and traits so some people look at me and they say you know Michael you're a musician it's really easy you can go out and write songs about the world you can do benefit concerts you know all this stuff but I look at other people and I say the same thing about them I say man I wish I had legal skills I wish I was an accountant I wish I could was a great marketer so I could help present ideas to the world so whatever it is that you have that are your talents identify them so that you can apply them to certain and greater good and the fourth thing is to take action you know work with other people figure out some small thing that you can do so you can have victories you know I feel it's really important in any form of activism or difference making that you can see measurable progress along the way and it might not be the hugest thing in the world but maybe we you bought some books for a prison project and we bought 50 this year and our goal is to buy a hundred next year you know simple things like that and the final thing is to have tenacity never give it's so challenging to to go out and be doing things to to change the world and then we see life feels like nothing's happening it feels like the effect that we're doing isn't making it any difference but things eventually reach critical mass and we've seen it in our country recently one example would be you know the idea of marriage equality and even ten years ago you know our military was was you couldn't be out in the military you weren't all he wasn't acceptable to have gay couples even on television and you know and but it seems like small things changed people talked about it people expressed their authentic self people became allies for for people who were coming out to a point where it reached a critical mass where everybody said you know what it's kind of really an old idea that means we could let go up now that people should should not be allowed in marry whoever they want and so now gradually each you know of our 50 states we I think there's 32 states now that have marriage equality but it's becoming the way of the world I'm the law of the land so never give up know that every drop that you drop into the death soil that is good water or clean air and know that every hardship that you have is that do do that becomes the fertilizer that grows that incredible plant that is the change that you hope to see in the world.
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