5 Steps To Make Money On Clickbank 2019

5 Steps To Make Money On Clickbank 2019
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    hey hello everyone this is Diana Castillo for MoneyMakerArea.com and in this video I'm gonna share with you five steps that you need to follow if you really want to make money online with clickbank but before getting to the topic is this is the very first time in my channel please go ahead and subscribe to the channel do not forget to hit the notification bell I'm updating my channel pretty consistently and I usually talk about how to make money online passive income lead generation traffic sources and related topics so is this is something that you want to go ahead and master please go ahead and subscribe to this channel to not forget to hit the notification bell I don't want you to miss a video if you want to know what's my number one recommendation to make money online I mean passive income making money while you sleep order trouble when you're enjoying the life with your family members with your loved ones please check out the very first link in the description that's gonna be my number one recommendation to make money online now let me go back to the topic as I mentioned I'm gonna share with you the five steps that you need to follow if you want to make money online with clickbank the first step it's really easy really simple you need to choose a product okay you need to choose the product that you're gonna be promoting that's the very first set do not overthink I know that if you go to clickbank there are several categories and inside those categories there are sub niches or subcategories if you are not true which is the one that you want to go ahead with the most profitable or health wealth and relationships those are the top three niches so if there is something that related to this needs that you are really interested please go ahead let's say that you're gonna go with the hell and fitness industry so as you can see you have here addictions Beauty dental health dietary supplements weight loss and diet exercise and fitness general meditations men health mental health nutrition and so on right so if you want you can choose one of this sub niches and you can go ahead and choose a product okay you choose the product something really important is that if you are not interested on the niches that I mentioned before don't choose a product related to those categories just because I told you so why because there are other things that you're gonna need to do and you're gonna see that in this video and the most important is that you need to choose a product that you well actually a niche that you feel passionate about okay you need to feel passionate about what you're gonna be promoting okay once you choose the probe that you're gonna go ahead and promote then you need to have to create a capture Beach okay you need to create a capture page my favorite build your website builder and funnel builder is actually build drill if you want to give it a try I'm gonna leave a link below so you can check it out why do I love it because here as you can see they do have several categories and they do have what they call the sales funnels gain for example you can use the squeeze page funnel and you can see there is a pre-built Squarespace funnel here so you do not need to worry about creating it for a scratch and the other thing that I love about the system is this it's a drag-and-drop system so you don't have to worry about cutting knowing HTML CSS you know making sure that everything it's whatever you want because it's a drag-and-drop system okay so you need to create a capture page that third step is that you need to create a follow up sequence okay let me put it this way okay let me put it this way first okay this is gonna be your capture page okay let's say that you're gonna be doing an e-book for free by the way you don't need to create an e-book their products is there on Clickbank that they give you everything okay they give you everything and one of the things that I like it's the maker commitment so I usually do not show up in form right away what I usually do is that I have like a call to action like click here to download your thing and if they click then the up in foreign it's gonna pop up because you know those those are my commitments and it's gonna have a way better conversion whenever you're gonna do this sale okay so you have your capture page here and then you're gonna have your Thank You page or you can do this something that I like I like to create like a bridge page here in which I have a video or you can have a blog post here write some text here and then I have the call to action so this it's gonna guide people to the Clickbank page okay this is gonna guide people to what I mean by the Clickbank page is a Clickbank product page so this is actually my process it's helped me a lot because I warn the leads okay I warned the list what most people do is that they decide like okay I'm gonna do this XYZ traffic sure it can be paid or it can be free and I'm gonna give drive people directly to the Clickbank product that's not the best strategy because you're gonna be wasting a lot of money there is no way which you can retarget those people if you have other products in the future that you would like to go ahead and promote there is no way in which you can be in touch with them okay so that's why I don't suggest you to go with this strategy I know a lot of people do it at the beginning for whatever reason don't do that please you're gonna be wasting time you're gonna be wasting money what you need to do is you need to go ahead and create your capture page right okay don't worry about reading the lead magnet most of the products on Clickbank they already have the lignite Minh then on the thank you page you can do a video of yourself if you are is care to be in front of camera don't worry about that um do like PowerPoint presentation screen recording or you can create an articles that people can actually read it but for me it's better to connect with people on videos and then I told them like if you're really serious about this click the link below right so you can go to the next logical step you know you can go if you want to be closer to your goal right click the link below there's gonna be a product or something like that so I told them like what's the next logical steps and that's the Clickbank product most people don't buy right away right so that's why we need to do follow-ups via email okay you need to do it to be doing follow-ups be at you know right at least seven messages again don't worry about creating this messages if the series is really sorry it's the product it's really serious about making money online they're gonna give you everything okay they're gonna give you the lead magnet they're gonna give you the email templates so you can do the follow ups you just need to configure them in your email autoresponder and by the way if you're using build roll it the system already have an email autoresponder that it's called mail emboss okay so you do not need to pay anything extra okay so once you have this system up and running my recommendation is go ahead and drive traffic okay but something really important and this is my personal point of view I know there are all these people with other point of view out there I prefer to do what it's called search traffic okay I prefer to have a block in which I posted articles if you like to go with the blog you can create your blog already on build role or you can create your blog on WordPress it's actually up to you or you can create YouTube videos okay you can create YouTube videos that's what I told you that you need to choose a niche that you feel passionate about because you will need to create content again a lot of Clickbank product says they already have articles what you can do is that you can put your own tone of voice you know your own touch your own touch right so do not copy and paste it because a lot of people are gonna have exactly the same text if you're doing a blog post and you might be penalized by Google you know hey you have your own flow you're half your own boys be creative really it rewrite it if you have both like a blog post and you have a video you can put the video you said the blog post and everything okay so those are the traffic sources that I suggest you because it's one traffic these are people who are looking for a solution they're actively looking for it if you go to the social networks let's say on Instagram and Facebook people are not actively looking for solutions they are you know they're to have a good time right to be in touch with their family members and then just an ad shows up so it's cold traffic it's gonna be a little bit harder to convert especially if you are getting story right you chew optimize your blog post if you're using WordPress there is a plug-in that it's called job Joe's SEO if this is a this is a free and premium plug-in you can download the free version if you decide to go ahead you can upgrade it it's great it creates everything that you need the sitemap you need to make sure that the keywords that you ran around it needs to be in the title it needs to be like at least one or two percent in the article itself okay so this is a plugin that i suggest you if you are gonna use with build zero okay they already have their own SEO tools so you do not need to install anything extra if you're gonna be doing videos one of the extensions that I use and it's helping me a lot it's called bait IQ why do I use B IQ because it's helped me and gave me all the data that I need right see like which are the tags that you people are doing they do have like a checklist here so you can grab this information whenever you are doing your own keyword research right so this is one of the things that I like and this is why one of the reasons why I use bit IQ so let me go ahead and recap the five steps that you need to follow if you really want to make money online with clickbank the first of all if that you need to go and create sorry and grab the product that you're going to be promoting by the way you can have one main product but it's the one that you're gonna be using here in the capture page and on the email sequence you can be promoting other products okay you can be promoting other products s on the back end so remember that if you are not sure or wishing this you're gonna get started that three most profitable dishes or health wealth and relationships okay if you feel passionate about it go ahead you can use builder all to create a capture page as I told you you can read the Sainsbury's pace with build rule and then you can send that traffic to click the product that you're really shoes remember that builder will already have mailed emboss which is an autoresponder so you can configure a seven-day email sequence that's gonna be talking about the main product that it's gonna be here in the capture page right and after that you can create another 70 ml sequence talking about other products s okay remember it's really important to do follow up via e-mail because chances are that people are going to be in Racing on your product but maybe they you know there were on smartphones they were not available right okay and my suggestion is to drive traffic from blog post or from videos so if you like this content please give me a thumbs up if you have some questions or comments living in the comment area and I'd be more than happy to answer them do not forget to subscribe to the channel and hidden if you gamble and I see you on the next video
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