6 Steps To Stress Free Wedding Planning - Top Tips!

6 Steps To Stress Free Wedding Planning - Top Tips!
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    Hi there, my name is Katherine and I run Giftast Wedding and Event Stationery. In addition to that I have also written the book, How To Plan Your Perfect Wedding: A Stress Free Guide To Designing Your Big Day. Now, in the book we go through a couple of methods for how to decide what you really really want out of your wedding, how you want it to feel, how you want it to look, in a way that represents you and your partner. In addition to that, what we also do is go through my six top tips for stress-free wedding planning. Now, I previously worked as an executive PA to some extremely disorganized individuals, so getting things organized and making massive and impossible seeming jobs get done is one of the things that I am skilled at, so I really wanted to share that with you. So this obviously goes into a lot more detail in the book - we've got examples, we've got a list you can download, but I wanted to just give you the rundown of the six top tips, so hopefully they will help if you do feel like you're struggling at the moment. Okay, so tip one is: get everything down on paper. Now if you've been following the book or if you're just starting your wedding planning there's a lot of different things you have to think about and a lot of information swirling around in your brain, so the best thing to do is get it all down on paper, make a massive list, and do this over a couple of days. I always find when I'm making a list, even though I've been thinking about it and I've got all these ideas in my head, as soon as I look at that blank piece of paper, it's completely gone. So if you sit down, give yourself some time, get yourself a cup of tea or coffee - maybe some wine - and have a chat with your partner, and just start thinking about this, and once you start the ideas will flow, but they will keep coming to you so if you give yourself a couple of days before you start working on this then you've got time to tie in those loose ends. Those things that come to you in the shower, while you're cooking, while you're in the bath, things like that. Or just, you know, when you wake up in the middle of the night and it hits you that you need flowers, or a certain type of flower or something like that, so I think it's really good to take your time over the first step of the process, and just get everything down on paper. And I like to break my jobs down into fifteen minute jobs - and I think it does make it look like you've got a lot more to do, but it is so much easier to start chipping away, because some of those jobs within your wedding planning list will be big in themselves, and they can seem overwhelming. So if I take the stationary example, because I am a wedding stationer, if you have 200 guests and you've got to address 200 envelopes, split it down into smaller jobs. Do 25 in front of the TV, do 25 another day and do some on your lunch break - just break it down into 15 or 30-minute jobs, and then it's all of a sudden you're not having to carve 2 plus hours out of your day to sort out your invites,you've just managed to fit them in with all your other things. So, step number 2 is: decide what's a priority and make it non-negotiable. It's one of those "Eat that frog" things that they talk about. There are going to be jobs that you dislike more, whether it's doing your seating plans, something like that can be really stressful - or, you know, anything else that you personally are not looking forward to about the aspect of wedding planning. What is most important and what will move you on most quickly - make that non-negotiable, figure out how you're going to fit that into your schedule, and start with that, because once you get those big bad jobs out the way, everything else will become a lot more easy. And this whole process is about making it as easy for you as possible. Okay, so step number three is: get yourself a planner. Like I was talking about before with splitting everything down into little jobs - and I personally am a planner addict and I love them - so what I would recommend is finding a system that works for you. If you don't want to start a new planner or diary, then just a white board with the week on, or you can download and print templates on word or on Google. I have resources on the website and book for where you can find really great free planner printables, and get yourself one of those and put in everything. So let's say you've got to do some cooking, got to clean the bathroom - whatever you need to do on that day - go to Tesco, go to work - pop it in there and then tick it off when you're done, and you'll see once you've put in things you generally do and when you're going out and things like that into your planner, when you can just squeeze in tiny little bits of wedding admin, and it's not gonna be that hard for you to do. Like I say, things that you can do in from the TV, if you know you could be tired but you still want to get things done, what's a nice job from your big list that you can just slot in there, and you'll still be getting that warm fuzzy glow of getting things done, but you'll not be stressing out about it. So that's a really good tip that I find very helpful, is getting everything in your planner and so you can move things around, find out what works for you, when you're gonna have a little bit of time. It just helps you remember what you've planned to do, like if you've got to post out invitations. I always forget whenever I have to post a letter, because it's something that seems to happen so rarely because everything is online now, but if you're mailing out traditional invitations, pop it in your planner because otherwise you might forget to do it. I know that I forgot for a couple of days when I was mailing out mine. Okay, step number four is: challenge yourself. So, if you are getting in to the planner lifestyle and you find that things aren't taking you quite as long as you thought they would, or you've got a spare day and you really want to crack on, sometimes it's really nice to just try and power through, and do as much as you can. So if you think, 'oh, actually maybe I could do 30 invitations or 50 invitations rather than 25', even just little things like that, just challenge yourself, see what you can get in and it's quite addictive and is - it may not sound like fun to you now, but for me, and if you love the planner and the to do list lifestyle, then that is fun, and it really does make you feel good when you go back to your massive to-do list and you're crossing all these things off and all of a sudden you realize you've made a big dent, and you're actually getting really close to getting all your planning done. Okay, so then number five, which is even more important, is kind of the opposite of challenging yourself, and it's: cut yourself some slack. So this is something I need to get better at, and life happens, stuff gets in the way, you cannot always do everything you set out to do. So if something's not working out, there's something that you wanted that you're struggling to get hold of - just allow yourself to let it go, and if you are feeling overwhelmed, and it hasn't helped with cutting your stress or you're in a particularly stressful situation, a stressful week at work, something like that, give yourself a day off. Like, as I say, I'm a planner addict, and this is something I need to get better at, so what I try and do is schedule in some fun! So I love romance novels, I'm a big, big fan of romance. At the moment I'm reading Jenny Holiday, she's absolutely brilliant if you love romance give her a go. But I scheduled in reading, because otherwise I won't do it. So if it's on the list, I have to, but it's kind of giving you permission to do the fun stuff. Again, if you're not a planner addict this may sound ridiculous, but if you do have these massive list of things to do, then it's something that's really good to force yourself to do the fun stuff that makes you relax as well, Say for example, my husband has a couple of weeks off work, he's got lots of things he wants to do around the house and garden, but my suggestion to him was: put in things you actually want to do that's fun and relaxing as well, otherwise you're just gonna work your whole holiday away, and then you'll just be even more tired when you go back to work. You know when you do one of those really busy holidays and you end up going back to work for a rest - well you don't want to be doing that all the time. That's where burnout lies, that's where stress happens, and so I love to try and plan in fun. And I love organized fun, there's nothing wrong with that. So yeah, cut yourself some slack, allow yourself to not do the jobs sometimes. Sometimes it just all gets a bit much. Okay so then step number six is: bask in your own brilliance. Now, it's really hard planning a wedding, it's such a big job, and especially if you've got no experience at events or something like that, it's just pressure, and it's huge, you know it's such a big thing and you care about it and you want it to be perfect and not just for yourself or for your partner, but for your family and friends as well, and you are doing so well to be able to plan this. It's such a big thing, and it's a big stress and responsibility, not to mention financial, as well, so you know give yourself a pat on the back for all you have achieved. Even writing the list is a big thing, so you know. keep that in mind that you're doing really well. Planning a wedding is hard but you are trying to do it in a way that makes sense for you and that stresses you out as little as possible, and what is not to be applauded in that? So those aren't my six steps. So I'm gonna run through them again: number one, get yourself a big list to get everything down on paper. Number two: decide what is a priority and make it non-negotiable. Number three: get yourself a planner. Number four: challenge yourself. Number five: cut yourself some slack, and number six: bask in your own brilliance. So, do you have any tips for stress-free wedding planning, are you a planner addict like me? What do you do to get yourself out of the work treadmill, how do you relax, how do you cut yourself some slack? What are your recommendations for helping yourself chill out and unwind like my romance novels? I would love to hear what you think. If you want to see more in detail, you can check it out on the blog or my book is currently available for pre-order. It is called 'How To Plan Your Perfect Wedding: A Stress-Free Guide To Designing Your Big Day, and at the moment it's only £1.99 so get yourself in there, give it an order, and let me know what you think. Thank you very much.
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