5 Steps to Getting Your First OCP Referral

5 Steps to Getting Your First OCP Referral
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    (gentle music) - Hey, Doc, Dr. Vidan here and I'm gonna give you five simple steps in helping you get your first TMJD referral. Now, I'm here in Lisbon, Portugal, I want to show you somethin' really cool. Check this out. Look right out here, right out this window at this gorgeous view right here. That right there that you're seeing, those are the aqueducts, and those aqueducts were built in the 1700s and they were designed in order to bring water from miles and miles away just to give all the water supply to Lisbon, Portugal, right here. So this is what we're lookin' out at our window. Notice this. Notice the arches at the top there. Those arches were designed specifically to give more structural support and allow the body, or allow these aqueducts to function like they're supposed to. Related back to your body, it's the same thing. We want to make sure we have curves, 'cause when we lose curves, it ends up putting more stress and strain on the jaw. So, as someone lose their cervical curve, it puts more pressure here on the jaw. We'll come back to that at another time. Let me talk to you about how to get those five steps to get your first temporomandibular joint disfunction referral. So at your next appointment with your oral care provider, your dentist, your orthodontist, your oral surgeon, your kids, your wife, any of those, your husband, any of those, I want to make sure you talk to the oral care provider, talk to the hygienist, talk to the staff and ask them, say, just a simple question, step number one, ask them do you treat TMJ issues. What you do for your patients with that. Now, look, and workin' with doctors from all around the world and speaking all over the world about this, what I found out is that oral care providers, they really don't want to deal with TMJ issues. So, if they're looking for someone that's properly trained in addressing TMJD issues, temporomandibular joint disfunction issues, so that's your step number two, just realize that that's out there. Step number three is this. Ask the hygienist, would it be a good idea to co-manage. Key term right there is co-manage. Would it be a good idea for us to co-manage care together so that we can figure out if there's things that we do that can help support what you're doing in your office for caring for temporomandibular joint disfunction. So, step number four would be this. Set up a time to call, a time to call. You have to make sure you have a specific time, time to call the oral care provider and then the next step is is see about a face-to-face meeting. In that face-to-face meeting, you're gonna talk to them about specific things that are gonna allow them to have this confidence and security in referring their patients to you. So, step number five, here's your number five, is this. Step number five is making sure that then, you're gonna drop off referral pads and then you're gonna also bring a treat to the oral care provider's office for the staff. The treat is gonna be for the staff. You take care of them, they will take care of you as well. Those are your five simple steps in order to helping you get your first TMJD referral.
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