87 Steps with Sarah McClung

87 Steps with Sarah McClung
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    [Behind camera] Action! JAKE: Alright, 87 Steps, Sara McClung this morning it's about 99 percent humidity, bring's the question Sarah, what's the hardest NP workout you've ever been at? SARAH: Oh my gosh, I don't know the name of it but it involves I believe 200 logs? A ton of burpees. JAKE: Oh yep. SARAH: It's brutal. JAKE: Yeah the Lincoln workout. Um how long me coming to NP for? SARAH: The last two years I've been in DC, and actually the two years I was in Boston before that. JAKE: And obviously what is the better city for November Project? SARAH: DC, no doubt. Sorry Boston! I loved it there too. JAKE: No hands down, hands down, easy answer. Where are you originally from? SARAH: I'm actually from DC. JAKE: Okay, what part? SARAH: I grew up in NW DC, I went to DC public schools- JAKE: Which public schools did you go to? SARAH: Janney for elementary, Alice Deal for middle school, and Wilson for high school. JAKE: You play sports growing up? SARAH: No [laughter] No. JAKE: I didn't either. Not at least competitively. What is your favorite hobby outside of November Project? SARAH: I really like to bake like silly fancy cakes and fancy bread. JAKE: And correct me if I'm wrong, but you've baked for some pretty big parties, is that right? SARAH: I have. I used to do weddings and baby showers and large events and stuff- it was a lot of cupcakes. JAKE: Most famous person you ever baked for? SARAH: My boss's sister's wedding. JAKE: And that worked out well, you kept your job? SARAH: Yeah it was a good cake- that was a pretty one. JAKE: We're getting up here quick hitters. What are you reading this summer? SARAH: I just finished "Home Going." It's really good, it's set in Ghana. JAKE: What are you listening to? SARAH: A lot of Bad Bunny JAKE: Nice. What's your go-to TV show? SARAH: It's called Outlander. It's on Netflix, it's kind of silly. JAKE: It sounds good, I'll check it out Sarah McClung, 87 Steps, thanks for doing this. SARAH: Yeah!
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