7 Steps To Getting Unstuck

7 Steps To Getting Unstuck
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    With the helped with the almighty potato, I've lost 100 pounds kept most of it off for the last couple years recently I've gained a little bit of weight and it's just it's not a mystery I did it myself I did it to myself by not following my own advice. In today's video I want to talk about how I'm getting out of the rut that I was in the last few months... just gonna make some notes first. I'll be right back This list is not in any particular order but I'm gonna go over these 7 things that I personally find I need to address when I'm not feeling my best these are things that help me feel better and maybe some of these things will help you too Number 1: hydration, always hydration! Whenever I am not feeling energetic or just feeling sluggish, I forget about hydration and then once I remember and then I start drinking more and over a few days and more hydrated I'm like oh that was a major contributing factor to me feeling like caca! Sleep is another one that I been working on and I need to work on some more I just don't feel like I get a good rest will sleep even though I consider myself a good sleeper, I'm a deep sleeper but I think my sleep hygiene has been a little bit bad lately bad terrible whatever... it just hasn't been the greatest so I'm gonna be working on that a little bit don't quote me on this I've seen it somewhere that you know on a sciency standpoint that between 10:00 and 2:00 a.m. that our body does most of its regeneration and healing and stuff like that yeah I don't know all I know is I've heard it time and time again that getting a good sleep is so important for our health. Good sleep hygiene would be putting the phones away, devices, turning off the TV turning off the lights and getting a good restful sleep so that's something I'm trying to tackle. Number three: just getting things done! I was getting the point there where I wasn't getting things done and then it really bad about it and things has piled up and then I get to the point where I just don't want to do anything because I don't know where to start so tackling that to-do list and maybe even reassessing that to-do list and getting rid of the stuff it's not high priority right now and scheduling in the stuff that is priority. Number four is getting in movement. If you're sedentary and you're depressed you really need to make it a priority to move your body in whatever way can. Can you imagine a swamp trying to un-swamp itself without any like stream helping it clear out it's just stagnant right and you become more stagnant the more sedentary you are so try to get into some movement and whatever way you can for me lately it's been I've been focusing on walking even though I really miss the gym and I miss my strength training workouts I love strength training, it's like my meditation but I just I've been having trouble just making myself go to the gym and get the stuff getting this done it feels overwhelming to me cuz I don't know where to start because I feel so so far behind like I made such good progress with my strength training my strength gains and all that and now I feel like I'm back to square one so it's just been really hard for me to wrap my head around going back but it's okay I will do it I guess I'm not ready for it right now but what I decided I'm going to focus on is walking and just doing calisthenics like easy bodyweight exercises like squats and push-ups and things like that and the walking I still have a hard time getting myself motivated to get out the door especially because I work from home and I'm the kind of person that needs like a specific purpose to go walking and in the past that used to be getting to work but now that I don't have to walk somewhere I don't tend to do that and even my dogs I've got dogs they're there idea of walking is sniffing every two feet and it takes us ten minutes just to get a block so my dogs aren't helping me in that department either. So what I've been doing what I've done is I signed up for StepBet, I've done StepBet's in the past and they really helped get me going because I don't want to lose my money, so what you do is you bet $40 that you can do the steps that they assigned you and they base it on your history and that's what I'm doing, I'm doing it! So if you're interested in I'm actually hosting a StepBet so if you're interested I'm going to link down below, that information. And number five is to address any vitamin deficiencies so check with your doctor make sure your b12 your iron and your vitamin D are all within the normal range if they're on the low end of normal talk to your doctor about, you know, supplementing a little bit to get those up but don't just go supplement on these things without you know checking with your doctor first, you know, you don't want to be supplementing vitamin D which apparently actually is a hormone I didn't know that but if you don't need it you know and you don't want to be supplementing iron if you don't need it now b12 I heard is a little bit of a safer vitamin to supplement without getting tested but I still would just generally. Get your doctor to test these things we can. Those are important, those are vitamins that can contribute to energy levels and mood and all that stuff. And number six is sunshine and fresh air. It's so important to get sunshine whenever you possibly can, and try to get fifteen to twenty minutes a day in the middle of the day if you can that's when you're going to absorb that good old vitamin D which I call vitamin anti-depression. But even if you're getting enough sunshine does not automatically mean you've got enough vitamin D so again check with your doctor. And last but not least is: FOOD. You know, check in with yourself. Are you eating the best way you possibly can? For me, I feel best when my diet is centered mostly around starches like potatoes, rice, beans and fruits and vegetables of course. If I'm eating like anything processed at all even if it's like what we would consider a healthy process food like bread, pasta, Mary's crackers that are just made out of seeds, store-bought hummus, things like that I don't feel good and for whatever reason my body doesn't like those things so take your time to figure out what really makes you feel good like what foods are health promoting for your body and ditch the foods that don't make you feel so good and sometimes you don't know until you get rid of them and one that I realized recently that has been contributing to interfering with my vitamin absorption is: tea. Innocent ole' black tea and in my case orange pekoe is the tea we drink here in Canada I don't know if you drink that down there in the US but it's a it's like a fine black tea and I didn't realize it until I got rid of it but it had been making me feel anxious and I believe it's contributing to not sleeping as good and my energy's improved and my sleeps improved since I got rid of it and I was usually only having one a day, one tea a day in the morning the tannins in the tea actually interfere with iron absorption, maybe interferes with vitamin D I don't know but yeah getting rid of the tea has been very helpful. So those are the things I've been doing to get out of my little rut, little big rut, and I'm already feeling better after a few days of implementing those things and yeah. Let me know down in the comments below what things you do that makes you feel better when you haven't been feeling so good. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this and ideas.. to help everybody else out here just to start talking about this stuff I know sometimes us vegans don't like don't want to talk about when we're not feeling our best because we know that somebody out there who doesn't want to be vegan will latch onto that and say see see this person is deficient blah blah blah anyway whatever we can just like we don't have to listen to those people let them think whatever they want to think when they're ready to come over to the light side they'll come on over we can't teach someone that doesn't want to be taught and before I go I just want to say I just want to remind you that when you're feeling down in the dumps emotionally physically mentally all that stuff be kind to yourself, be kind. You're so cute June Bug! I love you! Enough of that. Look at all the greys, we're both going grey aren't we Penny? We can be old ladies together right?
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