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    hey everybody Dan Sixsmith how are you so we know that 76% of the winds go to the company and the sales team that can engage earlier in the process set the buying agenda and only 24 percent to those who engage in kind of the feature trade-off the "bake-off" as they call it but you know if we're unable to get in earlier and we are in that 24 percent and we are slugging it out there's still ways that we can differentiate and take the conversation to a different level reframe and refocus the first thing we can do is engage in a very effective discovery right and not discovery around features but discovery around strategic objectives and discovery around business priorities what are those priorities if we can get the prospect to tell us what those business objectives are what the outcomes that they're looking to get to we can then tailor our presentation to focus on those topic priorities right the second point of differentiation is going to be us as the sales rep right how do we deliver an experience that's different than the competition is that the tool we use is that the approach we take is that the knowledge we bring in is it the way we leave the engagement is it the way we treat the prospect right that's number two number three show them the money do you have a business value analysis are you showing them the ROI of your services do you have a tool that can deliver what the financial outcomes would be why they should invest with you that is going to be a differentiator number four get deep into the decision-making process right not only who's going to be involved but what is the criteria that they are going to be using this is a tremendously powerful question how will they make the decision what will be the top two or three drivers that impact the decision and again then take that and my back and then finally number five talk about the post sale experience many of us in sales just kind of stopped at hey sign on the dotted line but what can the customer expect beyond when they sign up right the delivery experience the customer success team the overall experience paint the picture of what's going to happen past when they sign up with you because people want to know about that an experience is critical do it
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